Starlog Entry One  

Cerebral4u 50M
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7/8/2016 6:06 am
Starlog Entry One

Here we are orbiting planet earth, specifically central Maine. Captain Horny is surfing the local personals via Meelp for live horny women to ravish. He possesses a huge dick, a quick smile, and is tall and handsome. It has been a long starship ride since his last naughty encounter, and it is time for another. As he looks through the pictures of those online, his dick stiffens in his trouser uniform, and he absentmindedly rubs the shaft lenghth, enjoying the feeling of his ever stiffening member. "It will be nice to sow some space seed when I find a naughty lady to pummel" he thinks to himself, and his member lengthens further. "Look at the ass on that one, the breasts on this one, the curvy shape to this one" he thinks as he continues to scan. He whips out his cock to get better purchase on his shaft, his head is purple now he is so hard...............

Who is going to request I beam down????

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