A 's perspective part 11  

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9/6/2017 11:47 am
A 's perspective part 11

I'm taking over my Mom's blog again. She and my neighbour Sharon just ran my Dad to the airport as he has to go back to Vancouver for a few days. I'm home for an early lunch and then off to spend the afternoon doing an audit, yes,there are mundane days in my life LOL.
I was exhausted by the time Sunday morning rolled around this past weekend. I think my parents, my naughty Mother in particular,put me through too much 'activity'. It was fun though and there is nothing quite like being side by side with your totally hot mom on a pool table, face down and getting taken from behind . Friday night was fun too, really fun to see my neighbours Gerry and Eloise join in the fun. ,interesting part was that Mona's brother Bun, wasn't here, seems and Sarah have a thing going on ,they are really cute together,she dotes on him and he on her. That actually may last .
As you'very learned if you read Mom's blog my husband Carl passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, it happened so fast but that is probably a good thing as long term suffering can take it's toll. I'm worried for his ,they are close to my age, as they are still in shock and I talk to his and every day as we have known one another since we were as our parents were all friends. We drifted apart a bit when Carl and I got together but his death has brought us closer together. We made all the decisions on Carl's funeral and subsequent arrangements together with no disagreements at all. I will miss Carl, but know he will want me to move on, his and his grandchildren want me to stay in their lives so I have made a new extended family there, hmmmm, means a lot more Christmas shopping of course LOL.
Sunday afternoon after church I had to get away, the partying of the previous two nights, then all of the people extending their condolences after the service, I just needed to be somewhere else. When I first started working part time here at the CPA firm I was working closely with one particular . He is the accounting and admin director for a large construction company in the area. He was always lovely and pleasant to me and very charming. He is a few years younger than I am , he is 32 and single. He is not Matt Damon handsome but he is close , at least I think so. He called me after he learned my husband had passed away to ask if there was anything he or the company he works for could do for me. He came to both visitations at the wake and again at the funeral and called me after I went back to work 2 weeks ago. We texted back and forth a bit and then on Sunday I left the church and asked if he was free for a coffee. His name is David, he is Jewish, funny ,tall and smart, I like smart, smart is sexy. He was at his parents but said he could get away so we met about an hour later which gave me time to run home and change out of my suit and into jeans, sandals and a top. David and I arrived about the same time and he told me he was glad I texted him . He told his parents about me and he said they wanted to invite me over to their place but he said he told them he didn't know me that well.,I thought that was sweet,loved that he is close to his parents. So we sat and had a coffee and talked and talked and then went for a walk and talked some more . Then we went to a little restaurant and shared a bottle of wine and pasta and sat and talked some more,ok, maybe I did most of the talking but I hadn't had anyone that i could just talk to my own age for awhile . David is a good listener and he doesn't judge. I told him I did not know if I wanted to go home that night and he said I could crash at his place. So I did,and he slept on the couch and gave me his bed. I slept like a rock and woke up the next morning and he made me breakfast. He went to take a shower and I thought for a minute and said what the he'll to myself and I slipped off the robe he had given me and joined him in the shower. He was surprised,and so was I , David is hung, oh my is he hung. We were out of the shower and into his bed quite fast. He has amaze balls, they are really really big balls and lots of stamina . It took him forever to come but I did not mind as I came several times with him. We made love twice and both times I took his cum in me. Then we curled up and cuddled and kissed and cuddled some more and talked . I told him then about my lifestyle with Carl, my parent's history and other little details of my life and told him I wanted to be upfront with him in terms of my past and present. He said the whole concept of that, my lifestyle with Carl and such was new to him but he did not find it shocking or repulsive. He just wanted to know if we could have a future together. I told him, I think we can but that I probably need work LOL.
It made me think about my relationship with Carl, I know I loved Carl and loved so much about him but question whether I was in love with him. I've actually decided to see a therapist about this and some other issues in my life. Both my Mom and Dad have seen therapists in the past, Mom still does on occasion, anyway , my story continues . Thanks for reading , Francie.

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