A daughter's perspective part 12  

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9/12/2017 6:26 pm
A daughter's perspective part 12

Thought I'd take over my Mom's blog again and catch you all up.
I woke up on Saturday morning with my stockings and garter belt still on and my stockings sticking to my legs. They were covered in man goo. I was laying on my bed, my mother was next to me,she was still wearing her stockings and garter belt and her stockings were sticky and smelled of man good also. On the other side of my mother was the little Romanian cellist, Alena ,she was sleeping soundly and was curled up in my mother's arms. I then started to replay the night before and how I wound up with 2 black cocks in me and then realized I had probably had too much wine. We brought the 2 black guys,they were in the jazz band,home with us last night, never got their names really,just some nicknames they had for one another. They left around 5am this morning after my Mom called a cab for them. We'd had enough,they were just constantly hard and we were too tired to take them anymore so Mom paid for a cab for them and got them out of here. I looked at my phone and it was 10am so I nudged Mom and woke her up and when we started to move the little cellist woke up too.
We all got up and took a shower together. I have a large shower in the ensuite with two of those rainforest showerheads. Mom played with the little,cellist in the shower, but she, the little cellist kept looking at me so I joined them and that seemed to make her quite happy . We all came and then finished our shower. Mom and I surveyed the damage. Our gowns were wrinkled and had man goo spots on them so they were headed for the dry cleaners. Alena is just a bit smaller than my already tiny Mom so Mom gave her some yoga pants and a t shirt to wear. Mom made breakfast and we asked Alena about her life. She is 28, pretty with long,down to her waist dirty blonde hair,she plays several stringed instruments. She has status and is applying for her US citizenship,doesn't have a steady gig with her music, working a few jobs and couch surfing staying with some other female musicians. She is now staying with me. My Mom and I have ever always collected stray things.
In another part of my life all of my neighbours are hooking up since I've introduced them which is kind of neat.
I've been out with David a few times. I took my totally adorable Jewish neighbour Lori with me to Sunday dinner at David's family home this past weekend.,that was interesting. David has a fairly large family, he has 3 brothers,one older and 2 younger as well as an older and a younger sister. His parents are lovely. His older brother Ben hit on me. Ben is 34 and very good looking. David's father's younger brother, David's uncle, Eli was there,he is single,very handsome and in his 40s. He also paid too much attention to me but I managed to slip him Lori's contact info as Lori whispered to me how much she'd like to 'get wild ' with Eli. It was a fun dinner , good thing my Mom didn't tag along,God knows what sort of trouble she would've gotten us into. One thing I have discovered is how much I like to lay naked next to David and suck and stroke his cock, it is long and thin when hard and I've never been so enchanted by just simply giving a guy a blow job for like an hour or more.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Alena, she crawls into bed every night with me and seems to enjoy being face down between my legs a little too much although I can't deny the pleasure and orgasms she gives me,and my Mom.
Work is going well,,really dig my work colleagues,may set one of them or David's brother Ben up with Alena.
We're going out for a bite to eat tonight. Will update more later. Francie

Aus4770 49M
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9/14/2017 5:36 pm

I really enjoy reading your sexual adventures with your mom. I stroke my cock every time I read them. Thanks for sharing.

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