A 's perspective part 5  

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7/20/2017 8:13 am
A 's perspective part 5

So Mom and Dad are on a mini vacation with a new couple they met from Virginia. ,she is preoccupied so I will be able to rule her blog for a couple of days LOL.
So, to catch up,yesterday was golf day for my husband. He golfs on Monday Weds Friday each week with his widower buddies. I made them lunch again and they arrived back here around 1130 am yesterday. They wanted to play again and I said oh what the heck and let them. It is so cute, each of them wanted to be alone with me so we made out in the guest bedroom with me taking turns with Charlie, Jim and Phil. They were really rambunctious yesterday. I did not dress up in anything special, I just had a t shirt and shorts on, something that was easy for me to get naked for them. Jim is the most adventurous, he likes to be a bit more aggressive and he also enjoys anal sex which I do as well,definitely more than my mother does. Jim is tall and slender with a full head of wavy hair and he has what my Mom would call a distinguished look about him. He is the best of the guys in bed of my husband's 3 golfing buddies. Jim also has the nicest cock too, long and thick and it has a curl to it and points upward when he is hard,love the way that feels when he penetrates me. Jim is the only one who made me cum yesterday so that was a bit disappointing.
Anyway, I did get out and meet the neighbours a couple of days ago when I said I would. I met the neighbours in the 2 townhouses on either side of us,the neighbours in a couple of the townhouses across the street from us and the neighbours directly behind us. This is a community of mostly the retired and semi retired and only one couple I met still works full time. My neighbours consist of 2 retired couples ( Latino & black) , one widow,one divorced woman, one single woman with a parapalegic brother who she cares for and one couple in their mid 50s who are both well over 6ft tall and who still work, all the rest are retired or semi retired. Common theme, they had,all noticed me and thought I was my husband's . I have to say they are all attractive people ,certainly for their ages and all are fit for the most part.
The divorced woman, Sharon ,is 64 and has a really awesome haircut and look about her, she is very sexy.,she doesn't have and has a lot of energy. She and I are going to play tennis this morning. The latino couple are in their 60s, he is handsome and she is totally hot with long dark hair and a great figure. The black couple are both fit as well, retired business professionals ( 60 something) and both were former college athletes,lots of trophies in cases at their home. The widow is adorable, tiny Jewish petite funny cute early 70s and she and I made a date to go shopping together . The really tall slender couple are both super jocks and into marathons and triathlon stuff, not my area of interest of expertise but had interesting conversation about healthy foods and working out, I like them. The single woman with the parapalegic brother were really interesting. She is petite curvy and cute with light brown hair ,very pretty face and eyes, she has a personality that I just found warm and she made me feel very welcome. She has had her brother living with her for over 10 years, she is early 60s and her brother is early 50s. He is quite handsome and she dotes on him. He was in a car accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down,but he is still quite active and the two of them take vacations together both near and away. Funnily enough as we sat there and chatted I noticed out of the corner of my eye he obviously had an erection. That intrigued me. One of my husband's golf buddies I was in bed with yesterday told me that parapalegic and quadriplegic often get involuntary erections. I made up my mind I want to seduce him and his sister. I've sent detailed descriptions of my neighbours off to my Mom to see if in her amazing intuition she might think of which might be fun candidates to become intimate friends. Honestly, I'd sleep,with all of them but my Mom has such a sense of people I thought I'd bounce it off her.
So,this morning playing tennis with the very sexy Sharon, then later have a meeting at a local office of CPAs locally as I am going to do some work with them on a part time basis. Tonight I have a new black bull coming over,this is something and someone my husband has arranged through a mutual friend. So will stop and pick up,some new suitable lingerie for the occasion. Thank you for reading, Francie .

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10/26/2017 11:42 pm

Love your tought process Francie.


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