CrazySexyLady4U 57F  
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3/8/2017 9:28 pm

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BiggLala 47F  
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3/8/2017 10:12 pm

It's scary the amount of people I see who do not, or do not want to use condoms. 😳

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CrazySexyLady4U replies on 3/18/2017 4:20 pm:
I agree!

Ienjoythetaste 70M
2570 posts
3/9/2017 2:22 am

It is not just men that want bareback you also see it in lots of women's profiles.

As you say it is a risk not worth taking, if you don't want to use a condom, masturbate..

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CrazySexyLady4U replies on 3/18/2017 4:19 pm:
That is true, I've seen that in some women's and couple's profiles as well.

I love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

notsure1949 70M
8621 posts
3/9/2017 6:34 am

very well written, condoms should be used

CrazySexyLady4U replies on 3/18/2017 4:16 pm:
Thank you!

wantaplay8 66M
5607 posts
3/9/2017 3:33 pm

You can't donate platelets or blood for one year after receiving a cadaver bone either...I found this out after my spine surgery. To many people have viruses that medicines can't cure. Having unprotected sex one time is not worth ending your sex life as we enjoy it.

CrazySexyLady4U 57F  
21 posts
3/18/2017 4:18 pm

They have quite a long list of things. I was in Mexico once, and because of malaria, had to wait some time as well.

The_Fun_Begins 40M  
28 posts
4/5/2017 8:43 am

Many men don't like wearing a condom because they don't use one that fits properly. Usually, the condom is too small.

Men need to measure their girth, then buy the appropriate size based on the table below.

I finally found the right size, and now I have NO problem wearing a condom.

Penis girth Condom width
7-9cm - 45-47mm
9-11cm - 48-49mm
11-12cm - 50-53mm
12-13cm - 54-57mm
13-15cm - 58-63mm
15-17cm 64-68mm
17-18cm 69+mm

CrazySexyLady4U replies on 4/16/2017 1:30 am:
Thanks! That's useful information!

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