Crzygryl 53F  
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6/11/2017 1:34 pm

I knew when I met you Rocketman,
That you would be someone I'd understand.

Your feet on the earth and head in the clouds,
Doing things most men only dream about.

A Space cowboy drawn to my sexy wild spirit,
Turned on, but somehow afraid to get near it.

We connected so deep in a sexual way,
Yet I cannot entice you to meet me and play!

But for half a year you were all that I knew,
Then off in his rocket, my space cowboy flew.

Staying connected, and promises made,
To keep me believing I'd taste you someday.

And someday has come and I'm still around.
Does some other earthling have you aground?

I have had lovers since the day we met,
But I haven't met anyone as of yet,

They gave me such joy and sexual bliss!
Without Ever meeting or sharing a kiss!

to major tom...


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