Two Women  

Crzygryl 53F  
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4/16/2017 4:23 pm
Two Women

There are two different women inhabiting me.
One is a prisoner and one is free.

Soft girl is locked up,
Hard girl holds the key.

No malice involved she's just protecting me.
Each a unique personality!

The soft one is lonely no one in her life ,
Hard girl knows many but often makes strife.

Hard girl is only protecting her friend,
She knows Soft girl will be hurt in the end.

I cannot remember when all this began.
Or why Hard girl needed to lock up her friend.

Hard girl didnt plan on being this way.
She longed to be happy, to laugh and to play.

But heart ache and pain, they stole her away.
She hurts and she cries to this very day.

She knows her hard heart will never be free.
She will keep Soft girl prisoner for eternity.

And sadly that Soft girl is dying inside.
She wants to be free, can no longer hide.

She will have to be strong to escape her sad fate.
She will have to take Hard girl before its too late!

(To be continued)


oldfarmer281 62M  
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8/2/2019 5:33 am

WOW, Crzygryl, how you in so few words captured the essence plaguing all humans both male and female. How does one protect their inner self without taking all freedom away? Being human in the good sense of that word requires a little bit of anesthesia in this insane society we've built over the millennia.

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