Sometimes It Happens  

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9/16/2017 11:52 am
Sometimes It Happens

No, we hadn't met before. We had chatted for quite some time but never met. We had both acknowledged in all that chatting that the first time we met it would be a sexual encounter.

There came a night that I just didn't feel like my usual commute. Instead I figured I would get a room, grab a bite to eat and a couple of beers and just take a break from the drive. My thought wasn't that I would get the room for sex, it really was about taking a break.

But then came a message from her. She was in a playful mood. Like most of these messages I figured it wasn't really going to go anywhere but I too was in a playful mood and told her that I was staying at the hotel and that she was to join me there. There was quite a delay in her reply. Finally...

"What room?"

I gave her the room number, told her what my vehicle looked like and instructed her to get my key card out of my vehicle when she arrived. That way she could come directly to my room and enter. As I sent the message I was already going to my vehicle to put my second key card on the drivers seat, even though I knew she wasn't really going to show. But that small thread of hope is what kept it interesting and exciting.

"I'm on my way. 15 minutes."

Well now, that was a first. Never before had she claimed to actually be on the way. She had agreed to meet before but when the day arrived she would always go silent. That had been the situation with several ladies I had been chatting with, not just her. So I honestly expected that to continue, the pattern had been set. So while this response was different, I still didn't really expect her to show.

And yet playing the game is what was amusing me anyway. Knowing she wouldn't show, I could still have fun with it in my imagination and play along.

I decided to go for a walk. I needed to stretch my legs after having been trapped in the office all day. As I walked I sent her another message.

"When you get there I will not be in the room. Go in. Shower. Then text me and tell me that you have. Then lay face down on the bed and wait for me. Do not look up when I enter the room, remain face down."

Predictably I did not get another message from her. I walked around the block and found a restaurant, a nice cheesesteak place and I felt deserving of a treat. It was time to eat and I knew she wasn't really going to show. But I ordered something fast and light just to pretend with myself that I would need to be quick. Yeah right. But then the scenario was still amusing me and I was playing along with myself.

Just as my order arrived....

"I'm here. In your room. Can't believe I'm doing this. Getting in the shower now."

Wow, this girl really is in the mood to play along. My adrenaline pumped as imagined her in my room, in the shower, preparing herself for me. Now I'm no fool, I had been played the fool too many times before. So I knew she wasn't really there. But damn this game was thrilling anyway.

Despite myself being so sure of reality, I found myself eating quickly. Damn this was fun. After all, the anticipation of this would be just as much fun if it were real as it is in this fantasy. So she didn't show up but she's at least playing along and making it fun. As I began my walk back to the hotel I thought about how nice it will be to continue playing out this fantasy in text before a soak in the hotel hot tub and an early bed time.

I started to enter the hotel but then remembered my unlocked vehicle. Wouldn't be good to leave it that way overnight. So I did an about face and walked back to the lot to lock it up. As I peered in the window and realized the key card was not on the seat, my phone chimed.

"I'm on the bed, naked and ready for you daddy."

That's where I'll leave things. What happened next is between her and I, it was a special night. Special for us but you can read of such things in a thousand other places. What I wanted to get down in writing here is that sometimes, every once in a rare while, things finally turn out the way you hope they would. Sometimes, even after a long stretch of repeated disappointments, you get to be rewarded with just the thing you've craved. Sometimes reality is every bit as good as the fantasy.

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