Throwing back the curtains - Let me show you to Singapore ......  

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3/21/2017 8:45 am
Throwing back the curtains - Let me show you to Singapore ......

The night in question was nearly a week ago yet the images which haunt my mind and taught my loins return to me as though our encounter had been in the last hour.

Dehydrated and in need of a drink I stood at the bar and ordered two tap waters and rum-coke. "You planning a long night",a heavily accented voice said.
"It has been a long day", I replied and turned toward her.

The confidence she projected was an introduction in itself. She travelled a lot and was comfortable initiating conversation with strangers. A kindred sprit.
She in her mid 30s and tall. In flats, nearly as tall as me. Her auburn hair tied back framing her brown eyes and crocked smile. The simple green dress falling off her shoulders disguised the delights beneath.

Her name was Wendy, she was from Scotland and had come from a wedding in Bali. The was her last night in Singapore before heading home. The evening progressed, a few bars, more drinks and a coffee in exchange for walking her home. We hooked arms and staggered through the foyer of the Fairmont Hotel and into the lift.

As the lift doors closed I turned and kissed her. Lips locked our mouths entwined. Probing and exploring. We reach her floor all too soon. Neither of us wanted this moment to end. Reluctantly we separated and headed quickly into her room.

The door has not shut when we were again in an animal embrace. I held her against the wall as we continued our alcohol and lust fueled kissing. I pulled back and started kissing her neck. The salt from her afternoon sweat tasted sharp. I wanted to drink it all. I moved my hand and cupped her ass cheek. and pulled her groin toward mine. Through her dress I could feel her panties. In my mind I imagined how wet they were getting from her readiness. My testicles tingled. Still kissing it was Party Trick time -I moved my hand up the small of her back and I clipped her bra through her dress. Her breasts were now free underneath the green cotton. The familiar feeling of space restriction as my cock grew in my pants.

Suddenly she pulled back.

"No no no" she said playfully, "we need to freshen up. You shower first whilst I get us a drink.Towels are in there" With that a bathrobe was thrust into my hands and I was sent to the shower. Challenge- shower throughly - quickly - and make an entrance. Wendy removed the requirement of the later. I had barely put the robe on when she entered the bathroom still wearing the green dress. I wondered if the bra was still hanging or had been fully removed. "Your timing is perfect ", I whispered as I moved to kiss her "Nope my turn ", she giggled "you go and wait ... for the wine."

I caught a glimpse of hotel body lotion as I left and quickly slipped it into the pocket of my bathrobe."That could come in handy" I thought.

"There is some Boy-Film on the TV to amuse you." Wendy called after me as I shut the door. The Boy file Fast & Furious not porn.

The wine arrived as her shower started. I poured a us both a glass, dimmed the lights and sat back. Two fights, some explosions, a car chase and nearly a glass of wine later she appeared wrapped in a towel. Her hair now released from its bindings matted and still damp around her shoulders.I could see a hint of cleavage peeking out. The testicular tickle returned.

"On your stomach", I said, "Massage time". This was something I wanted to savor. No objection this time. The Scottish dream lay down, turned her head to the side and closed her eyes.

Don't give a back rub and call it a massage" an expert once said. "iI is you giving to her. Don't rush. Enjoy the journey of the touch, the tasting,the explore, the moment"

I looked at naked shoulders and neck. Retrieving the lotion from my pocket I squirted a portion on her shoulders and started to slowly need her shoulders in large circular motions my thumbs exploring and relieving the knots and tangles.

Gently the towel was withdrawn. The dimmed light the highlighted curves of her back, legs and buttocks. A tease of flesh from the sides of her breasts. And in the Centre of her lower back , a circular tattoo in galic scrip "cuimhnigh gra". I straddled her and commenced. I felt the flesh of my balls rub against her back. My cock was again in growth mode. I started - hands moved in decreasing circles down her back. Full hand - Palm - fingers. Each circuit getting smaller- each circuit relaxing her deeper. Slowly savouring Moving further down her back toward... leaning over I kissed her on the tattoo.

A slight moan and a sigh is always a good response. I started kissing her again. I ran my mouth along her lower back. I could smell her juices. I wanted to dive in ... but that would spoil all the fun. A quick peck on her arse cheek and I was back again kissing the cheek on her face. Wendy rolled over. Her eyes looking onto mine and her mouth open ready for further frenching. We kissed further and I pulled back . I wanted to see her, all of her.
TITS I love tits. Hers were great. They were small, pert with large nipples which seemed to say - enjoy us. I made sure I did. In a moment I was on them, I rubbed my lips across them. Flicked them with my thumb, Was gentle, was rough, was kind was cruel. Some men rush the tits, I can manipulate a set of mammary for ages. As I said I love boobs.

Her responses to my titty action inspired me. I was hot and horney. I started to work my way down. Her tan line was now evident..... someone has gone topless on her holiday because the white was only below. The thought of Ms Scotland baring both boobs to the sun was such a turn on. I continued my downward progress. The tan line was like a natural landing zone. Her pubic hair had been trimmed ready for her vacation and now I was reaping the benefits. I moved down lower. My tongue again taking the lead.

At last I reached the point of contact. She was wet ready and smelt wonderful. She had extruding vagina lips. I took one side in my mouth, Gently rubbing my teeth across it. I moved to the other side and repeated the action. I started to explore further with my tongue. Her hands has were in my hair.
"Guide Me", "Tell me want you want" ..... "Don't stop" "Fuck, just Don't stop"

I returned to the grind. I located the clit. Now was the real fun time. I flicked with my tongue, again and again. Wendy squealed. She tried to move me off.
"No I said, I am enjoying myself. It if gets too much squeeze the pillow." With that I returned to my pussy meal. It was time to get take this growl out to the next level.

I moved my hand into place. Whilst my mouth worked the outside my fingers started to work toward the interior.

One finger first. Tracing the rim of her love hole. Then slowly in. She was so wet there was no resistance from pussy nor owner. Slowly in and out the with one finger as my mouth continued to work its magic. Building the on moment it was time to step up . A second finger slowly sunk into place. Two in, two out two in two out, slowly increasing the pace and pressure. All the time I sucked on her clitorus.

She was loving it. Squirming and shaking.

I wanted her to get there - It was time to obey. "Tell me - Tell Me"

My job was to follow her instructions. My instinct had brought us here, her knowledge of her own body would take us home. I was her live sex toy to do as she commanded.

"I need to finish"... "I need to finish"... "Don't Stop"... "Outside, Fingers outside"... "tongue up" ... fuck... fucK... FuCK... FUCKK.

A bolt through her body, A tense then a release I rise then a fall. She was there.

Hold me. Come hold me...she said breathing deeply.

As I lay beside I realised I was still in my bathrobe. My cock hard and ready to go.

I looked at her next to me her nipples still dark and erect.

Looking past then I could see the lights of Singapore through a small break in the curtain.

I smiled... stood up, switch off the lights, took her by the hand and lead her naked to the window.

Throwing back the curtains - Let me show you to Singapore ......

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