Strip Poker in Banjarahills 2  

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Strip Poker in Banjarahills 2

Her boobs looked beautiful as they slightly bounced. She looked very flushed in her face and totally passionate. I don’t remember having seen her so much passion in her in last so many years. She bent down on me and her boobs landed on my hairy chest. Her boobs felt awesome as she moved her boobs sideways. I got a fantastic sensation as her nipples brushed over my nipples. Within minutes we were both moaning. Her face was very close to mine and in an impulse I pulled her face close and kissed her lips. She hungrily parted her lips and our tongues played with tremendous passion. After we broke the kiss, Tulika moved her body down very slowly, brushing my chest, belly and then over my crotch. As her boobs were over my cock, she placed it in between her boobs and held it tight with the help of her hands. My cock was bursting out in pleasure and I felt I might ejaculate any time. I felt relieved as she released my cock saving me the embarrassment of ejaculating.

In the next hand, Ritu lost to Tulika. Tulika announced she would take off Ritu’s bra. Ritu didn’t protest and gave a shy smile. Tulika went close to her and made her stand up. I realised only way Tulika could take off the bra was by lifting her kurta up at least over her belly and I was expectantly waiting to watch her crotch & belly fully exposed. But to my great disappointment, she went behind Ritu and unclasped the bra through the flimsy fabric. She placed her hand on her shoulders and removed the straps. Now the straps were over her upper arms and the cups were hanging loose over the boobs. Tulika inserted her hand through the opening of the kurta and pushed the cups down. Now Ritu freed the straps from her arms and Tulika pulled out the bra. I was enamoured to see Ritu’s lovely boobs through the fabric — much larger than Tulika’s, with a bit of a sag, with large aureoles. Her nipples were really large and peeking through the fabric. I felt tempted to suck those nipples. As the black bra lied on the floor, I picked it up and smelled. It had a lovely aroma, her perfume mixed with perspiration. I checked the tag — my guess was right. It read 36C.

As I sat naked, I counted how many pieces of cloth were still to come off. Only three — Ritu’s kurta and Tulika’s skirt and panty. I was a bit surprised that I was now damn keen to see my wife’s pussy, more than I wanted to see Ritu’s whole naked body. I realised Ritu’s nude body was almost fully in view, silhouetted under the sheer fabric. But Tulika’s pussy was an enigma and I was dying to see it after waxing. My curiosity was stronger because Tulika was continuously avoiding exposing even taking off her skirt. This meant she didn’t even want us to see her panty covered crotch. I wondered why.

Next hand, Tulika lost to Ritu. Ritu said she would like to take off her skirt. Tulika wasn’t game. She said, “I want a major departure. I would like to take off my panty on my own under the cover of my skirt.”As Ritu and I strongly objected, she said, “I am ready to accept any difficult reward for both of you.”

Hearing this, Ritu pondered for a moment and then said, “It seems you are resisting exposing your crotch. That’s ok. But you can always turn your back to us and I can take off your panty exposing your butt. Is that ok with you? If so, the reward would be both of us would do whatever we like in your asshole.”Tulika said, “I am game” and turning her back to us lifted her skirt. Her lovely heart shaped butt under powder blue bikini panty was open before our eyes. As Ritu pulled the panty down and Tulika stepped out, I watched the gap between her thighs. She pressed her thighs close and I couldn’t see any thing. Now Ritu parted her butt cheeks and started licking. Soon Tulika started moaning. After a while Ritu withdrew her mouth and signalled me to come close. I went close and watched her puckered asshole closely. Her asshole was always covered with a thin growth of hair. But now I found it was completely hairless. I felt excited and inserted my finger inside, as Ritu held the butt cheeks wide open. I realised Tulika’s ass wasn’t very tight and I pushed my finger as much as I could. Tulika’s soft moan had tuned into strong grunts.

The hairless puckered skin and the smoothness inside the tunnel excited me like mad. I withdrew my finger and placed my rock hard cock on her asshole. Tulika knew what I wanted, and bent down. As she was on all fours, I pushed my cock hard. I realised she had expanded her asshole and to my delight my rod went straight in. I slowly pushed in & out and Tulika screamed. As the movement was smooth, I increased the speed and soon I was fucking her asshole like nobody’s business. Soon Tulika went stiff as a hard orgasm hit her. Almost simultaneously I spurted warm liquid in her tight tunnel. I remembered fucking her asshole many years ago, when she complained of pain, though at the end she felt the pleasure was worth the pain. But now, I was sure, Tulika felt no pain. In recent years, I never tried her on the rear side and I wondered why I missed so much of pleasure.

As Tulika collapsed on the carpet, my cock slipped out. After a while Tulika got up and excused herself to the toilet. Ritu cleaned my limp cock with a wet cloth and the cold touch felt nice on my still warm cock. To my utter surprise, my cock was having a semi-hard on. Usually it takes quite sometime to get my hardness back after a fuck. That’s why a second fuck in one session has now become a rarity. But now I knew tonight was going to be something very different. I suddenly realised with all my attention drawn to the asshole, I missed watching her pussy, which should have been visible as Tulika parted her legs when she was on all fours. Possibly I did see a thatch of black hair, but couldn’t remember. I felt ever so curious. I was dying to see my wife’s pussy. I prayed Tulika loses at the next hand. God didn’t listen to my prayer, but next hand was great. I won with a trio of 3s over Tulika’s Queen, King and Ace, all of Hearts. Ritu lost with a poor hand and I was delighted to have the opportunity to get her naked.

I wanted to expose her nudity slowly and in stages. I went behind her and lifted her kurta slowly, exposing her huge cinnamon coloured butt. It was shiny smooth and glistened with wetness of perspiration. As the kurta went further up, her back was in view. Her waist looked narrow compared to her huge butt and there was a thin bellow of fat on her sides, adding to the sexiness. Her rear was such a Piece of erotic art. My cock regained some more hardness. I pulled out her kurta over her head and dropping it on the floor, hugged her from behind. My arms were on her ample boobs and I felt a great thrill. My cock was rock hard and was nudging Ritu’s ass. I turned her around and watched her beautiful nudity. Her boobs were most enticing and her nipples stood erect. I controlled my desire to suck those enormous nipples, as thick as my index finger and nearly half inch long. Below her boobs her belly was nicely curved with just the right amount of flab. The belly button looked fabulous and there was a very sexy line of crease over her totally untrimmed thatch of curly hair, wet and matted.

Her body was glistening wet with perspiration and I asked Tulika to hand me a towel. But Tulika asked me to use her kurta, which was to go for washing. I picked up the kurta and smelled it. It didn’t have much of an aroma and turning it inside out smelled the armpit joints. Wow! It did have aroma of her perspiration, not too strong and mixed with her perfume arma, which faded a bit. I wiped her whole body, lovingly and slowly. I started at the back, went from neck down to her ankle. On the way, I parted her butt cheeks and wiped inside. Unlike Tulika’s her asshole, it had quite a bit of hair, short & thin. At the front I started at her feet, went up to the top of her thighs and started again from her shoulder. Made her lift her arms and wiped her armpit with thick hair which was wet with perspiration. I couldn’t resist my urge and licked the hair; Ritu shuddered and I enjoyed the stronger smell of the mixture of perfume & sweat amidst the furriness. I wiped the drops of liquid from her wide cleavage and around her belly button. I put my finger inside the depth of her belly button and she moaned. I wiped her legs, thighs and then gap between the thighs.

As I was thinking of wiping her pussy, Tulika said, “Trying to wipe her cunt is futile. It is leaking continuously.” (“Gud mochhar chesta kora britha. Okhan theke kromagoto jol khoschhe.”) I was shocked at the raw language Tulika used. Normally she avoids the names of private parts and even if she does she would use English words. But using the Bengali name for female genital was too much. Any way, I gave up any attempt to wipe further and went back to my place after briefly kissing Ritu’s bush. The female smell was most enticing. I realised Ritu’s bush was as gorgeous as those of Maria Schneider or Suzanna Hamilton — rich, thick & curly. I was desperate to fuck her. Tulika won the next hand and Ritu lost again. This time she had no piece of garment to lose. Tulika gave a devilish smile and said, “Ritu, you have to perform a ‘dare'” As Ritu raised a questioning eye, Tulika dropped the bombshell — “You have to let me eat your cunt ” (“Tumi amake tomar gud khete debe.”) Again such raw language and with such passion!

Hearing the sentence, Ritu gave a deep sigh; her face was flushed. She simply lay on the floor. Tulika made her fold and part her legs. Now I could see her swollen labia. Tulika parted her labia and dipped her mouth. Within seconds I heard slurping sound. Ritu started moaning and the sound gradually increased in decibel. I just couldn’t sit back and started sucking Ritu’s enormous nipple. I pressed her boobs with my other hand. I alternated between the boobs. After a while, Ritu was restlessly moving her Arms and legs and started screaming, “I can’t take it any more.” (“Ami ar sohyo korte parchhina.”) Within a few minutes her body froze, as she got lost in an earth shattering orgasm. Tulika won the next hand also and my hope of watching her pussy became more distant. This time I was the loser and expectantly waited Tulika’s verdict of a ‘dare’. “You will give Ritu a bath and then fuck her in the tub.” (“tumi Rituke snan koriye debe and tarpor tub er modhye oke chudbe.”) I was totally delighted as I was dying to fuck this hairy woman. Ritu was now reclining on the carpet, her head resting on her elbow, her armpit hair popping out of the folds of her arm. Her ebony coloured body looked awfully sexy. I raised her up holding her around the waist and lovingly took her to our master bathroom. I ran the shower and asked Ritu to stand under it. As I was closing the door, I met with some resistance from outside. It was Tulika. She came inside and said, “I want to watch you two.”

Tulika sat on the toilet and watched us. As I joined Ritu under the shower, I hugged her and her soft body melted in my arms. Ritu raised her face inviting me to a kiss. Our lips got drawn to each other and we had a very long kiss, with our tongues playing with each other. As we kissed, I felt Ritu’s soft curls pressed on my thigh. Her breasts were pressed on my hairy chest and her nipples poked my skin. As we broke the kiss, I turned the shower off. I lovingly soaped her boobs, which felt both soft and firm. I soaped her hairy armpits and loved the feel of the thick hair under my hands. I rinsed her armpits with the hand shower and planted my mouth on the thick hair and licked. Ritu made ‘ooohhoo..’ kind of sound. After rinsing her boobs, I sucked her nipples very hard and now she made ‘oho…………..’ kind of long sound.

After soaping her front, except her bush, I turned her around. I soaped her back and then moved on her butts. It was a great pleasure to press her cheeks like dough. I parted her cheeks and soaped her asshole. At a sudden impulse, I inserted my finger inside her hole. Her tunnel was not at all tight and my finger smoothly went in. I took out my finger and smelled — oh! What an exotic aroma! Now I rinsed the ass hole and put my lips on it. It was great feeling and by then Ritu was hollering loudly. I knew she was now ready to be taken. To make things exciting, I soaped her body all over and she in turn soaped my body. She lovingly soaped my cock and it throbbed in unbearable pleasure.

I laid her slippery body on the floor of the tub and positioned my body over her. She lifted her legs wide and holding my cock in her hand placed it on her bush, which was covered with white lather. It was a great sensation as I cock slipped inside penetrating her labia. Wow! It was such a tight tunnel, but was well lubricated. I pushed my thick cock right inside to fill her tunnel and our lips met. I looked deep into her eyes and we lovingly kissed. The passion rose slowly and our kiss became more & more vigorous. I started pumping her slowly and then increased my speed, simultaneously mercilessly squeezing her boobs. I fucked her like an enraged bull. While Ritu screamed, “Push hard, tear my cunt with your dick.” (“Jore dhokao, tomar banda diye amar gud chhinre phyalo.”) Tulika cheered from the side, “Fuck, Fuck,fuck harder.” (“Chodo, Chodo, aro jore chodo.”) Filthy language from these two sober women Excited me more and I fucked her like there was no tomorrow.As Ritu went into a seizure, I unloaded a lot of cum in her cunt. As I waited for Ritu to recover watched blobs of my cum strewn over her lower belly and pubic hair, I was surprised by another orgasmic sound. I was shocked to see Tulika bringing herself to a great orgasm, with her hand under her skirt and her other hand playing with her nipple. I now knew. She planned this to watch me with another woman and also gave me the pleasure of watching her making out with another woman. This was her anniversary gift to both of us.

After we finished, we reassembled at the living room. All three of us had two orgasms each, but still not much exhausted. Normally after two ejaculations my cock would have been completely limp. But now it dangled with a semi hard on, ready for more action. Ritu’s naked body, now looking fresh after bath excited me. The irony was, I was more eager to watch Tulika, who was still not naked. We started the game again. I picked up ace of heart and showed. Both Ritu and Tulika showed 3 – club and spade. This time my card was 3 of heart. Ritu had 3 of club and Tulika 6 of spade. Next was my 3 of diamond. I had a run, but not of same suit. I was still very hopeful of winning. Actually what I really hoped that Tulika loses and that was more or less sure now. My heartbeat was faster in the hope of watching my wife’s pussy. I was dying to know if she had waxed her pubes. The bush looked so rich this morning and I didn’t want it to go away. As Tulika showed 5 of club, Ritu clapped in joy. I realised she was also too eager to see Tulika’s pussy. She showed ace of club and cried out in joy, “Ebar ami tomake nangto korbo. Ar tumi tomar gud lukiye rakhte parbena.” (“Now i’ll strip you naked. You can’t hide your pussy any more.”)

She almost pounced upon Tulika, who was sitting cross-legged, and tugged at the zipper at the side of the skirt. As she tried to pull the skirt down and urged Tulika to lift her hip (“pachha ektu tolo), I realised to my great dismay that Ritu’s large body was almost completely guarding Tulika’s body. At the same time Ritu’s shapely posterior enticed me. Her bum looked like a huge cinnamon coloured heart. By that time, Ritu had freed Tulika of her skirt and cried, “Wow! What a fantastic thing have you done! (“O ma! Tumi ki darun jinish korechho!”) I immediately moved close to the women and holding Ritu’s waist in my arms tried to look at Tulika’s pussy.I was shocked and surprised at what I saw. Tulika’s pussy was now like one heart around another. Tulika’s dense pubes were in the shape of a heart and inside, the skin was completely bald, again in the form of a heart. The bald area displayed her full slit. I have seen different shapes of pubic hair in porn magazines. But never before I saw such a wonderful decoration of the pussy. I looked more closely. The hair that spilled over to the thighs had completely disappeared. The skin outside the curves of the heart was silky smooth. The bald skin of the inner heart glistened with moisture. The outer labia were swollen and the pink clit peeked out a little. I was too excited to speak and greedily looked at the awesome pussy. By now Ritu had placed her demand for eating the gorgeous pussy, “You must let me eat your pussy.”

“Surely, I will. Also would liked to be fucked by my dear hubby after you suck me.” Tulika folded her legs and spread her thighs invitingly

As Ritu knelt down and dipped her mouth between Tulika’s thighs, the awesome pussy disappeared behind Ritu’s posterior. Slurping sound from Ritu’s Mouth and Tulika’s pussy coupled with Tulika’s deep moans emanated soon and I was awed at the sexy backside of this dark & big woman. Her large bum under her v shaped back looked rather irresistible and moving behind her I caressed the silky ebony skin. I felt rather aroused watching the fold at the bottom of her bum created by her crack. I started squeezing her butts, which felt nice & soft under my palms. I positioned myself behind her with my legs pressing on the sides of her butts and my cock nudging her bum crack. I placed my arms around her and softly pressed her bouncing boobs. It was simply heavenly. Soon Tulika’s moan changed to shrill whimpers and she climaxed strongly. As Ritu withdrew her mouth, she was wet all around her lips. I couldn’t resist the temptation of kissing her and I was greeted with the awesome aroma and taste of my wife’s pussy juice.

Now I saw my wife’s incredible pussy again and was aroused like hell. I waited for her to recover, as I lay besides her holding her body in my arms. After a while, Tulika gave me a loving soft kiss and whispered, “You really liked the décor of my pussy?” “Yes darling, I am dying to enter the new face of the old pussy.” I whispered back.”Come darling, fuck me in doggie style,” she said and tried to get up. I stopped her saying, “No dear, I would like to see the new face from the front” and entered her love hole. Now I fucked her with tremendous gusto and wondered how I had so much of energy even after ejaculating twice. The build up was in steps and I realised this time I would take time to reach the end. As I pushed my cock in and out, Tulika expanded and contracted her tunnel alternately. We got into a great rhythm of making love and after a while, Tulika went into a soft orgasm. I paused for a while and then started stroking again. Now I noticed Ritu watching us closely and playing with her nipples and clit. I pulled her close and whispered to her to let me have her pussy. She stood above Tulika’s head and now her pussy was close to my mouth. I started eating her hairy pussy, as I continued stroking Tulika. As I felt the tempo was at the peak for both women, I inserted my finger in Ritu’s asshole. She immediately had a massive orgasm and collapsed. Taking my hand behind me I put my finger in Tulika’s crack and she lifted her bum to accommodate me. I entered my finger deep inside her asshole and continued stroking her fiercely in both holes. Tulika had an earth shattering orgasm and almost simultaneously I spurted loads of cum. I was amazed at how much cum I unloaded in my third ejaculation.

It took us a long time to recover and Tulika was the first one to pull her body up. She cleaned both of us with a washcloth and asked us to come to the bed. As Ritu was making a move towards the guestroom, Tulika insisted she should sleep in our bed. Our bed is quite large and all three of us dropped on it like sand bags. Within seconds we fell of to sleep.Tell me did you enjoy reading this part?

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