Strip Poker in Banjarahills  

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Strip Poker in Banjarahills

This story is a continuation of my earlier stories. It is recommended that the earlier story be read first. However, I am adding a part of the earlier story here to make this one an independent story. Please remember to vote so that I know how I have fared. Constructive criticism is very much welcome.My wife Tulika & I are married for fifteen years. She is now 29 and I am 31. Both of us have successful careers. She is a senior manager in a bank and I am a Senior Project Manager in a software company at Hitech City. Tulika is a very pretty woman, slim & extremely very fair. She is 5′ 3″ and weighs 48 kgs (105 lbs). Her moderate 34B boobs are shapely, her waist is narrow (3 and her hips are very large & curvaceous (3. She was a classical dancer and after she gave up dancing her hips grew in size. I am also in a good shape, 5′ 10″, 73 kgs (160 lbs). I have managed to avoid a paunch by playing golf 3-4 days a week.

As none of us travel much, we have plenty of opportunity to freely enjoy sex at home. We all along had a fairly active sex life. We enjoyed sex 3-3 times a week and were happy about it. We always tried to spice up our sex life by trying out different things. But for last couple of years the frequency of making love has gone down. I realised my sex urge is still very strong, but my eagerness for having sex with Tulika has gone down. I felt guilty about it and tried to make it up by having sex with her, even when I was not particularly keen on having sex. From Tulika’s body language at the time of having sex, I was pretty sure her sex urge was still pretty high. In any case, it’s common knowledge that women’s sexual urge is highest in mid thirties. But I noticed she never initiates sex these days. Earlier she very often did things to tempt me for sex. Another new thing was, I fantasised about other women when having sex with Tulika. Only such fantasy brought me to climax. Tulika also took much longer to climax.

One evening, she & I sat naked in our lounge and enjoyed drinks. This was something very favourite to both of us. Usually after a couple of pegs, we both turn horny and we start exploring each other’s body. As we drink more, our horniness builds up in stages and eventually we have wild sex. But that evening was very dull. To liven it up, I ran a movie on our DVD. The movie was pretty hot and it turned both of us on. While watching the movie we sucked & licked each other and eventually had sex on the floor by turning the movie off midway. We both had very strong climax. After we recovered, Tulika started the movie again. Though I was sleepy, I carried on with more drinks and watched the movie till the end. When the movie was over, we had sex again. As we lied on the floor fully exhausted, I said, “Do you realise we made love twice in one session after a very long time. Possibly after two years.””Of course, I do,” she said in a rueful voice, “our bodies are loosing charm to each other. We need to watch others to get turned on.””You are more than correct,” I was emphatic, “but what do we do improve things?””What thoughts do you have in mind, when you have sex with me?” she asked.

“I imagine two things — either I am fucking another woman or you are being fucked by another man.” I was totally frank.

“Hey, I have very similar thoughts. I do imagine getting laid by another man, but the thought of you fucking another woman excites me a lot more.” She said in an excited voice. “Don’t you have any other fantasy?” she asked.”Yes I do. I imagine another woman & you making love.” I said with the apprehension that she would not like this.She kept mum for a while and said, “I have such naughty thoughts too.”As she said this, she gave me a kiss and as the kiss continued, I inserted my finger in her shaved pussy. (She used to be hairy earlier, as I loved her thick jungle. But off late she shaves herself clean. Another indication of loss of interest in me.) She held my cock, which was getting erect. We finally got into 69 position and made each other cum. After that fantastic evening, we felt happy that we fully understood each other’s mind. We both knew we got to do something to fulfil our needs, but we didn’t talk about it. There were too many hindrances. We knew for both of us social taboo wasn’t any problem. But for the outer world it was. There were willing men in plenty. But women were too orthodox and inhibited. We kept on thinking, but there were no solutions in sight.

Usually we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a party. As our fifteenth anniversary was approaching, I was planning something big. But Tulika said this time she would prefer a quiet dinner at home. I was a bit intrigued but kept quiet. On the anniversary day, I gifted her a diamond necklace. As I was getting ready for office, I noticed Tulika was in the bathroom early, though she said she taken leave for that day. Suddenly, the bathroom door opened. Tulika was standing there stark naked. The necklace was tied on her waist and the pendant was dangling on her pussy, which was now covered with a thick bush. I realised we didn’t have sex for nearly two weeks and that’s why I didn’t notice Tulika had stopped shaving. This made me crazy with excitement and I drew her naked body close and kissed her deeply. As I was pressing her boobs hard, she disengaged herself. She said I should reserve my passion for the evening, when a still more exciting surprise would be awaiting me.

In the evening, after reaching home there wasn’t anything exciting. Tulika had already dressed up. She wore a powder blue silk skirt, with dark blue embroidery on it. It reached just above her knees Her blouse matched the colour of the embroidery and was sleeveless. Her armpit was silky smooth and the light hair she had on her legs & thighs had also disappeared, leaving a glowing skin. As I was watching her, she asked me with a smile if I liked the waxing job. I asked her if she had a whole body waxing. She said, let that remain a surprise. Though I was very keen to find out, I didn’t push her. After I had my shower, I dressed up in Jeans and a round neck T-shirt. By the time I was ready, the doorbell rang. As no guest was expected, I wondered who it was. To my most pleasant surprise, it was Ritu. She was Tulika’s colleague. She was a little elder than Tulika and a divorcee. I had a special interest in Ritu because of her sexy look and as she didn’t try to hide her attraction for me. The way she hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks, her physical desire was more than evident. This was, of course, a social embarrassment for me and I was also worried about Tulika’s reaction. She was a dark and big built woman, with a very attractive face and thick sexy lips. Tulika told me Ritu often dated different guys, but none were steady.

I possibly saw her 6 months ago, when she was quite plump. She was about 5’8″ with huge boobs, must be 38D. Her hips were also large, may be 40 or so and very nicely curved. Tulika did mention Ritu was regularly working out and lost weight. But now I was amazed to see how much she had reduced. Now her waistline was much thinner, giving her an hourglass shape and the tyres of flab around her waist had almost vanished. Her thick arms had reduced and her neck looked much longer. Her hairstyle was changed. Now her hair was nicely bobbed. I wasn’t sure if her boobs and hips had reduced in size, but they definitely looked much more curvaceous & sexier.

Ritu was wearing a milk white Kurta (a long loose top extending to her knees) & Churidar (Indian style pyjama bottom, tightly fitted at the ankles with hooks) made of a special cotton fabric called Lucknow Chikon. The cotton is very light and there is embroidery on it. The fabric is almost transparent and made crisp with starch. Women in India usually wear a slip under such a kurta as the fabric is almost see through. But Niki had dared wearing it without any slip and her cinnamon coloured skin & her black bra were clearly visible through the fabric. The fabric was really transparent. Even under two layers her back panty on her dark hips could be visualised from the backside. I was simply enamoured to see the sexy dark beauty at our doorstep and now knew what Tulika meant as a surprise.

Ritu had a bouquet of yellow roses in her hand. As Tulika took the bouquet from her hand, she hugged me and planted a kiss on my lips. The kiss was a little longer than usual and I deeply enjoyed the aroma of her perfume, the soft & wet touch of her awesome lips and the warmth of her luscious body. As I knew Tulika’s mind, I wasn’t embarrassed at her overture, but there was already a stir in my crotch and I was scared of erection showing up. Tulika & Ritu settled down in the lounge and I started arranging drinks. As both the ladies chose to drink malt whisky, my job became easier. I placed the whisky bottle, a large two litre soda bottle and the ice pail on the centre table. I poured small drinks for Tulika & me, Tulika’s one with full soda & a little ice and mine with plenty of ice and a dash of soda. As I asked Ritu for her preference, she wanted a large one on the rocks. Since I didn’t use a peg measure, I generously poured whisky in Ritu’s glass on lots of ice. I lighted two cigarettes for Ritu & me. When we were in the second round of drinks, Tulika started sharing puffs with both Ritu & me.

After first two rounds of drinks, the mood was pink and I put on some slow music. Tulika & I danced close, and I revelled in the softness of her body. Later, Tulika & Ritu danced with a fast lively music and I fondly watched the two women, very different from each other but both very beautiful in their own ways. They finished the dance with a tight hug and kiss on the lips. It looked a bit unusual, but gave me kick too.

After dancing Tulika said, “Today let’s share some of our secrets between three of us. Both of you have shared your secrets with me on one to one basis. But I am sure you have more closely guarded secrets to share. I also have some secrets, which I have never shared with anyone. Let’s bring out those secrets in the open. This will certainly be more interesting than casual chatting”This was a welcome proposition for both Ritu and me. Tulika told her secret first, it was quite erotic and Ritu was visibly excited. Next was my turn and my story was a hit with both women. At this stage, we realised it was too late for Ritu to go back home. Tulika said she is welcome to spend the night with us. Ritu readily agreed and I wondered what was in store for me for rest of the night. By this time, both ladies were quite drunk and there legs were tottering. We had dinner and after dinner the ladies were steadier on their feet. I didn’t serve anymore drink after dinner to make sure the alcohol didn’t spoil the show.

Next was Ritu’s turn to share her secret. As she finished her story, all three of us sat spell bound for a while. Having heard the exciting stories I was feeling very horny. As I looked at Tulika & Ritu, their faces were flushed. I was sure they were feeling horny too and was wondering where was this night leading us.At this stage, Tulika suddenly said, “I have read so many stories about Strip Poker and quite curious about it. Why don’t we try it today?”My heart skipped a beat at the suggestion. I said, “I am game, if Ritu is willing.”As I waited for Ritu’s answer with bated breath, she said, “I don’t know poker. Only card game I know is Indian version played with three cards.”Tulika said, “That’s perfectly ok. But I hope you are aware of the implication of ‘strip’. One who loses a hand would have to take off one article he or she is wearing.”As Ritu looked at Tulika with wide eyes, I thought she was going to say no. She increased my blood pressure by keeping quiet for a while. She raised her glass to her lips and I noticed her hand was trembling. She repeatedly sipped the drink but didn’t say any thing and my heart was beating so hard that one could almost hear the sound.At long last, Ritu drained her glass, took a long drag on her cigarette and said, “I am not going to spoil the show. I am game!”

I explained the game to Ritu and she said it was ok with her as she played this game earlier by betting money. Tulika said, there are all kinds of rules about the stripping part and it was best to set our own rules. I asked her to set the rules and she spelt out the rules one by one.Tulika set the first rule, “Since we are two women and one man, we could have had the man playing against the two women. That means either the man is either a winner or a loser. But I would prefer we play a straight game so that any one of us could be winner or loser. What do you say?”As we both agreed, Tulika said, “The loser of a round will lose one piece of garment. The winner decides which garment has to be taken off and also has the option to take off the garment from the loser.””In case the loser doesn’t want to take off the piece suggested by the winner, he or she can get it changed by the winner by pleasing him or her with a ‘reward’. A ‘reward’ would mean a physical action that pleases the winner.”

I was worried if by stroke of bad luck I am the first one to lose all clothes and the game ends there, I would be left high & dry. So I asked Tulika, “How long the game would continue?”

“At least till all three are stark naked,” (“Jotokshon na amra tinjonei puro nangto hochchhi”) she declared with a naughty smile and continued, “The first person to lose all clothes will continue in the game. If she or he loses another hand the winner will ask her to perform a ‘dare’, which means to do some thing suggested by the winner. He or she can get the ‘dare’ changed against a ‘reward’ to the winner.”Now I said, “Does the game end when all of us lost all clothes?”As Tulika said, “That depends on our mood at that stage.” Ritu shocked me by saying, “I am sure it will continue.” We sat down on the carpet and sat Indian style. I realised I was at a disadvantage. I had only three pieces of clothes as against the women’s four each. Ritu had kurta, churidar, bra and panty. Tulika had skirt, blouse, bra and panty. But I had T-shirt, jeans and brief. I told them so and wanted to wear a vest under the T-shirt. But Tulika completely disapproved the idea.

When I looked at Ritu for support, she said’ “We all are going to be naked at the end, aren’t we? What difference will one piece make?” (“Amra sobai to seshe puro nangto hobo. Ekta jamay ki ase jay?”I was now sure this woman was in a perfectly buoyant mood, may be she was hornier than even me. I felt a strong stir in my crotch. I dealt the first hand. Ritu made a face looking at the cards and dumped her cards without even a show. I was surprised at this, because with so few players, it usually ends in all three showing. Tulika asked for a show and I showed my poor hand of 5, 6 & 9. Tulika clapped her hands in joy and showed a 6, 7 & Jack. Ritu said, “Oh my god, I had a pair of 3.”

We realised Ritu was under the impression only runs, flash, trio, etc are worth playing. I told her one could win even with a low hand and one should never pack. Any way, the damage was already done and Ritu was the loser. I was hoping Tulika would take her kurta off and I would be able to see Ritu’s cinnamon skin naked from waist upward, except for the bra. I was also hopeful she had unshaved armpits. As I watched closely, through the thin fabric I could see some hair under the folds of her armpits. Since it wasn’t very clear, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing right or just imagining. These thoughts made me too damn horny and I waited with bated breath for the kurta to come off.But things turned out to be different. Tulika signalled her to stand up and said, “Let me take off your churidar first.”

AS Ritu stood up Tulika went close to her, knelt down and unhooked the bottom of the churidar. She moved her hands up under the kurta along Ritu’s thighs, and reached the waistband of the churidar. She untied the string at the waist and the churidar slowly slipped along Ritu’s thighs & legs. I watched Ritu’s shapely long thighs more clearly being seen under the sheer fabric. I could now have a better view of her bellybutton & her black panties and my impatience for seeing her naked grew stronger. As Ritu stepped out of the churidar, Tulika picked it up and after neatly folding it kept it on the sofa. She held Ritu on her forearms and turned her back giving me a nice show of Ritu’s backside through the thin fabric. Her ample hips looked very nice under her narrower waistline.

As Ritu and Tulika sat down, Tulika dealt the next hand. This time I had 7,8 and King and showed my cards. Tulika smilingly showed her cards, a pair of 10s and a King. Now Ritu showed her cards one by one, first 3, next 4 and finally 5, all of the same suit! Tulika clapped her hands and Ritu stood up with a proud smile. As I stood up, Ritu came closer and gave me a light hug. As her body touched mine, my cock twitched. She said, “Let me see your chest.” And looked at Tulika seeking her approval. Tulika gave her thumbs up and she pulled at my T-shirt. I raised my arms and she pulled my T-shirt over my head. She fondly moved her hands over my hairy chest. As she gave a light kiss on my chest, Tulika protested, “You can only take off the piece of cloth and do nothing more. You can do that later, may be as a ‘reward’ or as a ‘dare’.”To this I protested. “You can’t make this so mundane by being rule ridden. Taking off the clothing for another person is an exciting action. Why can’t the excitement be displayed? And such small display of affection can’t be a ‘reward’. A ‘reward’ has to be lot more exciting.”

After Tulika’s protest, Ritu had moved away. Now she looked at Tulika and said, “He is right. We can’t have too much restrictions that spoils the fun.”As Tulika relented by saying, “Ok, I stand corrected,” Ritu moved closer, brought her face close to my chest, licked my hairy chest and at the end tickled my nipples with her tongue. She moved back leaving me damn horny. Ritu folded the T-shirt, kept it on the sofa and went back to her seat. She dealt the next hand. I got a pair of 6. Tulika surprised us by showing another pair of 6. She showed a Queen to beat my top card of 10 and looked at Ritu. The first card Ritu showed was an Ace. Next came a Queen. The last card was another Ace.Tulika cheered and said, “Ritu is determined to get you naked first.” (“Ritu aj tomake prothome nangto korei chharbe.”)

Ritu was visibly delighted and stood up. I wasn’t very pleased at the prospects of getting stripped off so quickly and helplessly stood up. Ritu came close, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled the zipper down. She lightly touched the bulge at my crotch through the open fly and the feel of her fingers on my cock gave me a strong stir. She turned me back and kneeling down behind me slowly pulled my jeans down. As my brief got exposed, she softly pressed my butts and pulled the jeans further down. As my thighs got exposed she lovingly ran her palm over them. She pulled the jeans down to my ankles and as I was stepped out of it, she turned me back. Now my erect cock, which was trying to get out of the waistband of the brief, was right in front of her face. At this point, Tulika said, “Do you like the size, Ritu?”

“Of course, I do,” she said in a husky voice with her eyes fixed on the erect pole under the brief. She kept on watching it for a while and I realised the wetness at the tip of the cock had created a wet spot on the fabric. Suddenly, she held my cock in her hand and gave it a squeeze. It ran a shock wave through my spine. As I wondered what her next move would be, she took her hand away and picking up my jeans neatly folded it. After keeping it on the stack of clothes on the sofa, she went back to her seat.

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