How can men be so gullible?  

Do_u_wanna_kiss 53F  
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6/5/2017 3:15 am
How can men be so gullible?

I browse around the site quite often because I don't sleep much and I get a kick out of some of the profiles that I read but the best ones belong to the women...I cannot believe how many men are friends with, fans of, and desperately try to sleep with fictitious females...Yes, the fakes, and I'm not talking about the bots....I'm talking about what are supposed to be "real women"....some of them share the same group of male friends...all I can honestly say is WOW....I think I'm embarrassed for them...

I know I'm not Barbie and I'm not a model but I don't pretend to be one either...I am who I am and what I am, nothing more...I'm usually polite, I'm fun, I'm easy to talk to although I sometimes tend to talk too much, I'm fairly easy going, I'm passionate, and someone recently said "I'm smarter than the average bear" which is why I ask myself how can men be so gullible? Do you not realize a REAL picture from a "stolen from the internet" picture? I mean if you seriously can't tell that it's a fake pic then I feel sorry for you...I know not everyone has a gold membership so you can't see all the pics but what about the paying customers?

Aside from all the comments on these fake pics, what makes me laugh even more are the comments posted back from the profile owners....these women actually reply to comments on "their" pics...I find that hysterical...

I've even found some profiles that are pretty much copy and paste from each other, and that's not even counting the plagiarized ones I've seen stolen from books about "How to write an online dating profile"...Do the men not see it or just choose to ignore it? Are the women that desperate for attention?

I have 40 pics on my profile at the moment and every single one of them is REAL and of ME...(some are only visible to my friends) I will say that some are a bit old and I really need to update them but it's not as easy for women to take self-portraits of certain body parts as it is for men...I did ask an old friend to help in that department a while back but he went and found himself a GF so I guess I'm still in need of a new photographer.....

For any of you that can and have read my profile, I guarantee you that I wrote it all myself, word for word...if I ever get to the point that I'm so lonely for male interaction that I post stolen pics and pass them off as my own or can't put together a coherent sentence to present myself to the world, then it's time to close the door on this chapter of my life...

maybejustrex4 52M  

6/5/2017 5:11 am

Oh, I guess I just figured that smart women were posting those "too good to be true" profiles to lure away all the idiots so they could use their real profiles to choose from amongst the more level-headed men left behind.

Do_u_wanna_kiss replies on 6/5/2017 12:05 pm:
Hmmm, I never thought of it that way but it's still deception and I wouldn't want to get involved with someone who started out with a lie, even if it's just for a makes me wonder what else are they lying about...

cumalluwant 54M  
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5/8/2018 12:04 pm

Although probably accurate, it's still a bit harsh. It seems that, like myself, you are quite confident, and that's great. Other's perhaps, not so much. They look for "help", or an edge, leg up or perhaps just looking to generate some fun in this li'l escape world of Meelp. It may be a bit unfair to label them as something less than ourselves, simply because they enlist the aid of published materials, specifically structured to help them improve their profiles. You can be who you want with complete anonymity here, if you like. And, for those who "fall for it", they get something too. They believe they are "friends" with an Meelp hottie. (Again, just in this Meelp world)

Those of us who are "Real", will navigate around the nonsense and have our experiences, both positive and otherwise. I would agree with you whole heartedly, if the fable is meant to arrange a real time interaction outside the site. Then, they'd be everything you say they are

** By the way, I really liked YOUR profile..

Do_u_wanna_kiss replies on 5/9/2018 8:02 pm:
This was written mostly as an observation... my intent was not to belittle anyone just point out what I see as quite obvious... Meelp is my escape from real life too, at times, but as I said I do not portray myself to be something I am not... my goal is to actually meet someone IRL and have actual fun... that won't happen if I don't put forth my best self... I know some don't feel as if they can express themselves on their own but if I find a man's profile that is clearly the generic auto-fill when opening your account, I immediately move on to the next because if you can't even use your own words how can you be creative in bed... I don't expect anyone to be perfect nor do I claim to be but use your imagination just a little...

Your profile shows your depth which is all I hope to find in someone... and Thank you!

yawhyknot 63M  
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11/15/2018 2:48 am

Speaking for myself (yes, I know that’s obvious) I would love the opportunity to solve your self pic. Dilemma. Although I behave not found an artistic bone in my body, I’m suddenly curious about photography. Not just any kind. I think a woman should have pictures to share in three categories. 1 for friends family and the general public. 2 for lifestyle friends that enjoy enticing pics that create heightened anticipation. 3 just to be shared on occasion when it’s fun to display a great orgasm or one in the making.
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