Job Requirements  

DonnaChang 49F  
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4/8/2017 9:29 am
Job Requirements

Have you ever wanted to rewrite an ad for a job? Possibly use some real world language that speaks to the masses?

I was reading a post on Facebook by a man working in Corrections. He was explaining in detail how he did everything he could to save his marriage, changed jobs, dealt with long commutes, etc. He detailed how his job in corrections destroyed his marriage, personal relationships and finances. All very true of the majority of people working in corrections.

I've never heard an office worker complain about commuting 150 miles round trip to their job to be mandated to work another 8 hours in an environment that could get you killed on their best day. Nor have I heard that office worker complain that, while the job causes lack of sleep, it also fosters depression and complete disconnect from the outside world.

I would like to rewrite the job description for Correction Officers. It might sound a little like this:

-Must be willing to work a minimum of 8 hrs a day to maximum 16 hrs a day with little to no advance notice.You will live here almost as much as the inmates do.
-Think you are gonna go out on Thirsty Thursday with your friends? Think again, you no longer have any friends. Your relationships will be almost non-existent outside of these walls.
-Want to know what a Paranoid Schizophrenic goes through in life? It's your lucky day! Administration will play head games with you to the point of persistent paranoia. Oh, and the medical benefits suck, so good luck getting treatment for that medication or any injuries you sustain while working here!
-Your co-workers will NOT have your back because they are too busy bringing in contraband to the inmates. Inmates, administration and coworkers can and will plot against you.

-You will be disciplined for combing your hair in a way that pisses me off and your coworker that comes in late everyday will get a promotion. How about that for a big FUCK YOU!
-Administration reserves the right to change policy, procedures and rules for their own enjoyment and not tell you. That way they can make fun of you when you make a mistake.
-In the immortal words of Dolph Lundgren, "I must break you" That is our motto to employees that we feel are smarter and more capable than the current administration.

I know, those of you who work in your nice offices don't understand. Most people who leave corrections by choice or otherwise are often suffering from PTSD. I really feel for this guy and the things he talked openly about. For 10 years I walled off everyone that I knew and everyone that I worked with to try and shield myself from the shit they kept flinging. I watched as coworkers' marriages fell apart, suicides within their families that they felt responsible for because they weren't there for them. I know this person's pain.

When I am out in public now I view everyone differently. I believe that what ever they are doing or where ever they are going is far more important than any one else. Otherwise, why would people act so badly in public. I don't attempt to try and understand their behavior or fix it. I just get out of their way. I've already met them inside the walls. I did my time as a correction officer and I no longer wish to continue that mentality outside of the walls.

Yukongold65 55M
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4/9/2017 7:42 pm

It is so unbelievable in the world today. My cousin worked with troubled teens which was sort of like corrections. He never complained about the job that way, but you could see he got the same treatment as your job description read. I also know people who work for our public schools schools. If you are not a teacher or administrator the job description could read the same. It really doesn't matter where you work, I hear the same stories from a lot of people all over. As an employer myself, I have a little bit of the opposite problem. Give the workers to much leeway, and they walk all over you. Being that I used to be an employee that was treated like you said, I try as an employer to make my business fun. The truth is, all of us are spoiled rotten and think we all deserve everything for nothing, no matter what positions we hold, employee, employer.

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