I don't understand  

Dorine89 30F  
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4/12/2017 12:18 pm
I don't understand

How you can do this, and I wish I could or could've when I had the chance.
How don't you get super disturbed and frustrated that you have more women in your lives?

I mean I get the excitement and I get how you feel like you rule the world - and for me guys, you really do a lot of times -, but doesn't it get out of hand after a while?

Romantic getaways, a bucket of lies to make those happen, while another, probably innocent, which is the saddest thing of all, person awaits for you at home and pretends not to notice anything different.

And how can you girls do it? Not to see things? Not to acknowledge them, or try to change them, or for fuck's sake just to leave them?

I keep saying that I hate love triangles and I hate tangled up in them, because it also gets me into a really awkward position. I'm not the game changer - whatever I do will not really affect the already existing relationship -, if I walk away, the relationship will stand and another third wheel will join to keep the system moving.

However, I still feel awful, guilty in these situations. How can it work? How don't you feel all thaat shitty as I do because of this? Am I too sensitive about this? Probably.

Monogamy, poligamy, words trying to explain our behavior.. Human nature is complex and we are partly animal, but we also have souls, dignity, decisions to make. So let's just make them, shall we?

magyar6706 49F
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6/8/2017 1:00 pm

I totally agree with you! No men need to lie on this site about whether they are married or not. And if they are married or attached, I don't want to get involved in a love triangle, just like you said. I don't see why more people don't have the guts to discuss open relationships, if sleeping with other people is what they want...At the very least, just be honest and don't lie! And no, you are not TOO sensitive; you are sensitive and you have some morals when it comes to the truth, which is not a bad thing. It's just that SO many people don't have a problem lying and/or deceiving people, something that I find disturbing and repulsive! So you just keep on being you and don't let those damn turkeys get you down

BigSexyY2K 47M
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1/7/2018 7:16 am

I'm sorry you went through that difficult situation

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