The rudeness of some people  

Dr_Scarpachi 51M
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6/27/2017 4:53 am
The rudeness of some people

I have been dealing with email comments from a person for the last three days that I cannot understand how it got to the level of vitriol that it did. It turns out that my #1 fan got engaged, a fact I found out when she sent a message telling me to not contact her or comment on her photos because she was now engaged.

Ok, fine. So now I must make sure not to do that. Then I received a message from her fiancé telling me the same thing. Ok, why this guy felt the need to initiate contact, I have no clue, but point well taken. So I avoid making any contact or comment. Hell, I don't even see any of her picture postings, which is fine. The next thing I know, Meelp sends me a notice that she (my #1 fan) viewed my profile. Ok, odd behavior I thought, especially since she said not to comment or write. Fine, I'll let it slide since it was only a profile view.

Next thing I know, I am getting messages from her fiancé again telling me not to contact or comment on her. I reiterate that I have not commented or contacted her, but he keeps writing back and insisting that I have. I again reiterate that I have not commented or contacted her, and this morning I received a tirade of three messages, using lots of profanity (mainly using the "F" word or it's companion "MF") and threatening to "break my jaw". He even had the audacity to "question" my "Dr" declaration in my name (to which I am offended, since I went through all the work required to get my PhD). Then he proceeds to point out all the comments I have previously made about her.

Of course there are some comments... She was/is my #1 fan, so these comments have been made over the course of a year or more, long before she met or became engaged to this guy. Are you seriously going to get on my case about comments I left a year ago? Regardless of that, at least from that time about 3 weeks ago when she originally told me not to comment or contact her, I have not. Her fiancé, in his first message even threatened to have my account deleted, like he has that authority, especially since I have done nothing wrong, Besides, as an American, no one, and I mean no one, is going to curtail my right to free speech and try to prevent me from using it. Since she has been my #1 fan for quite some time, I do respect her wishes and won't contact her or comment on her photos.

So, after reading the tirades from this guy, I do notice that I cannot reply to his comments, so he probably blocked me before I had the chance to block him. Really "grown up" of you. Give abuse but won't even allow me to respond. Fine. I suppose I cannot expect everyone on this site to act his age (and his profile lists him as 60 years old).

The thing that makes absolutely no sense is that neither of them want people contacting her or commenting on her photos. My question to either of them would start with:

"You do realize that you are on, essentially, an adult swing site? If you don't want her to receive comments or contact, then DISABLE or DEACTIVATE her account. Otherwise, you are going to be contacting a whole bunch of people and telling them not to contact her or comment on her photos because she is engaged."

The one thing he has said that I do agree with is that she is a nice person. In all my interactions with her over the last year or more, I can certainly say that is probably the case. So that part seems to be true. Her fiancé? Not so much. I was going to congratulate her on becoming engaged, but after dealing with her fiancé through the message center part of Meelp over the last few days, I am beginning to think she deserves my sympathy more than my congratulations...

positively4you 69F  
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6/27/2017 11:51 am

Block them and move on. You are dealing with idiots. Both of them.

BiggLala 47F  
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6/27/2017 9:17 am

More like the gullibility of some people.

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