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9/3/2017 5:10 am
Local Fire Update

Three days ago, my oldest calls from school in Weaverville to tell us that there was a fire down river and that one of his teammates house had just burned down. I googled fire news in Trinity County Ca..... with no current information, only past history fires showed. Then 15 minutes later my calls back to say he cant get home due to road closure.
Frustrated not having information and now having my stuck ten miles away, I logged into Facebook and went to Trinity REALive Alerts and Notifications to check about the road closure. The first two posts were about the Helena Fire that had started and a second fire on top of Oregon. It was the second fire that was preventing my from getting back to JC. Had him go to a friend of his Dads in town. That particular fire was put out quickly and road to Weaverville opened again.
Now following comments on the posts in Trinity REALive Alerts and Notifications, I find that the Helena fire jumped the river to Coopers Bar, an area which is seven miles east at the end of Red Hill Rd.....the road we are on, my boys home.
My ex's cousin shows up stating that they will not even let her on Canyon Creek Rd to her home but that her Grand Parents were still at home. Watching posts , I am reading that they were evacuating Canyon Creek Rd and that they werr almost done evacuating Red Hill Rd. Seeing that, I was surprised..... went outside to check conditions. There were no sirens on Red Hill Rd. Firetrucks had passed heading towards Coopers Bar along with Highway Patrol and Sheriffs....... they had lights on... No Sirens, No Bull Horn, No Loud Speakers, No Anything stating to residents in the area that they needed to evacuate!!!!
The neighbors were all still at their homes, watering down houses and yards. No one had stopped to say that they needed to evacuate. As comments were coming in, read of Hard Road Closure at the Rifle Range Rd on 299. Read that there was a mandatory evacuation for Red Hill Rd and Canyon Creek Rd. My ex's great aunt and uncle were still at their home going to bed. No one had told them of an evacuation either. So evacuation being probable..... I wanted to get to town and get my oldest. If something happened, ..... I had to make sure he would be able to get to his dad and brothers regardless of where they went. I got a ride into Weaverville, and Woodie with my other three boys and his cousin evacuated to La Grange Hall on Dutch Creek Rd. They also contacted great Aunt and Uncle so they would evacuate as well.
The following day, I asked a Fire Captain that was heading to the JC fire for a ride to the La Grange Hall.... It is next to the JC volunteer fire hall and across the street from the a U.S. Forestry Office. Felt better having all the boys together.
Now to determine further options. There was a road block at entry to Red Hill Rd and they weren't allowing anyone to drive down Red Hill Rd. The fire had been stopped from progressing up Red Hill by a couple of residents that put a barrier in with heavy equipment to protect their homes. The fire at that point being 6000 acres with zero containment. I asked if they remembered to grab a tent, and discovered that they had also not grabbed bkankets or sleeping bags.
I walked down to the river bank at the bridge on Dutch Creek Rd to cool off and to clear my mind. The river was low and not very wide at the bridge. I decided I would just go to the house and get the other items they needed. Looking at other side, there was not a path to get back up to the bridge on the other side and also would still be on this side of the road block.
I started walking down river looking for a spot to cross that wasnt cliff or blackberry on the other side and where the current slowed to make it across and still get to the other side without difficulty. That spot was almost a mile down the river. Shallow water halfway out and current managable knowing there was a rock bar jutting out from the other side even if the current wound up being faster than I could swim. Safe area to cross. Waded out, swam maybe eight breast strokes before shallow again and came up on the river side of rock pit that spans across to Red Hill Rd. Walked up and down and around the ravines of boulders till I came to a dirt road/trail within the pit. Followed it along until brought me close enough to see Red Hill Rd and could hear any vehicles or trucks approaching. Hiked up the incline to the road. Heard a vehicle from Dutch Creek side, stayed low, it was a CHP. After he passed, darted across the road. Was a half mile to the house. Heard another vehicle, dropped flat, it was a Sheriff. Moved quickly further from the road and stopped at a tree as another CHP passed. Hike thru the brush and trees up and down the hillside until I reached the house. Did not locate the tent but grabbed sleeping bags, blankets and more clothes, some food, ibuprofen and loaded it all into my car.... runs but not currently registered due to smog issues and a shake in steering wheel from bubble in tire and a knocking in the front en and drove it the mile and a half to LaGrange Hall. After , a couple growls about disappearing without word, all were happy with the items retrieved. This brings us to yesterday. Hearing that they may open Red Hill Rd that afternoon and then that didn't occur. Evening came and heard that were letting people up Canyon Creek, everyone was excited. Getting stuff back in vehicles and ready to go.... someone hollering, is that flame? And from La Grange, see flames on the ridge above Canyon Creek..... 5 fire trucks sitting across street unaware. Once told, all departed. Then seeing new flame stretch across the ridge above camp ground just a mile away.... a line across the sky line....
Hearts fell. Fire raging anew closer than before. We knew their was no way we were going up Canyon Creek Rd and still Red Hill Rd closed. We left La Grange Hall and drove to Weaverville. Woidie and boys and his cousin found a motek room in Douglas City, I opted to park in Weaverville to keep car off road.
So, everyone is safe and intact but not out of the woods yet....

This Lil Dragonfly full of passion cant wait to back fire blazing hot for you..

Local Fire Update. ....
Note three things for Meeting:
1.... They are only protecting structures... not land property.
2....They are using private land property as they deem needed to set back fires.
3......Property Owners and concerned residents needs to be at the meeting tomorrow.

* TAPAC is the Trinity Alps Performing Arts Center across from Health and Human Services on Industrial Park and Hwy 299



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