An email to a friend..  

EWGuy 58T  
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3/27/2017 6:43 am
An email to a friend..

I was thinking today that a bad little girl has to be taught a lesson properly.

When you arrived back to the house from the store, I could tell you had dressed up for that young punk again. I had to show you there was only one man in your life. I told you to follow me into the bed room.

"I told you to stop flirting with that store clerk. If he make you hot, show me how much now" I hissed at you.

You drop to your knee. "Stop" I harshly say. "Take off the dress first." You proceed as instructed. When you start to remove your bra I say, "leave the undies on, Now on you knee."

After some stimulating tongue action on my cock, I pull you off. Stand you up and push onto the bed face down. Your panty ass exposed for my pleasure.

I rip my clothes off, climb on top of you and pull a small bottle of lube from under the covers. (I planned on this.) I don't give you time to complain I force my hard cock in deep and hear you howl in pleasure or pain. Not my concern right now.

As I hold my dick as deep in you as I can get it, I reach under the covers again pulling out a paddle. Knowing you can't see I land a volley of strike across the ass checks. Each one bring a whimper from your mouth. But you know not to push back as it only make your agony last longer. You desire the pleasure that come after words.

"Damn girl you get so wet from a spanking. Now I can really slide my big gun in and out of this tight ass." I show no mercy and roughly pound that sweet set of ass checks. Warmed by the spanking only urges me on.

The speed varies and the hand play all over the body. But the inevitable orgasm come to you first. The squeezing of your ass on my cock bring me over with you. We both shake in a mutual bliss.

Then I suddenly pull out and tell you. "If you flirt with that punk again, you won't walk for a week. I'll fuck you till you're RAW! Now get up and make dinner Bitch"

Hope you enjoyed this! I DID ...\8

EWGuy 58T  
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3/31/2017 2:33 pm

Just a email to a friend up north. She likes that.\8

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