Dear Sir,  

EWGuy 58T  
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3/31/2017 6:03 pm
Dear Sir,

Warrantee Claim Manager.

We were on our maiden voyage for the new camping season in the Daniel Poon 3669. All went well until rolling in the tip outs, to leave the camp ground. One of ceiling of the 'tip out' had collapsed from normal use. We are assuming poor craftsman ship or inferior materials were used to construct this FW.

We are requesting an appointment to have the 'tip out' of the bed replaced, (FW Daniel Poon model # 3669) that has failed from manufacturers defect. Otherwise a DO NOT USE label should have been posted. A fellow camper at the park greed, 'This ain't right. should have been a sign.'

Let me elaborate on the facts of this mishap. While having porn style sex, with my wife, it is great to hang onto the slides frame. This gives great leverage to penetrate her deeper, while she can place her heels on the ceil at the same time. A very hot way to have sex, I'll admit. I actually thank the designers for their thoughtfulness for it's great supplied hand rail, in perfect ceiling clearance too.

Unfortunately, the strength of the cross supports are sub-standard or the craftsmen did not properly assembled the unit. Collapsing while using the supplied equipment rail could , and did, cause harm. First, the wife's pussy was thoroughly traumatized from this event.

As to me, I could not wait for the neighboring campers to come running so I told her. ' just take it Bitch and keep quiet. or the Park Rangers are going to hear you screaming'. With the ceiling material covering us I pumped her hard and fast to shake the debris away. Thank fully it all fell way as we approached our eventual pleasure. Unbeknown to us the Air mattress was punctured at the same time leaving road rash marks on her hands, knees and believe it or not her nose too.

Unfortunately Mr. Whiskers did survive.!. .however traumatized, he leapt from the FW, jump on approaching campers leaving scratches on many. This gave the Park Ranger an excuse to issue a ticket for having a 'fucking cat' on the grounds.

Go figure.

I lue of not suing for the medical injuries, damage to the other campers, blown air mattress replacement and the trauma to her cat. Please inform us of a date in April that these repairs can be completed. At your expense.

Thank you very much for your time

EW Guy

benard69 63M/63F  
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3/31/2017 6:11 pm

God I Love Fucking Camping....

EWGuy 58T  
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3/31/2017 6:04 pm

Just another story for your pleasure.

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