Rainy Day Fun.!!.  

EWGuy 60T  
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4/9/2017 11:17 am
Rainy Day Fun.!!.

Living in the RAIN Capital of the USA. (Washington State) We had to spend the day entertaining ourselves. Living with a Sexy Slut only stands to reason we dug out the camera and shot away.

Of course you only get a few really good shots. It's the fun you have doing the setting up. The playing with each other in some really sexy ways.

We added several to the profile, removed some old. I had a couple that were a cute nice.

Hope you had a good RAINY day.

luvitallways49 70M  
13 posts
7/6/2017 7:13 am

Such a sexy lady.

Bobi_Z 50T
218 posts
4/10/2017 9:26 pm

She's a Doll!

Kisses! Bobi

EWGuy 60T  
564 posts
4/9/2017 11:31 am

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