Security cam Grab and run.  

EWGuy 58T  
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4/2/2017 9:05 am
Security cam Grab and run.

A few days after installing our new security cams around the property I was most impressed with how clear the images were. This system has an automatic switch so while you are watching a TV show, any yard motion detected the cameras will switch over to your TV and show you the view of outside. Really cool feature.

Michelle, is Faith’s sister and came to stay with us for awhile. She had a small camper parked outside near one of the outdoor cameras. When she would open the camper door the cameras would detect the motion and switches the house TV over to see the image.

One day she came over to our house saying she was not feeling well and needed some sort of laxative to help her feel better. David had some old doctor prescribed pills that could clear a Moose so he gave her one and instructed her to take it later in the day.

She left and went to her trailer to shower and get dressed for a doctor’s appointment that morning. As Faith watched TV in our living room, about 45 minutes later Michelle came out of her trailer ready for appointment.

The detailed image showing Michelle’s face, as she took a few steps to our house, was perfect. The picture on our living room TV was great. But even better was the sudden look of horror on Michelle’s face as she grabbed her ass cheeks turned around and bolted for her trailer with a clear brown stain on the ass of her blue jeans.

Faith spit her drink across the living room and was so wishing we were on record mode. In fact for many weeks to come she started laughing each time she saw Michelle.

The moral to the story is simple. Never take a laxative fit for a Moose if you are not hiding in the woods.

qwerty1231237_ 28M
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4/3/2017 1:36 am

Today i broke my personal record for most consecutive days alive.

azlyn4562 65M  
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4/2/2017 9:43 am

I feel for her, but that's funny.

EWGuy 58T  
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4/2/2017 9:06 am

Yes, It's a true story.

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