18 posts
5/31/2016 11:30 pm

We love foreskin,makes a cock very attractive ,why do guys pull their foreskin back,its beautiful to suck and feels great when your being fucked !! XX


joeptw20 23M
11 posts
6/1/2016 12:12 am

haha thanks let you play with my anytime

lookin4funMOIL 56M/56F  
324 posts
6/1/2016 3:42 am

never had a uncut dick might have to try one some time

onerustyone1 69M
3388 posts
6/1/2016 6:28 am

Sorry, mine is gone.

bobby1175 37M
40 posts
6/2/2016 1:52 am

Hey Funtimes, How are you? Im very tall and in proportion I will also be in Brisbane as well as visiting the Gold coast from the 13th June for 2 weeks. Plenty of foreskin for you to play with and a lot of cock for you to be satisfied from.
Let me know if you would like to meet up, I can send my pic and phone number if you are keen to meet

all the best

wants2tongue 55M
24 posts
6/3/2016 3:01 pm

I have a foreskin, one of the lucky ones that is intact.

When I am erect the foreskin naturally retracts.

Just so you know.

niceGuyWildSex 39M  
74 posts
6/11/2016 11:27 pm

Mine is intact! Come try it on

bobby1175 37M
40 posts
6/13/2016 11:02 pm

Hey fun in Brisbane right now and heading to the Gold Coast this weekend. Let me know if you want some fun. Send me an inbox message and I will give you my number. I'm very tall... In proportion and I have a lot of hood

scubadiver6911 88M
172 posts
9/1/2016 9:12 pm

I was born in Paris and luck for me they left me uncut!

8halfway 52M
23 posts
10/12/2016 9:23 pm

thanks for the friends add love your posts

shooter304 58M
33 posts
10/12/2017 4:48 pm

Hey I'm a 4skin lover myself, I find it really sexy and Love the feel and texture.
mmmmmmmm I wish I still had mine but then the question is can I have yours or do you share LOL

Adventurecpl47 71M/66F  
473 posts
6/1/2018 7:29 pm

I had no choice about my foreskin. It was removed very early in my life.

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