Love your neighbor  

Fatazpaul 61M  
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3/26/2017 9:04 pm
Love your neighbor

Love your neighbor… My wife left this morning for her work. After dropping Michelle off at the airport, my next door neighbor, a 65 year sex-starved goddess, asked me over to help her fix something in her guest bedroom. Her husband was out playing golf with his buddies and would be gone for most of the day.

She had bought a sex swing and want help installing it. It only took about an hour to hang it. It would have taken less, but while I up on the stool attaching it Cathy unzipped my shorts and took me in her mouth. After I came in her mouth, we adjusted the swing to her height and inseam. I knelt down and began sucking her shaved pussy. They say that older women don’t get as wet as when they were younger, but not Cathy. She was very wet and squirted all over my face with her first orgasm. After wiping my face off, it was time to put my cock in her tight shaved pussy. Cathy put on two nipple clamps and a blindfold.

WOW! The swing is the bomb! The angle of penetration is perfect for rubbing the G-spot. Standing and pulling the straps allows you to go deep and vary the tempo. She came three times before I emptied a huge load inside her. When I pulled out my cum came running out on to the carpet. Hungry for more, we had two more rounds, to which she had too many orgasms to count.

She loves it when Michelle is out of town. Both our spouses know about our FWB relationship. Her husband has a small penis, and sometimes loves to watche his wife in action and to take pictures. My wife doesn’t like to hear the details, but loves how revved up I get after a sexual energy exchange episode and how I intensely roger her.

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