An unexpected Journey.  

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4/7/2017 4:55 am
An unexpected Journey.

I had been busy lately.

One of my travels some time end of Feb and early Mar 2017 brought me to the Far East of Indonesia to the island of Lombok. I was driving a rented car and was on my way down from a 4 day hike in Mount Rinjani.

As I drove along the windy deserted road, I noticed a solitary figure walking downhill with a backpack. I slowed down and asked if I could be of help. She turned around and smiled, asking if she could get a lift from me to the nearest town as her purse and all her money had been stolen.

She is a silver haired lady from Netherlands, slim and toned, senior but I couldn't tell her age because there were no wrinkles at her eyes or neck. I explained to her I was on my way to Tiu Kelep Waterfalls. Her eyes lit up and she excitedly hopped into the car and said she was also planning to go there. So as I drove through the meandering long road to our destination, she was chatty and told me stories of her planned back packing trip to Lombok and Bali. She explained in detail that during her hike to Mount Rinjani, along the trail, she rested and must have fallen asleep but when she woke up, all her money from her waist pouch were gone. She was all alone because her female "companion" broke journey to rush back home to Netherlands to attend to a family emergency.

I told her my itinerary and if she wanted to tag along, she'd have free transport and lodging and cheap local food, nothing fanciful. She gave me a hug and said she'd stick to me like glue for the rest of the Lombok trip.

So as I drove the long ride, I broke journey for meals and drinks and she told me of her recent retirement and her wanderlust to travel but on the cheap side. I showed her the wonders of local food and the culture there.

We reached Tiu Kelep waterfalls and hiked in. It was indeed thrilling. Up the stairs, down the rocky stones, jumping across small wet streams. I led the way and she held my hand as we hiked deeper into the forest until we came to the thunderous waterfalls cascading down from the cliffs.

It was awesome.
She went straight into the pool and wet herself as I gingerly removed my dry clothing and waded in, in my swimming trunks. She swam and then turned around and grabbed me and kissed me passionately which caught me by surprised.
We continued to kiss passionately in the pool as it was a secluded waterfall in the late evening and nobody was around. When we broke our passionate kiss, she said she has never kissed anyone with so much passion as me.

She wasn't wearing any underwear beneath and the wet t-shirt revealed her beautiful nipples erect, protruding out against her wet t-shirt. We continue to caress each other in the secluded pool as she tried to entice me for more.

After a half hour in the waterfalls, I got her a towel and a fresh T-shirt and a pair of shorts and we took leave and made our way back to civilisation.

I booked a mid tier hotel and checked us in. The room had two queen sized bed and we moved in and she had her shower.

She came out wrapped just in a small towel barely covering her beautiful breasts and revealing peek a boo down below.
She was so stunning. She smiled and cooed at me as I handed her a hot cup of coffee made in the hotel room. She explained that she is a widow and this is her first venture out into the east all. Her late husband promised to take her out to the far east for the first time but it never came to fruition. So I just became her surrogate "husband" for the trip. She was supposed to be traveling with her female friend but she had to cancel the trip and return home to attend to a family emergency. So she is all alone in her journey now.

It was my turn to shower and I got into the hot shower and lathered and enjoyed the luxury of a nice warm shower. Suddenly I felt two hands caressing my body. I turned around and was met with a lovely sensual kiss. We kissed passionately while our hands explored each other's body. Soon, I was stroking her nipples while she focused on stroking my hard cock and rubbing my balls.

I slowly inch my fingers down to her pussy and caressed her swollen clit. In the warm shower, we continued to caress each other until her eyes widened and she became stiff and then screamed out loud and collapsed on my shoulder.

I washed her while she was draped on my wet body and I towelled her as dry as I could.

I carried her to her bed, wrapped her warmly in blanket. She moaned and fell asleep.

I went to my own queen sized bed and got into my comforter and dozed off to deep slumber after a long drive.

About 2 hours later, I felt her warm naked body snuggled against mine on my bed. Her fingers were caressing my hard cock and when I looked at her, she had this bewildered look in her eyes and her naughty grin.
I slowly got on top of her pinned her hands above her head while I smothered her nipples with my wet tongue driving her absolutely crazy. She moaned loudly and I could feel her body relaxed as I move my tongue down to her navel and then in between her legs, licking her swollen clit. She moaned loudly and after 10 minutes of slowly sensual licking, I felt her raised legs tremble violently as she screamed loudly and squirted copiously wetting the bed.

I got up on top of her inserted my hard cock into her throbbing pulsating tight pussy. Her eyes wide open in bewilderment as I continue to stroke my hard cock into her tight wet juicy pussy. She was in her highs and having multiple orgasms because her legs continued to tremble as her whole body was shaking and I could feel her tight pussy pulsating, throbbing.

She exploded in another massive explosive orgasm and wet the centre of the bed. Her eyes grew dreamy and she smiled as if she was in heaven for the first time.

Later, we got up to search for supper. As I was driving, she cuddled beside me and whispered that she had never had an orgasm before and her late husband refused to lick her or finger her for religious reasons. And his love making consisted of 3 minute insertion, a few pumps and he would flop over the other side and sleep after the deed.

My love making had awakened her sexuality and she felt like a small enamoured by a stranger.

I inch my fingers over to her side and pushed her panties aside her dress and started fingering her juicy gooey pussy. Within 5 minutes of consistent rubbing, she exploded and wet the passenger seat with her pussy juice. She went totally wild kissing my cheeks and licking my sticky cunt juiced fingers.

We reached a place for late supper and we had a quick meal, all this while, she was flashing her tits at me and showing me she had removed her wet panties.

We quickly rushed back to the hotel room and made love on my wet bed with a few dry towels thrown onto the bed. That night, she came so many times, that I thought she was insatiable. We ended at 3am as I was too sleepy to carry on after a marathon of different Karma Sutra positions.

We moved over to her dry bed and snuggle comfortably into deep sleep kissing each other.

The next morning, I woke up at 10am and got ready for the next journey to Gili Islands.

This time, she was hooked around my hands like a happy girl possessive of her stranger in the night as we walked to the parked car.

She was dressed in her normal floral dress but she whispered to me to feel her pantiless crotch and her braless top. She was all set for the next adventure.

This time, we returned the hired car and make our way to the ferry to Gili Islands.

We selected one more secluded that the rest and since there was no cars, we had to make our way around by carriage or by walking. It was the carriage. It was fun but it was more fun because she sat with her legs spread to reveal her wet pussy and she was dipping her fingers into her juicy pussy and putting her fingers into her mouth. So damn sexy.

If it weren't for the conservative nature of the island culture, I would have fucked her there and then in front of the cart driver but I managed to shimmy up beside her and rubbed her wet pussy until she closed her eyes, flopped her head on my shoulders and masked a muffled orgasmic cry.

We reached our thatched roof bungalow situated the furthest from the hotel lobby. She was so giggly and told the hotel receptionist that she was my wife and we were on our honeymoon. That caught me by surprise but then the hotel laid out the red carpet and we had a rose petaled twin bath overlooking the sunset. She took off her clothes and merrily soaked into the sauna pool and I followed. We made passionate love until our fingers were wrinkled and the water turned cold. Later, she put on a shear see-through pareo tied around her bosom and revealing her sexy pussy as the wind opened her parrot occasionally. That made me very hard and she pulled me into the crystal clear blue waters and in there, she mounted onto my waist and planted my hard cock into her wet pussy, against the sunset. She just rocked up and down as her eyes rolled back and she made a gutteral sound as she orgasm. She was unabashed when a couple of local young men stopped and watched us fuck and she just clung onto my naked body as I lifted her out of the waters, both of us naked to the cheers of the local young men.

She quietly told me she had never felt so wanton before but she really let loose with my passionate love making.

The next 2 days were crazy moments where we would make love on the white sandy beach, and then swim around the coral reefs naked, making love where and when lust overcame her.

After that, we made our trip back to Bali and stayed in an exclusive swimming pool villa overlooking the paddy fields. We spent a lots of naked times in there making love and enjoying each other's company and then it was time to send her off at Ngurah Rai International Airport back to Netherlands. That's when I happened to see her passport and realised she was 73 years old. I was amazed since she looked 45 years old at most. I remained in Bali for another 2 days before my scheduled flight back home but those 2 days were the loneliest time in Bali.

Of course just before my flight from Bali, I did receive a message from my beautiful young looking stranger. She said she told her divorced female companion who bailed out on her about me and she wondered if I would be able to handle two senior ladies at the same time. Her friend had never experienced an orgasm before and would be fascinated to enjoy the fun with me.

My reply to her was "Bring her on"

So I am looking forward to an interesting vacation with two lovely senior ladies, all expenses paid by them.

Oh yeah!

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