How to Wake Up an Old Man  

GothicPantyhose 48F  
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1/4/2016 2:42 pm
How to Wake Up an Old Man

You ring the bell but enter when there is no answer. The house
is deadly quiet. You stand by the front door listening for
signs of life, hearing none you tread softly upstairs.
You push open the door to his bedroom and smile affectionately,
seeing him stretched out on his bed, fast asleep and naked
except for his untied robe.

You cross the room and stand over him, watching him. Hearing
his gentle snore your eyes stray down his body, exposed
by the open robe. You reach down and run your hand down the
grey hair on his wide chest, down over his belly to... what's
this? The dirty old bugger! Spunk is splattered across
his belly. That's why he's asleep! You hold up
your cummy fingers and look at them in the darkened bedroom.
Overcome by an irresistible urge, you lean down and trail
your tongue down through the sperm, licking his cooled
cream. He stirs in his sleep and you freeze, you tongue extended
with a globule of gloop on the tip. You swallow and go back
to licking him clean, down to his curly pubes, soaked in
his spunk. Here you meet his musky scent; you press your
nose into his damp hair and inhale deeply.

You stand and walk around the bottom of the bed and pull open
his robe, revealing him, exposing him. You curl your fingers
around his beautiful cock and peel the skin back slowly,
releasing his scent into the room. Unable to resist you
squat down by the bed and lean over his legs to slurp your
wet tongue around his cockhead. You hand instinctively
snakes up under your skirt to massage your dirty pussylips
through the nylon crotch of your already wet pantyhose.
His fat cock swells as your mouth toys with him.

You close your eyes, your head bobs and you are lost in the
sensation of sucking that hard, ribbed, thick meat. You
look up at he alters position, sleeping still but now with
a huge smile on his face. You wonder what he dreams of as his
legs spread wide. You have one hand rubbing your nylon-covered
slit and one hand stroking his thick, stiff cock as you snuffle
around by his sweaty balls, inhaling his unmistakable
male scent. You kiss and sniff and taste then, lowering
your face, you use your tongue to get his balls into your
mouth. Your hand is stroking him faster now. Sucking on
his big sexy wrinkly grandpa balls, you're feeling
deliciously slutty when you are startled by a deep chuckle.
In a just-woken-up voice he says, "Hello girl."

iwalkstilts 44M  
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1/4/2016 2:57 pm

I can't wait to get old.

740snowman 48M  
6531 posts
1/4/2016 3:43 pm

That's a great wake up call.................... if you can call it that......

Leegs2012 46M
40697 posts
1/4/2016 3:50 pm

wow!! Very Nice!! BTW: You have sexy legs!!!

love2pleasu13 51M
6308 posts
1/4/2016 6:32 pm

love 2 be woke up by u

savdom 56M  
58 posts
1/4/2016 6:35 pm

you can wake me like that anytime, i'll be happy to give you a helping of fresh spunk to swallow

rm_srainier2 62M
752 posts
1/5/2016 7:59 am

Hey, I hope I'm not too old because that is dream to wake up like that. Thank you for sharing. Big hugs.......

millesogni 64M
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1/5/2016 3:27 pm


thirdeye4u2 61M  
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1/7/2016 3:35 am

the door key is under the mat

NJGUY08090 52M
2410 posts
1/8/2016 7:04 pm

I sure would love to have you wake me up like that

GothicPantyhose 48F  
105 posts
1/9/2016 8:46 am

Thank you all for your warm, wonderful responses, X

savdom 56M  
58 posts
1/12/2016 8:59 pm

I have plenty of warm, wonderful "response" for you ...\8

savdom 56M  
58 posts
1/15/2016 7:00 pm

gets me horny every time i read this

slowride693 66M
3 posts
1/16/2016 10:13 am

Yes goth that spunk you found was just for you sweetie

tony2151 59M
20 posts
1/18/2016 7:00 am

AAAHHH geeze girl i would love to be awakened by you or wifey like that .... got me aroused just reading it mmmmmm

midnight2012000 59M
46 posts
2/9/2016 10:31 am

hi great reading very hot.what a way to wake up

takeout42 63M  
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2/12/2016 6:53 pm

"Hello girl" Wake me up anytime

JoePleaser69 69M  
253 posts
2/18/2016 9:06 pm

Can I call you for wake up service?

savdom 56M  
58 posts
2/29/2016 6:06 pm

got to stop reading your blog,
always end up with a hand coated in spunk ;'

second thoughts, i'll be back, cock in hand lol...\8

mike892726 30M
5 posts
6/9/2016 12:56 pm

love your body and your legs and sense of humour.

sissy_ashley 32T
34 posts
6/28/2016 4:53 pm

We should team up and get used by many old men!

Clowt 48M  
106 posts
7/21/2016 2:00 pm

I know what I'm going to be dreaming about tonight!!

stiffie2011 48M
11 posts
8/21/2016 12:51 am

very sensual

mygto 69M  
2 posts
9/15/2016 7:39 pm

will you wake gramps up like that !!!

ilikpussy11 60M
7 posts
9/30/2016 8:54 pm

Reading this and lookin at your beautiful legs has got me horny as hell. I'll be lookin 4 you every time I wake

PeterQS 59M
13 posts
4/22/2017 10:59 pm

That's a gorgeous wake I could have done with this Sunday (or any other!) morning. Love to feel the warmth and moisture inside your nylons as you open your legs wide to tempt and tease us both.

mysterious_ways9 52M
88 posts
6/6/2017 2:02 pm

so hot... I have spewed my load and passed out.... never had the rest of the wonderful pleasure you wrote about. That would be awesome!

Pres4u2Again 72M  
159 posts
7/12/2017 7:13 pm

I like it. Why not more?

Tom, Raunchy Old Man
Still Practicing To Get It Right

XHamburgDave 75M  
8452 posts
4/12/2018 2:20 pm

You can wake me up like that anytime ...\8

CDNGramps 66M  
130 posts
2/5/2019 3:45 pm

This is beautifully dicript. My first girl would wake me like this when she slept over. Damn I miss those days.

justme51 67M
155 posts
4/2/2019 10:06 am


Lindabi1967 51F
44 posts
4/19/2019 7:35 am

Older men are so sexy and take there time in everything.

XHamburgDave 75M  
8452 posts
5/3/2019 12:57 am

Good Morning Gothic, I have just logged on and noticed you had visited my profile. This old man would love to be woken like that!! Thanks for getting the juices flowing \8

XHamburgDave 75M  
8452 posts
5/3/2019 1:01 am

    Quoting Lindabi1967:
    Older men are so sexy and take there time in everything.
Good Morning Linda, I would love to take a day or two exploring your gorgeous body

flasher4u3 62M  
51 posts
5/30/2019 4:04 pm

You sure know how to right a good story!

GothicPantyhose 48F  
105 posts
5/30/2019 4:17 pm

thank you sexy grandpas for all your responses, x

perfect1guy2 49M  
5 posts
6/22/2019 7:29 am


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