Friday Night  

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9/22/2017 7:12 pm
Friday Night

We'd been running errands and putzing around the house all day. Usually we try and grab something out on Friday nights together as a little time to ourselves and just decompress and catch up with each other. We both decided just to stay in and just have a simple dinner and a couple of drinks. I was feeling quite tired and ready for the day to be over and that seemed to be the mood for him as well. We had dinner and were having a drink and discussing rather to watch a movie or what. I don't know what it was but there was some electricity in the air. I could tell he felt the same way as I could see the outline of his cock in his shorts outlined. He didn't say much so I decided, I'd take the initiative and went over and stroked the outline of his pants. He needed very little encouragement. He took his hands and went underneath my shirt and undid my bra and began toying with my nipples. He knew that he was teasing me. He knew that it drove me insane to have my nipples played with and firmly so.
He asked if we should go back to the bedroom and I said no. I'm usually the shy one if either of us can be considered shy. Our home has an open floor plan and is ensconced by windows. Just knowing that any one walking down the street or driving by might be able to see us just fueled my desire at that point more. Our lips found each others and hungrily devoured each others. The next think I know we are both somehow out of all our clothing and seated on top of one another in his recliner. He began to finger my pussy which was already soaking wet and he began talking dirty to me entering my pussy and rubbing my clit as he did so. His cock didn't need any help as it was rock hard. I took it in hand and sat on it and we began to get into a rhythm. He brought my thighs open wider and began to thrust faster, harder and deeper. It was pure ecstasy. He was enjoying this ride as much as I was. When he exploded inside me the heat that was felt was indescribable.
I knew that this was only the beginning of an evening of great passion, love making and hot sex all rolled in to one. A Friday night that I will remember for a while to come now...

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