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3/9/2017 5:46 pm

Hello again. Thank you for taking your time to read my latest post. Comment if you'd like or just enjoy!

Today I'm going to talk about a non sexual subject. As you can tell from my title, I'm a lifelong Pittsburgh Steelers Fan. I had a thought this morning about all of the ways the Steelers and being a fan have impacted my life (good and bad) over the last 40 years of being a fan. Things like watching several of their Super Bowl victories and suffering through a couple of their losses. Watching great plays by amazing players while enjoying the thrill of last minute victories and agonizing defeats. Being a young boy and moving to the big city of Houston from the frozen north and having the ability to watch them in person in the Astrodome and wondering why most of the Oiler fans had left the stadium by the end of the third quarter. Such an amazing constant in my life that has been filled with change. If you are not a die hard sports fan, much of this wont make sense, but for those of you that are as passionate about it as I am hopefully you will smile and recognize some of these things in your self. Things like falling on the floor hugging and screaming with your kids as they clinched a Superbowl win over the Arizona Cardinals or kicking your best friend out of your house after they lost to the Ravens and he was talking shit. Or that feeling of excitement turned to despair as we are on the march to take the lead late in Superbowl 30 against the Cowboys and FREAKING Neil O'Donnel throws ANOTHER interception to the same guy in the same place to lose the game.

The one thing that has always proved to me that I can never be a fan of any other team is how I react every time I see a number. Any Steeler fan will tell you what they think of when they see a 6. Old time fans can tell you who the numbers 12, 20, 32, 52, 58, 75. 82, 88 and more were. Middle age fans can tell you who 10, 29, 66, 26, 83, 91, 95 and more were. Newer fans can surely tell you who 7, 36, 83, 84, 43, 92 and more are. Everyone of those guys are people I have looked up to as a kid or admired as an adult and have filled my life with countless years of joy and the occasional headache and bad mood! How many of those do you know? What about your teams and their numbers?

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