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HermanG67 52M
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9/16/2019 8:47 am
Blogland Attractions

what attracts you to anothers blog?

for me its interactions.... that I am learning something deeper about the blogger.... I like to have emotions poked.... a good laugh..... hot pics....and mostly that they make me look at myself from someone else's point of view. I have an eclectic list of blogs I watch, and I'm always popping into a new blog just to look around.

what do you look for?
Information Blogs?
Group Participation? {Half Nekkid Wednesday}
Erotic Stories?
Blogger Images?
Images / Gifs from the Internet?
Mix of the Above?

HermanG67 52M
7588 posts
9/16/2019 8:48 am

Happy Monday everyone

Tmptrzz 56F  
65626 posts
9/16/2019 9:04 am

Great poll this morning my friend I voted as I agree with what you said, a bunch of different things lure me to blogs. I hope you have a wonderful day..

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sexyldy1000 58F  
3769 posts
9/16/2019 9:45 am

For me, it's a mix of things....much like how I use mine.

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9/16/2019 10:05 am



FresnoWoman 48F
529 posts
9/16/2019 10:28 am

I voted Other. I like a mix of the following: humor, personal anecdotes, and information. Couldn't care less about the other things, although I will look at humorous images if present.

Paulxx001 62M
11496 posts
9/16/2019 1:25 pm

Yep... It's a mix up of stuff... 😊

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misskissin 56F  
80942 posts
9/16/2019 3:32 pm

I voted other because I just want it to be about the blogger. Whatever that person desires but that it's genuine and about that person.

BiggLala 47F  
26949 posts
9/16/2019 3:57 pm

I like blogs that are a mixture of things...a mixture To toot my own horn...that's my approach to mine. I'm sometimes silly (okay almost always 😜 ), sexual, serious, thought-provoking, etc.

People are diverse and complex, but I enjoy learning about them. I tend to avoid one-dimensional blogs, or only read them on occasion. They're boring to me.

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sexysixties2 71F  
38411 posts
9/17/2019 8:06 am

I voted other because for me it's all about communication and getting to now other bloggers. I love learning about other lifestyles....not neccessarily the ones associated with their sex lives...but what makes them who they are.

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author51 56F
81275 posts
9/19/2019 12:22 am

For me it is also a mixture.Those that make me laugh, see something from another point of view, ones that inspire and show the true colours of the writer. Write from the heart and in the moment is my philosophy, be it an erotic post or one about life in general.... Good poll Hun....xx

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citizen4722 61M  
63628 posts
9/21/2019 2:06 pm

I like a mix of blogs. That's why I have such a long list of bloggers I watch

zeke53028 60M  
919 posts
9/22/2019 5:38 pm

A mix, pics, stories, experiences but I really enjoy when the author interacts with the readers.

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