Hornymechanic334 29M
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5/4/2017 10:52 pm

Just because I want to make you feel good and have a good experience. I like sex and getting off who doesn't , but for me I like giving you pleasure. I like making you moan and groan, making your clit tingle and your pussy to become wet and hot. I like kissing sensitive areas and rubbing your skin softly. I want you to feel my mouth over your tits as i suck your nipples. What would you do as i slide my face down to your pussy and spread it open and start stroking your clit with my tongue? I will do my best to give you what you want and make you cum. The only thing i enjoy in a selfish type of way is getting my cock sucked.But I want to drive you nuts in bed.Just because it makes you happy. Ladies of size, race,age (to a limit) i'm talking to you even if its 2 or more at the same time!

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