A great blind date!  

HotTV4Fun 53T
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4/30/2017 2:09 pm
A great blind date!

I was on a blind date last Thursday night. I had been chatting with him for a few weeks, and we were always looking for a night and time to get together. Even though we had exchanged photos, I still considered it a blind date because sometimes people aren’t honest with their photos, nor are they honest about what they are really into. Well, I must say this gentleman was true to his word! He looked exactly like his photo, and he was genuine about his interest in me!

We met for a drink at a mainstream pub. Although I usually wear short skirts or a dress, I thought this might be a little but too noticeable for a mainstream pub so I wore capri jeans, a leopard-print top, and 3” high heels. We chatted for a bit and enjoyed a drink. The pub was almost empty so I really could have worn one of my miniskirts! We must have looked like we fit into the local crowd because our server treated us just like a mature couple out for a drink.

He invited me back to his place – a very neat and tidy condo apartment near the pub – and I agreed! I followed him back to his place. He offered me a drink – vodka and juice – and we sipped while we chatted. We kissed and he caressed my thigh. I suggested that I should change into something a little more comfortable, so I changed into my miniskirt soon after we arrived, black thigh-high fishnet stockings, my 4” pair of red CFM high heels! I sat beside him … we kissed and he ran his hands up my legs and under my skirt. We flirted, kissed, and I felt his hardness in his jeans … I knew he wanted more! So then I said I’d like to change into something else! I changed into my pink slutty dress – this is one of my profile pics. We kissed some more as he caressed my legs and touched the tops of my fish-net thigh high stockings!

Now things were getting hot, so I led him by the hand to his bedroom … he did reached out to squeeze my ass just under my short hemline! At his bed-side, I undid his pants and got on my knees. His cock was super thick and cut. His body was quite athletic, and he had very little body hair. I kept on my knees while sucking his cock into my mouth. He held my head as he pumped his cock into my sucking mouth. I’m still learning to deep throat and I was able to keep from gagging for almost all of his deep thrusts into my throat. I sucked him in all kinds of positions. He enjoyed holding my head and fucking my mouth, and I definitely felt incredible being his slut cock-sucker!

While we are on the bed, I asked him if he wanted to fuck me. I wanted him to open me up, but I told him I might be too tight for his thick cock ... that he needed to go slow. I made sure my hole was well-lubed. We tried a couple of different positions but he just couldn't slide his cock into me. He was about 8", but the thickest I've seen, thick like a red bull can. Finally, I got on all fours with my butt high ... then he found my hole. I was able to relax, and I pushed back and was able to slowly slide his thick cock into my tight hole. The feeling of his hands on my hips holding me while he fucked me was great. As I reached to squeeze his balls while he was fucking me, I realized he had buried his cock balls deep into me! He felt sooo good! Once he had opened me up, he was able to slide his cock into me easily. We changed a couple of positions but basically he fucked me for almost two hours. Finally, I was flat on my tummy while he was fucking me – really pounding me hard into his bed. I reached down to rub my cock while he was bouncing us up and down, and I could feel his excitement rise, his pounding harder, and he continued telling me I was such a good cock-sucker and a good fuck … that I was his slut … and as he shouted that he was coming, I could feel his cock grow hard and pulse, and then I came in my hand …
After he came, he relaxed his body on top of me … and I was a true bottom for him! He knew I was his slut to be fucked anytime he wanted … so I hope he invites me over again! Surprisingly, my hole is not sore! The lube was the secret! I was still wearing my slutty pink minidress … hiked up to my waist, my high heels still on, and he dripped cum out of the condom onto the tops of my thigh-high stockings.
Like I said, he was a total top. He never touched my cock at all. He only fucked my mouth and my tight hole. And the only way I came was in my hand while I was on my tummy and he was on top of me fucking me from behind. After relaxing just for a bit, I sucked his cock just to taste the last bit of his cum!

When I left at 1:30 in the morning, I kept my red high heels on, my pink miniskirt dress, no panties and no pantyhose – just my red thigh high fishnets. My hair and makeup was a mess. And a little dribble of cum was on my chin. There was no walk of shame for me as I walked through the condo halls and across the parking lot! I left proudly looking like I was just fucked! I still felt so horny and slutty when I got home that I put on my wife's red lace baby doll and slept in it!

I was his suck-and-fuck slut for the night. And I hope to repeat it!

HermanG67 52M
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4/30/2017 2:45 pm

what a hot story

he is a lucky SOB

p4ckers 51M
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5/4/2017 2:01 am

Sounds like a really hot night.


IAGuy47 59M  
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9/21/2017 8:00 am

I love this story about your date! This is exactly the kind of date I want - I'd love to meet you, or someone very like you, at a bar for an initial greet with drinks, then, by mutual agreement, move back to my place (hotel, usually) for some sexy fun. What you describe sounds fabulous - the only change I would make is that I love to play with and stroke my lady's clit/cock while I fuck her, either with her riding my cock or while on her back with legs spread and up or wrapped around my back - I love to have her cum like this - it makes me so hot, I usually cum immediately too! Thanks for the great description of your date! Just wish it was me! Matt

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