The Wonder  

ILike2watch1956 63M  
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5/13/2017 10:14 pm
The Wonder

I wonder hay so many people read my little blog but never post a comment. Any way. I have a lady friend who is married. An who calls me when she needs are want a good fucking. Actually I cannot contact her. she has to contact me. She has a great body. I am sure no one would believe that she is 70. Her body is amazing tits like a pussy so tight it feels like it can crack walnuts. I simply cannot believe it sometimes. I have been extremely busy of late. It seems like I never have a down moment. What I really enjoy about her is that she seems to be able to sense when I am in need of a really good release. She is so innocent to me. There is just so much she has never experienced. She always get so excited when I introduce her to a new position or sensation. It is almost like being with a virgin. Educating her has been such a joy.

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