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Posted:Feb 14, 2020 11:01 am
Last Updated:Feb 18, 2020 7:47 pm
“Legs, legs. it’s legs that I love,
Because I know there is Heaven above”


Clever little quatrain that some people credit to Omar Khayyam, but there is no proof he ever wrote this. I assume some slightly mellow horny old guy muttered this over this wine one night in a bar.

I also assume it really applies to a woman with shapely legs wearing a short skirt. Those are the only things I can think of that can possibly divert a man’s eyes from a woman’s breasts.

I think a nice pair of feminine legs can send a very powerful and sexually covert massage to a man. He may not even realize a message is being sent, but in most cases his sub conscience senses it.

Women for at least the last century have been gradually showing more and more of their legs, and other areas of her body. The reason for this is to attract men, nothing else.

Legs have taken on more importance as skirts have gotten shorter. It seems to me, the shorter the skirt, the more a woman is signaling she wants sex. It suggest a shorter and easier path to the to her erogenous zone.

Men view women’s legs as somethings that needs to be spread open so that they may have unhindered access for sex. The farther apart they can get a woman’s legs, the more accessible the Heaven ol’Anonymous was musing about will be.

I read several years ago that when a woman is seated next to a man, her crossed legs send clean signals. If her legs are crossed away from him so as she is showing the outer thigh, she is not interested in having sex with him. However, if her legs are crossed toward him and showing him an inner thigh, she is willing to have him as a sexual partner. It also makes turning toward him or away from him easier and legs mays be re-crossed at any time if the woman’s intent changes.

It also suggest that if a woman is seated, and crosses her legs at the ankles, she is open to negotiations about sex. You may have to wait to see how she crosses them at the knees later.

In the same article was mention that if a woman is standing and crosses her legs at the ankles, she is telling everyone to stay away, don’t even think about having sex with me.

If any of this actually valid, I don’t know for sure. But I do know this, when you sit down, in a short skirt, the slower you cross your legs the more sinuous it appears to men. I guess it’s even OK if you let them get a quick view of your crotch as you slowly entwine your legs.

Finally, dressing the legs with a nice pair of stockings and heels is another way to give your legs a voice. Men just seem to hear legs that are well appointed much better. Men can hear legs in Stockings saying “Yes, we want to fuck”.

It doesn’t matter how hard you squeeze your legs together, men can hear what they are saying.

A Winning Poker Strategy (maybe)
Posted:Feb 10, 2020 12:49 pm
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2020 7:40 am
Partner took me to Atlantic City this last weekend as an early Valentine gift.

He has been trying to convince me to Play Poker whenever we go to Atlantic City. Poker is his game of choice whereas there are some other activities I prefer. But, since this was his gift idea, I decided to spend some time in the Poker Room with him.

I’ve tried playing Poker on other visits but never had any real success. I think I may have been too nervous and knew I had very little chance of winning.

As we drove down there Friday evening he again was doing his best to give me tips on being a successful Poker Player. He was telling me so much about different situations it was getting confusing. I asked him to please just give me a few basic rules so I wouldn’t embarrass either of us.

Without much thought he gave me a couple tips. Not necessarily how to be a better player but how to improve chances of winning.

Rule 1

Show boobs. Not everything but wear something low cut that shows off cleavage as much as possible AND is still within the rules of the Poker Room Dress Code.
Occasionally, lean forward as if straining to see something across the table like someones of chips

Rule 2

Before the Flop, when you look at your cards, Only stay with a Nice Pair. Easy to remember, show pair but only stay with a nice, relatively big pair.

So Saturday evening he signed us both up a Omaha Poker Tournament. Before the Tournament started we had our table and seats assigned but we were not at the same table as it turned out.

I think there were only two or three other women signed up to play but I was showing the most boobs. I started to wonder about the advise Richard had given me, was it correct or not.
I played very conservatively as I had been told and actually held on even though strategy was easy the other players to quickly figure out. As I gained a little confidence and I stayed with two big cards of the same suit, the others assumed I had a large pair so they didn’t stick around.

After the first break, I was about where I started and still in the tournament. As more players were eliminated, including Richard, the other player we're watching to see if they might make the Final Table.

Long story short, I made the Final Table, first time ever, and wound up coming in Forth Place. Just enough to win some .

I think the other Final guys wanted me to keep winning so they could look at boobs between hands.

So in short, I may have won using the Boob Strategy. Maybe it was coincidence and it was just time to win but I prefer to think not. We all know how distracting a woman with nice tits can be to a man in normal circumstances. Their brain won’t let them forget it.

Next time we visit a Casino, I’ll try the Boob Strategy again. This could be the best Poker advise I ever received.

Becoming a Dominatrix
Posted:Jan 25, 2020 9:50 am
Last Updated:Feb 13, 2020 5:57 pm
I recently have had a couple different men who have told me they are interested in having me be their Mistress. Mistress as in BDSM, not as a sexual partner outside of an existing relationship they have with another woman or lover.

I have had a fascination with some portions of the BDSM scene for a long while. Mostly the Bondage and Domination aspects but my earlier attempts to become a Dom or be subjected to Bondage didn’t inspire me to proceed. I clearly didn’t know what I wanted, or how to do it, so I failed to find enough satisfaction to continue.

In fact, looking back at my efforts to be a Dom were total failures. The one time I try to Dom my Partner I used a Strap On that was too large. It caused him pain and I really didn’t want to hurt him. We never tried it again after that one experiment.

As I said, my interest in Domination was rekindled after different men asked be my Slave. I even started corresponding with one and verbally humiliating him and making him do demeaning tasks. I realized that I was starting down the same path as before, not knowing exactly what was expected of me.

Thru this site, I contacted a few Mistresses asking for help in learning how be a Dominatrix. One final agreed meet with me and give me some advise.

We met for lunch last Tuesday at a small restaurant in Manhattan. Right away I was impressed by her confident attitude and smart appearance. You would never imagine her as someone who was a professional Dominatrix.

As a matter of fact, anyone who observed us at lunch there was no way they could have guessed what we were talking about. We could have been friends taking a break from shopping or coworkers discussing a new Project. We could have even appeared as sisters discussing family matters.

This had all the appearances of a Business lunch except we were talking about the Business of Dominating willing men.

She, I promised not reveal her real name or her Professional name, was rather matter of fact in her answers my many questions. There was no emotion or hype in her answers, just guidance as how I should approach this new venture in my life.

The first thing she told was that she never had sex with any man she was Dominating. The men she dealt with, her customers as she referred to them, were not expecting sex in a traditional way. They were there to be subjected to Humiliation, Pain or Anguish. Denying them sex was part of what they expected. They don’t even expect a Good Bye kiss.

She stressed that it was extremely important to know exactly what the man wanted in advance of a Session with him. Similar to him being a customer in any other transaction. He knows what he want, you provide that service and everybody leaves happy.

This is simply Role Playing she said. You, even as the Dominate one, are expected play the role he needs. She told me of one man who expects to be Diapered and after he wets his diaper to be spanked and scolded as if she was his mother.

Dressing for the role is key to being what he expects. Different roles require different costumes to successfully play the role and to heighten his experience. Being a Dominatrix does not always required wearing skin tight leather and Tall Boots. You sometimes are asked to be a Nurse, a School Teacher, a School Girl, a Mother or even a Sister figure. Dressing for a particular role is paramount to being a Good Dominatrix.

My name for this new role must be chosen carefully to compliment the role, or roles, I am aiming to fulfill. I’m giving this a lot of thought.

I learned so much from her in an hour that I feel ready to give it another chance. Only this time, I will be better prepared.

I’ll update this later after my first Session with a customer. Whenever it happens.

Let’s Get Rid of BJ
Posted:Jan 20, 2020 1:42 am
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2020 9:47 am
No, no, I’m not talking about doing away with Oral Sex, just the stupid term Blowjob. I can’t think of a more inaccurate expression for a sex act.

I’ll give you that we all know what getting, or giving, a BLOWJOB means but that doesn’t make the term correct. This is the 21st Century, humanity wants precision.

Just look at the word Blowjob and break it down to its simplest parts, BLOW and JOB. Neither apply to what really is inferred here.

First of all, BLOWS on a cock? I tried it once and the guys yelled at me, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

It’s not like blowing on food to cool it off. A cock never gets that .

And you’re certainly not trying to inflate a guy by BLOWING him up through his inflation tube.

Have you ever hear a guy in the passion of intense Foreplay tell you, “Yeah , blow that cock”. Of course not, they tell you to SUCK it.

And where is the JOB in sucking a cock. OK, some may do it Professionally so that would be their JOB. But for most of us, it’s more liken to a HOBBY, something we enjoy outside of our daytime job.

Alright, the proper term for Oral sex is Fellatio, which nobody uses anymore. It’s a beautiful word but it’s like going to the Opera. No one knows what they’re saying.

By the way, Fellatio means Oral sex when a Penis is involved and means descriptively “To suck”. I don’t know the verb form of Fellatio, maybe it’s the . Probably comes from Latin and only lawyers know what it means. I’ll avoid the urge to say something about lawyers and sucking (but most suck).

To get back to my , we don’t need the term BLOWJOB any longer. There are better ways to say what is really meant here. Even the phrase “Suck him off” is better, even though you’re actually “Sucking it of him”. It still better describes what going on.

“Go down on him” is fairly accurate if you think about standing up or getting on your knees. Your getting your mouth down to the level of his cock, you’re going down.

“Giving Head” or “Throat Fuck” also give a better mental image than Blowjob the way I see it.

Whatever yo want to replace it with is fine with me but let’s get rid of the term BLOWJOB and move forward to a better, more precise world.

Helping to Advance Society
Domestication, My chosen Path
Posted:Jan 9, 2020 1:41 pm
Last Updated:Jan 18, 2020 9:56 pm
My Transition to Womanhood has gone far beyond just appearing to be a woman. I have also Transitioned in to the roles women traditionally are expected to perform and I love it.

Putting on a Dress and Heels and going to work everyday is still something I enjoy but it is also all the little things that define being a woman in today’s society. This is the total Transition; Body, Mind and Spirit.

Changing the Body to a more Feminine Body was the first step in my Transition. Taking Hormones (Estrogen and Testosterone Blockers) brought all my secondary Feminine characteristics slowly outward. I rounded out and became smooth and softer, less muscular and more womanly. Looking back, this was fairly easy with the of today medical science.

When it came adjusting my Mind to thinking as a woman this took some time. Men and women have different ways of thinking on many matters so the side of me that was more outgoing and adventurous had to be put aside and replaced with a much more reserved and cautionary thought pattern. Some might think this is contrary to women of today that want equality in all things but I was learning how to think as a traditional woman before injecting competitiveness in to the process. That came later as I gained confidence.

I have had to learn empathy, humility and to let my emotions out. Different from men who feel the need to be macho and tend to brush sensitive matters off with “Screw em!”, I have learn to be more compassionate and understanding as I imagine a woman to be.

To my way of thinking, a woman’s Spirit embraces all things that a traditional woman, in a relationship, has to undertake. I grew up without being in a typical /Father family environment. I never knew who my father was and my drifted from boyfriend to boyfriend while I was growing up so my views on the role of a woman are mostly the result of what I saw on television or heard from my friends in stable two parent homes.

To complete my Transition to Womanhood I have taken on all the things normally done a woman.

I enjoy keeping the apartment immaculately clean everyday. I never leave used dishes out overnight or when I go to work. When needed, I vacuum and dust the living room often before I go to work. This rushes me some mornings so I may be putting on makeup during the ride to work but my apartment is clean when we get home in the evening.

I look forward to getting up early and having his coffee ready and making him a good breakfast when my partner gets up. I feel compelled to make sure he starts the day the way I know he likes to. He usually leave for work before me so I get up about 6 AM to make sure I can be ready for him when gets up around 6:.

I also make us a good dinner at home. I love to cook and shop every couple days for fresh food. I often call my partner during the day to ask what he would like for dinner. If he has something special in mind, I pick up what he wants on my way home and hurry home to start preparing dinner.

I never say I’m too tired to make dinner and order a carry out or delivery. It is a woman responsibility to always have a nutritious meal for her loved ones and I take that seriously. My Partner may have a Fast Food lunch of something not too healthy but I also try to offset that with a good nutritious dinner that includes fresh vegetables and plenty of protein.

I make sure the laundry is alway taken care of drop it off in the morning. He never even has to think about how it happens that he always has clean clothes. That my job as a woman as I see it. That’s what your did and to a certain measure the female in a relationship takes over for the in your man’s life.

And if and when my partner wants to make love, it’s the woman role to accommodate him. He is biologically different and his sexual appetite is stronger than a woman’s so a woman should understand his needs and always be willing to accept him. This is something I did learn from my , she never said no to a man.

As a Transexual, this is easier for me. I never have to deal with what is sometimes delicately described “my time” so I never have to put him off having a “headache”. There may be times when I’m just not in the mood but he’ll never know when I’m faking an Orgasm and he’ll always believe he completely satisfied me.

This may all sound like the old saying, “Barefoot, Naked in the kitchen” but it isn’t. That sounds like total subservience whereas I am there choice. I am not like most female who have these responsibilities thrust upon them simply being born a woman. I have chosen to assume this life and all that goes with it in order to make my Transition as complete as possible.

The fact that I have a Penis instead of a Vagina won’t slow me down as I seek to fulfill my role as a Woman in this life. I embrace everyday as another opportunity to become a Total and Better Woman.

Searching for the Perfect Cock
Posted:Jan 6, 2020 12:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 17, 2020 12:47 pm
After several years of Good and Bad sexual encounters I finally know what is the Perfect Cock for my best enjoyment.

Now of course I am not expecting to find the One Guy with the perfect
Cock for all occasions. Being Transexual there are several variables to my sexual satisfaction that the typical woman doesn’t need to consider. She may have other requirements that I am not aware of so this Blog Post will only deal with what I desire in a Cock.

Being anatomically different from a woman requires me to evaluate the Cocks differently for the best possible outcome. Unlike a woman whose Clitoris is the primarily sensory area for sexual pleasure, Transexuals ultimate sensory excitement comes from the Prostate being stimulated.

In this writing I will use the term J Spot (Jan’s Spot) to differentiate from the female Clitoris or the elusive G Spot which she may or may not have. The G Spot has never been proven to exist in woman anyway. Besides, since I writing this based on my own research findings, I’ll give it my initial.

The first variable I have to deal with is my position when having Sex. Standing in front of a man, bending over, laying flat or on my knees with a Cock in me all really need dissimilar cocks. In all the positions, the J Spot is shifted slightly and can be hit or missed depending on the Cock.

Also, the length and grit of the Cock is extremely important to a J Spot Orgasm. As I describe in the following scenarios, length, especially length, plays very important part in stimulating the J Spot. There is an Optimal length for each position.

Let’s start with me standing and the man behind me. Since the J Spot is located just above my testicles, the cock should be pointed slightly downward and not fully erect to rub the J Spot. Also, and please attention, not too long. A 6 inch, semi-erect cock works best for this position.

If I’m bent over, the J spot is somewhat lower and thus even a semi-erect Cock can be too . If the man is very tall and fully erect, he’ll miss it ever time. This is a good position for me when the man below 5’8” tall and only slightly hard. Older men perform very well in this position.

When I am laying down with my Ass upward, the positioning is very similar to me standing. I want the man to move forward a little to have his cock pointed more away from my head more towards my feet. Almost any size cock can reach the J Spot now.

When I raise my ass pulling my folded legs under me and spread my hips, even the shortest of cocks can ignite the J Spot. Everything is within easy reach and even short fingers can give the J Spot a massage. Remember, the J Spot is below my Pussy so massage downward, not upwards.

This is the one position where a fat Cock becomes a problem for me. Since my ass is stretched a Fat Cock can hurt upon entry unless its well lubricated and not to long.

My favorite position for having a real J Spot Orgasm is to ride the man while he lays on his back and we are face to face. My Ass is free to move around until the J Spot finds the cock in me. He doesn’t have to do anything except stay hard. I’ll do the rest. I can even control how much of him is in me for the best possible J Spot stimulation.

All these positions allow me to have a wonderful Orgasm with whatever size and firmness the cock in me at the time.

There are times when my Orgasm is not essential for blissful sex. I often date older men who often use a Viagra type pill to get an Erection. Their climax usually takes longer and is not always accompanied a large ejaculation. To avoid reaching my Orgasm, I will lay on my back with my legs pulled up to my head giving him easy access to me and I can several Orgasms and make him feel youthful again. Don’t be shocked this. You know you enjoyed it and bought more Blue Pills.

So, in conclusion, let me leave my Transexuals this advise. Carefully examine the Cock you’re with before having sex to determine which position is best for you with that particular Cock if you want it to rub the J Spot. If you just want to be fucked, don’t make it too complicated.

There is a way to use every Cock for your own PLEASURE.

The Season for Sex
Posted:Jan 5, 2020 9:35 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2020 7:56 pm
Thinking about the four Season we have each year, at least those of us in the more temperate areas, brings to mind how they affect us sexually. Obviously, since we now live in an Air Conditioned, Centrally Heated world we are less affected the weather outside but I believe we are still stimulated the outside conditions.

Spring is an exciting time for updating your wardrobe and getting in to some new clothes. Time to uncover the body that has been wrapped from head to foot in warm bulky sweaters and coats. You can start to again show a little skin and let others see what has been under those layers of cotton and wool for the last few months. From Nature we know this is prime breeding time when we emerge from the cold and become more active.

Summertime can be welcomed as the best time to really show what you have. Clothes become skimpier and more body hugging. It’s the time to be cool, both in regards to the temperature and the appearance. But of course this can be complicated when it becomes excessively hot and humid. Very few men are attracted to a sweating woman. It’s great to be HOT, as in sexually attractive, but not HOT as in slippery with sweat while having sex.

Fall is a wonderful fashion time. Tight jeans with a long sleeve blouse are a comfortable statement. The humidity comes down and the neckline can stay down. Almost anything is alright to wear during the Fall. It’s still easy to undress quickly and easily with only one layer of clothing so sex can begin without too much delay.

In my mind, Winter is the ideal time to enjoy good sex. Things start to slow down as we spend more time indoors and don’t feel the urge to go out for fun. This is the time of year for the perfect romantic night. You’d rather be inside away the winter chills and can set a proper atmosphere for making love.

I time this goes all the way back to the days of cave men and women. Imagine the Cave guy coming back to the home cave from a busy day chasing down dinner in the snow. There is Cave woman leaning over the fire with her ass sticking out go her bear skin wrap. Cave guy’s eyes light up as realizes how to warm up. He grunts and shows Cave woman the meat he brought home which instantly impresses her. She also likes that that he’s dragging some other stuff from today’s hunt.

While Cave woman tends to the fire, Cave guy warm his meat in her exposed Peter Heater. It feels so good to both of them, they forget dinner and get under the Bear skins and spend a winter night next to the fire fighting off the winter cold having primal sex.

Now, bring the picture forward a couple million years. Doesn’t this still seem like a good plan for a wintery night. Guy brings flowers instead of a dead animal. Candles replace the fire. Music is in the background instead of howling at the moon. Soft lighting has replaced the stars. A nice bed instead of a cave floor.

The one constant in both pictures? Primal sex.

Some things have changed slightly but not the enjoyment of sex in the winter.

Yes, winter is the very best time to have sex. I don’t know why more people don’t live in the Arctic.

Music for the T’s of the World
Posted:Dec 15, 2019 10:03 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2020 8:28 am
Over the as I was Transitioning I often found music that helped encourage , expressed my anguish or bring satisfaction . The music I choice was dependent on my mood at that time. From doubt understand complete happiness in my decisions.

I know many other Transgendered, Transvestites and Transsexual, the T’s of the world, have the same questions, “Why Am I Different?”, “Why Do I Do This?” or “What Should I Do?”.

This is a List of songs that I and why in no specific order. If you don’t know them, go YouTube and watch and listen.

Better Be Good Tina Turner R&B/Soul
Just listen the words and picture Tina Turner strutting across the stage. She’s demanding respect and questions “What’s your plan?”. Better Be Good has strong sexual overtones to that applies all Trans. Often we are not respected by men who use us for their Pleasure only.

Born Be Alive Patrick Hernandez Dance
The opening line of this classic says it all, “We were born be alive”. If you ever start doubt yourself, celebrate your sexuality and this song. It should be the Official Song of the Trans.

Hold On Tight Electric Light Orchestra Rock
“Hold on Tight your Dreams” is so important for finding your dreams and making them come true. If you can not live the life you want please keep believing it can happen someday.

Walk On the Wild Side Lou Reed Rock
The song that metaphoric describes Transitioning. The line that says
“Plucked her eyebrows on the way, Shaved her legs and then He was a She” compresses a long journey in simplicity. Later in the song Lou Reed sings “New York City is the place they say Hey Babe, take a Walk on the Wide Side” and that has special meaning because since I moved NYC I have been on the Wild Side.

Stronger {What doesn’t kill you,,,) Kelly Clarkson Pop
This song, although intended explain what leaving a relationship can do, is the song I’ve used help try or do something for the first time. I recommend this those who want step out of the Closet but are reluctant do so or those afraid go public as a woman.

Her Strut Bob Seger Rock
I don’t think Bob Seger meant this as a Tribute Trans people but when he sings “They do respect her BUTT, they love watch her strut” it means the many men that appreciate what a Trans has offer, her BUTT. Think of your ass moving in time with this hard rock and the guys wanting have it.

Everybody Wants You Billy Squier Rock
Keep this song in mind for those times when your full sexuality is on display and you’re out at a club. All kind of guys are eyeing you up and down and wanting approach you. You stay aloft because you know you’re the best looking woman there and can have anyone you want or none of them. One of the best rock songs ever show your stuff with.

Dance Again Jennifer Lopez Dance
This song has so much rymthmical open sensuality I can’t add much the meaning except that when she sings “Who cares what they’er gonna say” you have get up a shake your ass and up your high heels. Great song let yourself loose.

Devil Inside INXS Rock
“Every Single One of Us the Devil Inside” and we all need let the Devil out sometimes. Live and experience all you can. We all have something inside we want bring the outside. Don’t even feel alone.

C’mon Babe The 2 Live Crew Hip Ho
This may be the nastiest song ever for when you’re feeling really slutty and dirty. The lead singer says “Let stick my dick in your behind”. No innuendo here just what most Trans are hoping for. Get in your best Slut Wear and get nasty.

Enjoy the music and appreciate who you are, A Special Woman.

Measuring the Cock
Posted:Dec 12, 2019 8:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 5, 2020 7:14 am
A Gentleman introduced himself to me recently on IM in what has become the oft used Greeting on here,

8 1/2 inches

The first three entries I was able to understand however, the 8 1/2 inches started me to wonder.

How do guys measure their cock? It there some procedure for this that only guys know about? Are there Guidelines as to how do it accurately?

Are Cocks measured along the Top or along the Side? I would think the standard measuring device is a Ruler (hopefully not a Yardstick) so where it is placed has a lot to do with getting a precise measurement.

Is the degree of Erectness a factor? I pretty sure the terms Hard and Fully Erect are subject to interpretation but I guess you guys know the difference. They look very similar to me but I’m not the one doing the measuring.

What rules apply to the Curved Cock? Is it measures along the Outside of the curve or the shorter Inside of the curvature?

At what point does the Firmness of the Cock enter the equation? Maybe that is expressed as Rock Hard or Hard as Hell or Steele Dick. Again these are classifications of Firmness only guys know about.

And is the Curvature of the Cock Head taken in to the equation? How is that done? Is the more flexible Tape Measure used? Is the opening at the Head of the Cock used as a Fixed Point for the measurement?

And finally, can Cut or Uncut be used for comparison purposes? Sounds like two different categories of Cocks to me.

The reason I ask these questions is because it seems to me guys who tell me their Cock Size are really comparing theirs to other guys Cock and not to entice me. Guys are so competitive about this.

I would think guys might be interested in the Depth of a potential sexual partner. If guys are so eager to tell me the length of their equipment shouldn’t they also want to know the size of the Parking slot.

I mean, if you foot is a size 9 you want a size 9 shoe. Not a size 7 or size . You want a comfortable FIT. Something you can wear all day without getting blisters. Same with sex.

36D Breasts fit best in a 36D Bra. Not a 32B Bra.

I can’t think of an accurate method to measure a woman depth. Too many variables. Dry or wet? Lubed or unlubed? With or without a Condom? Aroused or watching TV? Standing. laying down or squatting?

When a guy tells me he’s 9 inches, I wish I could answer “Wonderful, I’m a size 9 also” or “Sorry, I’m only an 8”.

What I am trying to say, is the size of your Cock is pretty far down my list of Things I Want to Know About You.

Until we have a “Federal Uniform Copulating Knowhow Standards”, FUCKS , we’ll just have to use he old Trial and Error method for finding a compatible sexual partner.

Not too bad a Backup Position (for a Transexual at least).

Thinking too much again
The A, B, C and D of Good Maintenance
Posted:Dec 7, 2019 8:49 am
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2019 4:35 am
I start with the Declaimer that I am not a Doctor, Dermatologist, Nutritionist or any sort of Professional Expert in Health care. I am simply describing what I do to try and stay Healthy and have good Skin and Hair.

I believe we all know the importance of taking care of our bodies. You will only have one and it is for a lifetime.

Shortly after I began Hormone Replacement Treatment my doctor at that time found I had a Vitamin D deficiency. It may or may not have been the result of the Testosterone Blockers or the Estrogen supplements, the doctor wasn’t sure. However, Vitamin D deficiency can easily be treated with proper supplements.

What I’ve learned since then, is that even when detected and treated, a Vitamin deficiency can have caused some damage to the body that is lasting even after being treated. In other words, during the time you are low or lacking certain vitamins, the resulting damage may remain even after the vitamin is brought up to the recommended level.

I am mostly talking about the Vitamins that are essential for good Skin health. Of course Vitamins have many other important functions such as, good digestion, vision, strong bones, immune system and so many other bodily functions but those are mostly not as visible as your skin.

Any form of Alcohol can dry the skin and cause a loss of elasticity. Same with smoking. Since I do both, it is important to me to minimize, or prevent, the damage caused these indulgences.

Also, the use of Make-up can dry facial skin and cause wrinkles. Women for the most part use some make-up daily. Besides covering blemishes, the make-up clogs the skin and limits the skin’s natural ability to absorb Oxygen, moisture and sunlight. I use as little make-up as possible.

Since I’ve been in NYC, I have discovered that make-up is like a magnet to dirty air from cars, trucks and busses here. It just amazes me the pollutants your skin picks up every day.

I have for years been taking Vitamin A, B. C and D supplements along with a daily dose of Collagen. These all work, to some degree, to give me very soft and smooth skin and very vibrant hair growth. These two are key to me for looking as feminine and youthful as possible.

In addition to these supplement, I carefully cleanse my face each night. First I use a gentle Cleanser, not soap, to remove any cosmetics. Next, a good wash with cool water. Again, without soap. I finish with a moisturizer to replenish the skin cells.

I also try to eat a good diet and avoid processed foods and stay away from too many restaurant meals. I prefer to cook at home with fresh, natural foods and I can control the of salt used when preparing meals.

One last thing I do to my skin and body is a short period of Tai Chi each morning. I think Tai Chi increases the blood flow enough to aid the vitamins to get throughout my body without being so stressful I burn them too rapidly.

I suggest that the next time you visit your Doctor for a Check Up have him, or her, check your Vitamin levels. It’s a simple blood test and results can be known in a day or two. If you don’t get regular Check Ups, START.

As I finished writing this I realized I probably had four cups of coffee. I better research the effects of coffee on the body. God I hope coffee is harmless. I find it so necessary to get through the day.

Wishing you to stay Healthy
An UPDATE to My Neglected Pussy posting
Posted:Dec 2, 2019 9:45 am
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2019 9:40 pm
First of all, Thank you those who took the time to send Get Well wishes to Richard. They are truly Appreciated.

I am extremely happy to Report Richard has completely recovered from the Flu and is back 100%. His return good health was the result of good treatment from the Doctor and of course good care by his personal Nurse. would be , the occasional Nurse Jan.

He really started feeling better on Friday but I made him stay home and get rested. I had go into work briefly on Friday morning so it was very quiet around the apartment and he was still sleeping when I got home about 3.

Before he came down with the Flu, we had invited some co-workers to join us for Thanksgiving. To be safe, I asked them to think about moving our Thanksgiving feast to Saturday, and they all kindly agreed.

Saturday was a wonderful day, all day. The two young women I had invited came over early and helped with the preparations. Nothing very difficult since I had planned for a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner; Turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, corn and gravy.

Guys watch football while the three of us drank Champagne and made dinner. Since this was not a complex meal to successfully pull together, everything turned out perfectly. The two wines I had selected. a Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir, were an easy pairing and enjoyed by all.

Guests lingered after dinner with Chocolate Cake and cognac, the finale to most of dinners, and didn’t leave until after 10.

I, and wrongly I’m pleased say, thought Richard would be tied from the long day but he showed his recovery was complete. His passion, stamina and vigor were back, or maybe somewhat beyond, normal. The time we lost together was more than made up for over the next few hours. The Neglect I had felt a few days before completely vanished within in moments of us being alone and being able to truly have something to be Thankful for.

And, lastly, a note to the nice guy from California who gave me a couple Tips last week to get over the Neglect I was feeling.

The suggestion of “Tapping one ” might work for most but since I don’t masturbate was just not a viable option. I don’t think there is enough time in day for me Tap one .

You also mentioned the use of toys or something of the like to cope. Well, I’m somewhat cautious of what I put body. Especially toys probably made China of unknown contents and unregulated by any US safety requirements. Some plastics, or PVCs, can be harmful with repeated usage or induction/ingestion.

So, I prefer stick with things are natural or Organic.

As long as a beautiful cock is available, I’ll avoid the Packaged ones, but Thank You for the suggestions.

following a very Happy Thanksgiving
My Neglected Pussy
Posted:Nov 25, 2019 9:53 am
Last Updated:Dec 2, 2019 9:41 am
I’m not really looking for sympathy about but just want explain a couple things.

Partner has the flu. We thought it was just a Cold first but it got worse starting last Friday. The weekend was spent with him in bed and trying best be nurse for him. I even went yesterday get him so flu medicine but hasn’t much so he’s seeing a doctor this afternoon.

I guess we are not completely synchronized in our sexual drives as it became apparent over the weekend as I wanted sex but he was not the mood or shape comply.

Why I was so constantly aroused, I don’t know for sure. I just know throughout the weekend I couldn’t get mind off from thinking about wanting sex.

Is it like how when you desire something you can’t have the desire gets stronger? Maybe so, I’m not sure.

Or, was it like many couples who have been together for awhile and you settle a pattern of sex on the weekends when you’re not tired from work? Could be.

Whatever the cause, I was chatting with guys on here and getting much more aggressive then normal when talking about sex. I kept thinking of having sex with almost every guy I talked with. Some lived just minutes away and at normal times I may have grabbed a cab and gone quickly get tensions relieved.

However, I just couldn’t bring myself leave sick Partner bed while I went wrinkle some guy’s sheets. Just didn’t sounds right but I will admit, I was tempted.

So, for a few more days (and nights) I will stifle amorous desires and and wait for him feel better. I really hope the doctor gives him a wonder drug cures him instantly. least something so I can quit getting up every 4 hours make sure he take the slow working prescription I got for him.

Thinking ahead, after he is back full strength, I plan feed him steak for two days before I vent pent up sexual desires on him. Or, is it for him, whatever?

Just the thought of knowing it will be a few days before he will be able quest desires is getting hot with anticipation.

I think I will get him a “Get Well Soon” card on the way home this evening.

Resisting Temptation (for a little longer)

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