Chat for points?? Is this site kind of losing its way now?  

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10/27/2019 2:39 pm

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Chat for points?? Is this site kind of losing its way now?

I've been an on and off user on this site for the past 5-6 years. I have met a few women on here. When I mean a few like tops 8 which were all one night stands to begin with as stated per agreement. I remember when this site was awesome and especially initially when i found it. I talked to lots of women and most of which i met were when i started here initially. Chat was free!!! There were no limits on chat no nothing.

Now I get why that maybe bad as you might have a scammer spamming all across the but there are algorithms by which you can fix that without having essentially as of now make people . When we run out of points the ultimatum is make us buy points which i wont do

I think this hurts more of the long term members like myself because there isnt much you can do for additional free points. As ive done all of the above for points

Slowly as the days progress this site is going more towards making us . The thing that distinguishes this site from others is that im was free which is why i preferred this site.

The reason I wont is simple. I do not see an ROI at all. I have talked countless women of whom refused meet up even when we talk for days and some ive talked for weeks!! I cant imagine paying for gold just be disappointed by meeting no one

This site wont listen the users but oh well

I had a different account of which i deleted because i would talk and chat with people for months and couldnt meet no one which is weird. Even when everything is going well and awesome. I rejoined ironically

Does everyone feel like eventually everything will have be paid for. Before you know it send a message as a regular member might be 2 bucks or something?

Also what can i as a long term member do for points?

Also id like mention this site is slowly dying. Like no one is active in groups etc and they used have tons of activity. Maybe the site needs better marketing or something idk

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