China is creating the first artificial moon  

Jrod_153 24M
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6/30/2019 9:01 am

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7/1/2019 9:29 pm

China is creating the first artificial moon

It has caught my attention a few months back when i learned china is creating a legit artificial moon will light up in the night just like our moon . This is crazy and they are aiming to accomplish this within the next decade

Wonder how they can do its crazy!!!

rubymn 49F  
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7/1/2019 5:44 pm

There are govt/countries creating artificial sun as well. Search it.
I think your posts would be better accepted in a venue such as Twitch.
People here are clueless and it really is a sex site, so yeah, they're not going to be too receptive to your posts on science with their cocks in their hands or fingers in their pussy.

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