Did you guys and gals know there was once life on Mars just like Earth???  

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7/1/2019 9:00 pm

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Did you guys and gals know there was once life on Mars just like Earth???

It has come my attention that many people deny the fact that there was once life on Mars. As crazy as this sounds it is true. There have been countless facts, scientist and data that has proved such things. As well as our Mars missions with our rovers provided by NASA.

The most undeniable reason is that the atmosphere of Mars in regards many elements is the exact ... THE EXACT same except for one. This only one element is man made. I reiterate MAN MADE and this element is not natural. The seconc reason is that countless river basins that prove that there was water on mars. We do not know how long ago it was ago. Third reason is that underground water has been found as well. Where there is water we presume there is life. Now life may very well exist underneath the surface due the now harsh storm which has now started to dwindle away. Well in reality this storm is never close to this place but none the less its undeniable.

Back to the mysterious element. The element is called uranium. Uranium exist in vast quantities when a n u c l e a r device goes off. The content of Mars atmosphere contains these elements but in 100X times more/ Let that sink in. The only difference is a difference in uranium. In our atmosphere uranium started to exist when we started doing that as we know in retaliation for pearl harbor as well as testing sites. This caused it to spike. Begs to question why they are storing all of those

What do you guys think? What interesting fact about mars did i not say that shows life did/does exist there

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