Sometimes it is not about the sex  

JustAnnie51 54F
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8/16/2016 7:47 am
Sometimes it is not about the sex

So last weekend.. my fwb and I went tubing with friends.. then a bbq and hot tubing. What fun.. splashing and enjoying companionship while floating down a river. Sometimes it is not always about the sex.. sometimes it is just enjoying the moment and having fun. Though I do get the impression that some people seem to think just because this is a sex site that is all you want.. Well not for me. No not looking for marriage but I am looking for that fwb who likes to spend time just hanging and going on adventures. Doesn't there won't be sex but there might not be.. lol

mindworker1970 48M  
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8/16/2016 1:56 pm

This site is what you make of it. The fact that they market it as a hookup site now doesn't change the fact that some of the long time users still use it for more than sex. And will keep using it for our own purposes.

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