Women and Girls are Flaky too!  

JustRight4Yooo 66M
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11/20/2016 6:30 pm
Women and Girls are Flaky too!

There is so much talk about men being crude, not showing up, being flaky, showing photos that are 20 years old, etc., etc.
Well guess what? After been on this site for several years, I have found Woman and Girls to be just a flaky and liars as men are pro-ported to be! I'll begin with girl that say they desire 'Older Mature" Men" They are tired of boys. Well, it seems that 90%
of them are either too far away. Down right liars, and the worst are just wanted to move from places like China, and find a Man who will accept them. Yes, there are daddies girls. they are sweet, and cuddle in like a . Yum! But, I haven't found one on the West Coast. You may ask. Why would i be attracted to thin . Hey, I'm human. I love girls and women of all shapes and sizes. I can find something positive in any woman. Guess what,. looks aren't everything!
Now one truth is, that for now, I want FWB, or NSA relationships. I respect woman who only want something long term. This is only my opinion. I don't think Meelp is the place to find that. Maybe FF would be better. Then their are the women who are BBW's and have "a little extra padding" Well they have a special place in my heart as well maybe I love the cuddling with a substantial woman. Yes, sometimes like a mom.
Then there are the "Average" ladies. As I said, I love all women. this is always something I can find a s a reason to be with a woman. Yes, a sense of humor. Someone who has some brains. I am open to almost everything. Every woman is unique in their own way. I don't discriminate by color, or religion.
But, back to where I started! why do you women have to be so two sided?
There are honest men out there. Why can't oyou be honest too....???????

s2ndegree 60M  
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11/21/2016 1:31 am

Wow, there is someone else that tells it
like it is!Sort of!

Using more than all the road!

pocogato12 67F  
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11/21/2016 6:23 am

Sorta flaky and sorta serious and really sane and lots of fun with a brain and sense of humor- hmmm it doesn't get much better

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