Picture Perfect  

KFC36853 67M
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10/11/2016 8:27 am
Picture Perfect

As I waited at the corner table of the place we'd decided to meet, I had a scenic view of the lake out back and in front of me I could see through the glass ito the entrance way.

"Is that she?" I pondered as the time approached for us to meet. One after another came through and some were look-a-likes for sure.

The waiter came by at least three times to see if I was all right or in need. "She will be here in a little bit," I assured him.

When she came through the door she was smiling and walked straight to me and I stood and we embraced and before she could sit down, the waiter was seating her by pulling out the chair for her.

"You are correct, Sir," he flat stated, "She is a beautiful woman! and you are a very lucky man indeed."

I was being taken by a waiter for a larger than life tip, I knew, but the radiancy of my new friend's face was well worth any price. She was exuberant!

Then I realized, she was picture perfect. Maybe even in person a little more than all that? It was such a pleasant experience. Only because her Saturday was already taken....we agreed to have Sunday Dinner after her family left.

But how often does that happen....meeting someone who actually is as pretty or attractive as their picture portrays?

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