My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 1  

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9/6/2017 8:16 pm

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My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 1

Murtaza : Part 3

Nearly a fortnight after that, one afternoon when I was coming back after visiting a friend I saw Murtaza near the elevator. There was no one around. He caught hold of me and pulled me behind the elevator shaft. On the ground floor just behind the elevator shaft there was a large room used by the CPWD for keeping maintenance material. Hardly anyone went there, except the PWD maintenance crews and that too very infrequently. The lock was rusted and could be opened just by pulling. He did that, pulled open the door and hustled me in. I hardly got any time to protest or resist him. The room was dusty and filled with all kinds of building material. That did not prevent him from pulling me into his arms and pawing me all over while kissing me roughly. Having already submitted to him and enjoyed it too I could not prevent him or protest. I had been wondering if he would try and take me again and where. Once again he appeared to have thought it all out.

I was wearing jeans and a printed front open shirt. He unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked my black bra. My breasts fell out and he pounced on them kissing and biting. He tongued my nipples. Cupped my breasts with his palm while pinching my dark brown nipples. I was confused and turned on as well. Torn between a sense of female modesty and a rising wave of desire I chose the easy way out--doing nothing. Encouraged by my passivity and tacit consent, he unzipped his pants and showed me his manhood. I was seeing it for the first time. When he had forced himself on me in the dining room on the previous occasion I had only felt him entering me. Now I was seeing it in it's full glory. It was huge, thick and dark brown and long, with an enormous blunt head. I was shocked by it's size. I wondered how it had penetrated me. Seeing it's magnificent proportions I was surprised that I had not felt more excruciating pain the first time when he invaded my body. When he saw the amazement on my face, as I gazed at his monstrous manhood, he grinned from ear to ear and said, " It's a Muslim's shaft, a sword rearing up to sheath itself in Hindu girls, forcing them to scream and writhe with pain and pleasure. Come touch it feel how hard it is. ( "Arrey yeh to Mussalmaan ka hai. Tum Hindu ladkiyyon ke undar jaise talwaar jata hai mayaan mein, waise hi gussaega. Aur tum log chatpatawogi dard se aur maaza bhi ayega khub. Thoda chu ke to dekho." ) He caught hold of my hand and put it on his huge shaft. It was rock hard and throbbed in my hand. He forced my fingers over his thickness. I reluctantly wrapped my fingers around it. As he made me stroke him, he came back to my naked breasts kissing, sucking and biting. His other hand was kneading my buttocks. I felt so hot and my knees felt quite weak. Then his hand unbuttoned my jeans pulling it down over my hips. He pushed down my black panties and his hand was on my naked bum patting, cupping them and slapping them. He explored the firm roundness of my buttocks. He took his time to caress my bum while slowly inserting the tip his finger in my now moist hole from behind. All this while his demanding lips were roaming all over my breasts sucking and nibbling. I was hot and flushed. My body was tense with desire now. Wave after wave of pleasure swept my body as he toyed and played with it. I did not realise that I has still holding his thick, hard, erect manhood in my hand. My fingers had gripped his shaft very hard as my own excitement mounted. I felt him throb and jerk in my fingers. He was inflamed with uncontrollable lust.

Eager now to possess me, he turned me around with my back to him. Putting his hand on my shoulder he made me bend down a bit saying " Just bend down a bit. I am going to mount you from behind. Now that you are my bitch. ( " Thodi jhuk ja. Peeche se chadhunga tum par. Tu jo meri kutiya ban gayi hai." ) Then he grasped my hips and closed in from behind. I felt him, moist, hot, huge and hard at the entrance to my womanhood. He thrust, I gasped. I felt his enormous bulbous dickhead surging into me. This time there was only a twinge of pain. He was dilating my moist eager secret passage with his huge knob. I arched my back with pleasure pushing back my buttocks. His circumcised Muslim dickhead surged in, opening me up. I felt him sheath his knob in me. It felt so huge as it knotted me inside. He was thrusting madly into me. I was grinding back against him. We were both caught in a frenzy of passion. I did not realise I could be so shameless and unrestrained, welcoming his manhood to penetrate me. My body was a willing participant in this defilement. Now that he saw that I was enjoying the coupling he reached up front and pulled my head up by the hair. His other hand went around me to squeeze and worry my breasts. Head thrown back, I was panting like a bitch in the heat and he was delighted by my responding to his passion with equal vigour. He had buried his shaft up to the hilt in me. I could feel his hairy groin grinding against my bum cheeks. We writhed and panted together for a long time. My sweat flowing down by back to mingle with his sweat pouring off him and running down both our legs. He was throbbing as he was thrusting relentlessly inside me. My sheath was gripping his hardness, relaxing and then gripping again as my buttocks rotated. I had never felt such intense pleasure before.

His shaft suddenly swelled inside me and I shuddered and tensed and then both of us were overcome by an intense climax. He grunted and thrust into me hard and held on to my hips. I ground back my buttocks against him feeling him fill me with his hot scalding cum. I felt his hot cum splashing against the walls of my cunt as I milked his cum with the sheath he had so fiercely entered. My knees felt weak but Murtaza kept holding my hips still buried deep inside me not letting me fall down. We stood there like that for quite some time before separating. Completely spent we were both breathing heavily. I felt his warm cum dripping down my inner thighs. He kissed me tenderly and I kissed him back with a newly awakened passion. After regaining our breath we quickly wiped ourselves with his handkerchief and buttoned ourselves up. He told me that he would call me on my mobile when he felt like fucking me and we could meet here in that room when the coast was clear. I agreed because I was now so infatuated with him that I would do anything to have his huge hardness inside me again. We crept out of that room carefully so that no one would see us. I knew I was now completely enthralled by Murtaza. But that didn't prevent me from being sensible. I was lucky I had not got pregnant from the first time's sex nor this time's. I did not want to tempt fate. So I started taking the pill soon afterwards, knowing he would enjoy me again and I would not be able to refuse him, rather I was looking forward to his remorseless pounding. I had become in the true sense, Murtaza's shameless Hindu bitch.

Read the sequel in my next post.

amboind3 42M
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9/6/2017 8:50 pm


Lendrika 40F
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9/6/2017 8:55 pm

Thanks. Glad you liked it

amboind3 42M
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9/6/2017 11:40 pm

Oh I do like what you are able to cook! Ideas popping in my head.

amboind3 42M
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9/6/2017 11:42 pm

BTW, do you ever get on IM? Curious.

Lendrika 40F
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9/7/2017 12:46 am

No. Never. You?

arousedN 49M
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9/7/2017 1:58 am

Very hot and looking forward to the 2nd part, keep writing. Let's get to know each other more..

Lendrika 40F
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9/7/2017 2:10 am

Lol !! there are already 3 parts posted. And another earlier one. which ones did you read? What did you like about it?

Ashiquemizaaz 46M
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9/7/2017 2:29 am

Lendrika you are simply gorgeous in body and mind. What a turn on reading your experiences !! As a Muslim man let me tell you really capture the whole ambience of the experience.

amboind3 42M
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9/7/2017 2:55 pm

I do get on every now and then. The experi3nce sucks though. Not reliable always. But then there is no other way to communicate directly, is there?

BULL_4_HOTWife 38M
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9/7/2017 6:35 pm

Hey Lendraika!

This sequel is Amazing too! I must say- Aap Shabbo ki Jadugar ho!

The post arouses every senses of reader!

Would sometime love to connect privately with you here at messenger!


BULL-etin # BULL Speaks Do visit A direct link to my Blog summary Summary

Lendrika 40F
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9/7/2017 7:58 pm

Thanks Bull. Sure we can chat. Page me when you see me here.

Mannladies 27M
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9/28/2017 3:20 pm

I read ur all post n nw I wish to ride u

gandchodh 36M
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10/15/2017 5:25 am

Really u hv wonderful tym with murtaza

gandchodh 36M
62 posts
10/15/2017 5:55 am

This shows that u like hard n rough encounter in between ur legs

funeye 36M
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1/6/2018 6:19 pm

get set fck up.....

Cravingi4Heat 45M
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3/20/2018 3:28 am

Hey Wild One.
The narration got even better than the previous blogs. The vocabulary included more intense and arousing words. The intimate encounter may have seemed normal but you magical writing skill made it a true masterpiece
Your initial resistance to Murtaza's advances were the outcome of the thoughts made taboo and imposed by our so called society which is not only hypocrite but unfortunately having dual standards. Despite the negation of your mind the burning desire of Murtaza in seeking pleasure from your godly young body was so intense that your body deceived your mind and responded to the evident hunger generated by the circumcised muslim manhood.
A muslim man is always a predator and hunt for the most volatile prey which would make his blood race into his veins and excite him enormously during hunting. In your case Murtaza was the predator and you were that dynamic prey. Once a muslim man have his way with a woman then that woman's body belongs to him like a conquered piece of land irrespective of the rules and norms of religion or the society. The submission of the woman give him all rights over her and she will always be at the mercy of his carnal desires. Even if she has not submitted to his hunger even than he will consider her his property to sexually ravish until she is willing to do so.
The most erotic and fascinating part was again the mutual orgasm. Your orgasm was so instant as soon as you felt Murtaza;s manhood swelling and ready to squirt his CUM. Sensing each other and your bodies responding accordingly during the raw and passionate moments of physically intimacy was utterly blissful.
Nothing can be more divine for a man than finishing the act of intimacy in the womanhood of your lover. Intercourse with wearing rubber is criminal as it spoils all the fun. The skin to skin contact and feeling the friction caused by the to and fro movement of his manly circumcised shaft in your moist and warmth core was the true essence of the act.
During climax pouring his man seed into your heavenly hole was his way of setting the demarcation on you as his woman. That was nothing more than an outright feeling of ownness and possession of you by him which in return made you feel like in a true sense Murtaza's "Shameless Hindu Bitch"

Lendrika 40F
66 posts
3/21/2018 3:01 am

Wow!! You got the spirit of it all. The strange fascination of a Hindu girl for a Muslim man !!

lundfrgals 42M
13 posts
3/31/2018 1:56 pm

Wanna fuck u Hindu bitch

Lendrika 40F
66 posts
4/2/2018 12:27 am

I am flattered.

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