My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 1  

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My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 1

Murtaza : Part 4

Now I was thinking about Murtaza all the time. Often lost in a reverie of lewd thoughts about how he used to take me. So when he called me on my mobile a few days later I was excited. He asked me to come down to that room behind the elevator. It was late afternoon. My mom was at home. Telling her I was dropping in on a friend nearby I eagerly walked out and rushed down in the elevator. I was in a saree and blouse. Seeing the coast was clear I slipped into the room at the back. Murtaza was waiting there for me. I was surprised to see he had brought a durry ( a pile less Indian carpet) and a bedsheet. Spreading the durry on the floor where it was clear, he spread the bedsheet on top of it. Then he turned around and caught me in a tight embrace and kissed my lips and almost bruised them. He stuck his tongue in my mouth. His hands were on my breasts, my hips and my buttocks. I was surprised with myself when I put my hand down and touched the hard bulge in his pants. He took the pallu of my saree off my shoulder and quickly opened my blouse and took them off. Then he unhooked my bra and pulled it off too. I was now naked from the waist up. I did not understand what he was doing when he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down. As he pushed I was forced to kneel down before him. When he unzipped his trousers and pulled them down I saw his manhood again, huge rampant and rearing up before my face. He was looking down and smiling. He asked me to kiss it. I refused but he did not bother.

Gripping my hair tightly with both hands he bent my head on to his hardness. My lips brushed against the huge blunt bulbous circumcised head of his manhood (supara). I struggled to break his grip on my hair but could not. I was expecting his manhood to be smelly. But it was very fragrant, because he had used some men's perfume. I did not feel any revulsion. He had again come prepared for this encounter. I realized that he had planned my undoing very carefully. Mixed with the fragrance of the perfume was a strange musky male smell. I was now staring at his manhood very close to my mouth. It seemed even bigger and harder, an instrument of the destruction of my female modesty. Unable to escape his hand forcing me on to his dick ( lund), I yielded. In the eye of his supara I saw a drop of sticky fluid. I put out my tongue tip and he laughed and pressed that tip against my tongue. I tasted that drop on my tongue. It was salty and tangy, almost like a raw egg. I was really shocked with myself for doing this. He relaxed his hold on my hair and brushed his monstrous, angry red supara against my lips. Then as my lips parted he pushed his dickhead into my mouth and commanded me to suck it ('chusoo'. I started sucking this rock hard circumcised supara slowly. He was sliding his lund in and out of my mouth leisurely taking his time to savor the lips forming a tight o around his deeply veined shaft. I was now coming to terms with sucking his lund. Taking his left hand off my hair he reached down to grasp my naked right breast. Gripping my breast hard he was moving my head with his other hand. I started enjoying this new experience. He sensed it and increased the pace of his thrusting. I was also now sucking his circumcised lund faster. I loved the feel of his rampant thick hardness surging in my mouth while his hand was fondling my breast.

Suddenly he pulled out of my mouth and asked me to lick his supara. It was wet and glistening with my saliva on it. I started to lick the huge knob. Instinctively I seemed to know what he wanted. My tongue teased the eye of his supara. Then my tongue traced the line of the veins along the side of his shaft. Coming back to the supara I ran my tongue along the ridge of his knob. He was now uncontrollably aroused. Gripping my hair very tight he rammed his lund in my mouth, thrusting cruelly. I submitted to it, enjoying his arousal. My cheeks hollowed as I sucked his lund eagerly. He went deeper into my mouth right into my throat. I was breathless. Unable to breathe I gagged on the this Muslim man's lund now jammed against my throat. My face turned red as I was choking on it. Seeing my distress he pulled back a bit. Gulping for air I felt his lund throbbing in my mouth. I was now breathing hard as he kept pumping into my mouth in a frenzy. My lips were aching. I felt his lund tremble and swell in my mouth. He suddenly grunted and threw back his head. His hips pressed into my face. Both his hands now gripped my head tight and I felt him flood my mouth with his cum (maal). He kept cumming and cumming but his hold on my hair did not relax. I realized I would have to swallow it all. I gulped and the maal went down my throat.
After awhile he pulled out looking down at me. He ordered me to lick his shaft and clean it.
I could not refuse having come so far with him. So I held his lund with one hand and bent over and licked it clean. He looked very pleased with himself as he squatted down beside me. He put his hand on my naked shoulder and kissed me very possessively. We were not done that day. More awaited me.

Read the sequel in my next post.

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amboind3 42M
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Looks like I can't add you as a friend on here. Weird.

funiithesun58 62M
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9/7/2017 11:42 pm

nice !

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9/8/2017 2:56 am

doesnot look real..just a fanatsy..wish soemone say the reale ncounter

arousedN 49M
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9/8/2017 3:40 am

It looks like a real encounter, you are an amazing writer........I would like to know more bout you....

BULL_4_HOTWife 38M
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9/8/2017 7:33 am

Hey Lendrika!

As the post sequel keep moving ahead so in the kinkiness

I am really amazed to know about your Talent to Suck a dry cock , making it shiny & wet with your Saliva making his circumcised dick more lubricated helping it Move freely on your Lips and making a perfect girth to his Shaft ...or i should better term it Supara ...though Topa can also be and finally the Gulping of CUM Maal


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gandchodh 36M
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10/15/2017 6:03 am

This was really a Gd experience fr u

gandchodh 36M
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10/15/2017 6:04 am

U expected a grt banging bt u get only maal to enjoy in ur mouth n new lesson to please a lund

funeye 36M
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1/6/2018 6:20 pm


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