My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 2  

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My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl' Recollections. Episode 2

Episode 2 : Foreign Entanglement : Basheer Ahmad

Part : 1

Soon after Murtaza left Delhi I started my third year in college. Not finding relief for my newly awakened senses, I was out of sorts all the time. Even my mother noticed and asked me if I was ill. Unable to confess, knowing what I was missing, I sought relief in squash and riding. I also had 2 separate brief encounters with 2 Hindu boys during this period of restlessness. The fumbling gropings which ended in " lusts labor lost" was a testament to my own poor judgement and the inadequacies of these callow men. But a 21 year old's young mind is resilient and soon I was caught up in the excitement of going to study in the US. By September I was in a university town, settling in, rushing from class to class, making new friends and looking forward to the exhilarating freedom and intellectual stimulation of graduate school life at an American university in the Mid West. I was sharing an apartment with a white girl Janet, who was at the university too and became one of my best friend and remains so even today. The first 8 to 10 weeks were hectic. I had no time to think about anything.

After things had settled down a bit and I was becoming familiar with the town, I was one day at Zingerman's Deli with Janet and another girl, waiting in a queue, to order our lunch. As I was standing there chatting with my friends I felt someone behind me getting a bit too close for comfort. When I turned back, a bit annoyed, I saw a Desi guy ( a South Asian) behind me. Our eyes met and he smiled, a bit mockingly I thought, and said "Hello. New around campus?" I could not help asking a bit archly, "Does it show?" To which he replied laughing, "Yes. A great deal and more. And what I see is gorgeous." I was not annoyed anymore. Just a bit confused by the 'double entendre'. As I paused, my mind searching for a smart reply, I saw before me a tall, well built but, slim man in his late twenties, who had about him an air of lithe lazy elegance. He had a very strong face, with sharp magnetic eyes and a long hook nose which made him look predatory like an eagle. I could see his eyes going over my body taking it all in, the curves , the hollows. Unable to say anything clever in reply, I fell back on my smile, which some say is delightful. His eyes warmed and his face broke into a smile so sunny that I was bowled over , as he said "Basheer Ahmad, from Pakistan. How do you do?" I could only mumble, "Aarati from Delhi. Hello" By then we had reached the counter to order our food. So we did not get to talk any more. But that night in bed I felt hot and restless. I felt the familiar ache between my thighs as I remembered his eyes roaming all over my body as we had waited to be served. His glances had evoked a reawakening of my desires which had remained repressed for over a whole year.

After that we saw each other sometimes on the campus. A few times we chatted briefly. I learnt he was a post-doc in engineering. He had been at the university for a year. Every time we met I could feel his eyes slide over my body with barely concealed lust. Winter was fast approaching the mid west. One day I was coming back to my apartment after grocery shopping and had just parked my car when Basheer came driving by. He waved to me and I waved back. I had a lot of packages to take up to the apartment. Basheer also parked his car and came up to me and offered to help carry the packages up. I could not refuse his help. Once inside the apartment he asked me if my friend was around. I had to tell him that she had gone out for the weekend. I felt obliged to offer him coffee since he had been so helpful. As we sat down on the couch in the living room and sipped coffee we chatted a bit about different things. His left arm was on the sofa back behind me. As he finished his cup of coffee he swiftly slipped his hand down to my shoulder pulling me to him very firmly and kissed me. I was expecting it but struggled a bit just to pretend I was not. And then his mouth came down hard on my lips. Over whelmed I surrendered to the wave of pleasure that now swept over me. All the desire pent up, during the long period of abstinence, now broke as I threw my arms around this Muslim man who had pounced on me with the unerring instinct of the predator that he was.

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Wow! The wait is finally over and your recollections lit-erotica sex escapades is here to rock my Senses

The pic adds further glittering to blog post


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. Thanks. You really encourage me by your comments. Read the next part too. I just posted it.

BULL_4_HOTWife 38M
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9/21/2017 7:53 pm

    Quoting Lendrika:
    . Thanks. You really encourage me by your comments. Read the next part too. I just posted it.
Pleasure mine , that my words Encouraged you to continue with your ORGASMIC tales

Vaise i am also called "Ladies Charmer" and very well know..when to press the right button be it sexually or Intellectually

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Nw I feel y u r sop sexy

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awesum posts, lovely body and to meet you

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I love to fuck u lendrika n make u my bitch

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