My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl's Recollections. Episode 2  

Lendrika 40F
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9/24/2017 2:12 am

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My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl's Recollections. Episode 2

Basheer : Part : 3

As we lay there still intertwined I felt him stir. Then he withdrew from me and rolled over on his side. He slid off the sofa pulling me down on to the carpet. We lay there looking at each other with the curiosity and wonder of a new intimacy. I reached out to caress his hairy chest. His light brown body was a shade fairer than mine. His broad shoulders narrowed to a flat muscled stomach. A thick line of hair curled down to his crotch where his huge, dark and long manhood nestled proudly amidst luxuriant hair. His big scrotum with heavy balls were tucked in neatly and tightly under it. I could not help noticing that he had still not drooped and was semi hard. He looked down at me lying beside him and said "Kya mast ladki ho tum" ( What a hot girl you are ). I kissed his manly chest. My fingers snaked down to cup his balls warmly. He smiled as I hefted them in my palm.

My hand slipped back to feel his thick shaft. I felt it stirring in my fingers. He slipped his arm under my shoulder and cupped my right breast. His other hand was rubbing my lower belly before sliding down to caress my pubes. An impertinent finger now slipped between my nether lips and found the bud of my womanhood. Flicking it with a feather touch he aroused my desire again. His hot mouth on my left breast, biting licking only stoked my desire more. I felt the sudden surge of a 'limitless female hunger' that could only be find relief in questing hardness of his Muslim shaft. I felt him grow huge in my fingers. Now fully rampant he was impatient with my fingers stroking him. Pushing aside my hand he got up kneeling over me at my breasts. Grabbing them roughly he pushed them together to envelope his huge shaft. As he thrust between them I opened my mouth to receive the dark purple circumcised head at the top of his lunge. He was now excited to a high pitch of lust. His big shaft was now jerking uncontrollably seeking a hotter, tighter receptacle. Brooking no further delay he drew back and his hands were on my hips turning me around. I knew what he wanted. In that timed tested gesture of female submission I crouched on my hands and knees before him. Wasting no time he held my hips and parted the cheeks of my buttocks. He mounted me like a stallion covers his mare. I gasped as his thick head invaded the moist opening of my female body. I felt a scorching rock hard knob dilating me inexorably. There was an ache mixed with sweet pleasure as he penetrated me again.

I had forgotten how thick and hard he had felt earlier. His hands were gripping my hips as he plunged his steel hard shaft deeper into me. I was now riding a wave of urgency of my own, my rump grinding back seeking a merciless impalement. Basheer was unrelenting in spearing me with long deep plunges as he leaned into me and grabbed my wildly swinging breasts. I was holding his thick shaft tightly inside my moist sheath. I felt the ridge of his circumcised dickhead surging inside me. Lost in a frenzy of writhings I sensed a sudden change of pace. Basheer caught hold of my hair as it was flying around wildly and wrapping it around his hand pulled my head back. As my back arched he was now thrusting savagely in short hard digs. I was surprised when he pulled out. I felt an emptiness inside me. But before I could express my unhappiness he plunged back inside me heaving in a massive thrust. I was breathless. As I panted like a bitch in the heat he kept pulling out and then plunging into me again and again. I suddenly felt my body shudder as he stabbed me with his hardness. My orgasm overtook me as he held me tightly around my waist, his thickness held still as I was awash with pleasure.

Even as I was spending I felt Basheer resuming his thrusting. He was again shafting me with an unabated gusto. Before I knew it I was again caught in a second burst of joy. Moaning deeply in my throat I let him drive me over the edge again. Basheer held himself still hard inside my spent body. I felt a shock of delight as he started moving again. It was a frenzied rhythm now. Without remorse he was now plunging his splendid manhood ruthlessly. My womanhood was now being invaded relentlessly. Pierced again and again as I lifted my hips and raised my buttocks for a deeper impalement. I heard myself mumbling and then shout out " Yes. Yessss. Harder. Yes yes Basheer take me." My hand was reaching back to pull him closer to my buttocks. I was bucking under him like a heedless mare. He was now riding me with a fierce abandon and plundering me cruelly. . I felt him suddenly grow monstrously huge inside me. His circumcised dickhead was now throbbing and swelling. Then I felt him spasm and flood me with his semen. The dickhead was jammed against my cervix bathing it with his seed. I felt the knot of tension within me burst one last time. We clung to each other in shuddering ecstasy. We stayed like that for awhile - the epitome of a female succumbing to the dominant male. Our mutual passion spent he pulled out of me. Yielding to a sense of gratitude I turned around and licked his circumcised manhood clean with my tongue. It was salty and tangy - both our juices that had mingled inside me. It was then that I realized that his semen which had flooded me was dripping out, some of it trickling down my inner thighs.

Satiated, fulfilled and exhausted we curled up together on the carpet and slept. I had never thought anyone could be a better lover than Murtaza, but Basheer was indeed even better. His wild virility had stirred me to the very depths of my own sensuality.

Read the sequel in my next post.

BULL_4_HOTWife 38M
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9/24/2017 10:41 am

Hey Lendrika!

The more I am getting to know you via Blog post the more curious I am getting to Connect with you and stay Connected

I really liked you being a Sub, getting surrendered by domination and you enjoying the most of your Sensuality !

I must say..i m really flattered by your intellectual writing skills as its always Orgasmic experience reading your illicit encounters

I salute your confidence and your skills to please him and bringing him his best !


BULL-etin # BULL Speaks Do visit A direct link to my Blog summary Summary

Lendrika replies on 9/25/2017 1:11 am:
Nothing illicit about it Bull. Submitting to male domination during sex is the innate nature of the female.

Mannladies 27M
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9/28/2017 11:43 am

Lendrika I wish once u share ur virginity lose story n reality is that ne I Wanna fuck u n mk u my love uṛeṅ of night

lundfrgals 42M
13 posts
11/16/2017 7:56 am

Baby u r too hot can I fuck u like baseer n murtaza May be more wild n harder than both

lundfrgals 42M
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11/16/2017 7:57 am

U narrate ur story like a keep of Muslim guy I like ur narration

Reddyramkrishna 32M
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11/27/2017 9:22 pm

U r too sexy n fucked so nicely n enjoyed u sex life with great fun

gandchodh 36M
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12/4/2017 7:10 pm

U r so sexy n hot n u enjoyed a lot with Basheer n I think u miss him a lot n specially his cruelty while he fuck u

lundkmaalka 36M
18 posts
4/15/2018 12:08 pm

U enjoyed many Muslim guys

Lendrika 40F
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5/2/2018 2:13 am

Yes. That is true. Yes I have lain in the arms of many Muslim men and writhed with pleasure !!

diliphai1 39M
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8/12/2018 12:36 pm

Now I wish I please us like our keep.

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