My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl's Recollections. Episode 2  

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9/26/2017 12:54 am

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My Encounters With Muslim Men : A Hindu Girl's Recollections. Episode 2

Basheer : Part 4

Our relationship was now sealed in the rhythm of our bodies. We discovered a lot of common interests. We were both very fond of playing squash. As a little girl the Marker at Delhi Gymkhana had taught me to play a subtle game of squash combining deceptive angles with unexpected drop shots pitting the artistry and strategy of my game against the brute force of the heavier boys. Very few guys could beat me. In our common love of the game we found another validation of the overwhelming bond of attraction that now existed between us. We would go to the University Sports Center almost every evening or afternoon for a few games. I was an excellent player but Basheer was simply superb. On the court , gliding like a panther effortlessly and swiftly from side to side he would catch me on the wrong foot to counter my artful drop shots. With bursts of power he would overwhelm me by sheer force. At other times he would match the subtlety of my game with a deviousness that would expose my weaknesses leaving me gasping for breath. Our game was a really a template for our blazing sexuality. After the game, sweating profusely, gripped by an excitement barely concealed we would rush back to my apartment where Basheer would tear off my clothes and pushing me against my bedroom wall and enter me from behind driving the breath out of my lungs. Straining against each other we would reach a mind blowing climax.

Basheer was a real speed buff. He drove a nifty Honda sports S2000. I was his constant companion in the 2 seater as he roared around. He would go off to the country side, park in wooded places. We would mess around. I was often squatting on the ground sucking him or bent over the bonnet as he mounted me. Janet my flat mate had recently started dating a black man. Many evenings as Basheer was with me would hear Janet moaning and crying as her black boyfriend Timothy pleasured her. The sounds of their lovemaking would set us both off and we were soon adding to the din of matings in the apartment. I am sure we were equally noisy and inspired Janet and Timothy in their couplings. Unfettered by conventions in a alien land, we lived a life exploring the limits of our sensuality. That it was really good for me was borne out by my excellent grades and the high praise I was getting from my professors.

I was now a fulfilled, happy young Hindu woman enthralled and basking in the intensity of her Muslim lover's lust. Just looking at his naked hairy body, his magnificent manhood and the huge balls held closely to his body like a stallion in full glory displaying the proud symbols of maleness, I would feel a compelling heat in my loins, an ache, a longing for the searing surge of his rampant, unhooded Muslim fullness as he plundered me in total abandon--an unrestrained lust venting itself on my more than willing body. As he plumbed the depths of my contorting body, discovering the secret nooks and crannies of my fathomless pleasure, he was also exploring the inner recesses of mind, the well springs of my sensuality, some known, some not yet acknowledged but all of them seething within my psyche. In this cauldron of passion there was nothing forbidden, nothing unexplored, there was only the unexpected.

Read the sequel in my next post: The Final Frontier.

Ccuntfucker 30M
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9/26/2017 1:30 am


Readmoreofeveryt 47F

9/26/2017 1:54 am

Nice pics!

BULL_4_HOTWife 38M
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9/26/2017 9:41 am

Well the best thing which happened between both of you was i guess the unexpected initial meet & latter on discovering of Common Interests...Experiencing the Thrill and Speed of nifty Honda sports S2000 together and the tickling of Moaning Surrounding of your Apartment set a perfect lubrication to your already ignited sex engine

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Lendrika replies on 9/27/2017 1:04 am:
Yes Bull. It was a great setting for wonderful relationship.

Mannladies 27M
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9/28/2017 11:31 am

Wanna fuck u once n mk I moan like u nvr moan

mayoite74 62M
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10/3/2017 12:32 am

Really liked reading your erotic stuff. We have a few things in common. The Delhi Gym and a common love of squash. Would be very interested in connecting

Decent_one_on 47M
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10/5/2017 1:50 pm

Very few people are luck to enact and live our their fantasies and I guess you are one of them...... Custom crafted.... sex goddess in the prime of her youth sucking up every bit of pleasure and semen like a thirsty sponge milking the guy to the last drop. A saga of unending desire fuelled more and more by the previous encounter.

This makes you something like a seasoned delicacy with its unique flavor. Only a conneussier can appreciate and savor every bite and satiated at the end of it.

Keep evolving.

Mannladies 27M
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11/11/2017 12:56 am

Baby Lendrika can I fuck u like basheer or more hard n wilder than basheer

lundkmaalka 36M
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11/29/2017 11:04 am

Ur story is very interesting I like to read ur whole story till date hw many Muslim guys fucked u n hw many other plz mention all

gandchodh 36M
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12/4/2017 7:05 pm

I read ur blogs several tyms n imagine ur fun n fuck

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