Favorite place to cum?  

LetsChillax 52F
9308 posts
5/27/2019 2:24 pm
Favorite place to cum?

Where on the body?
On the pussy
Deep in the pussy
On the ass
Deep in the ass
In the mouth/on tongue
Deep down the throat
On the chest
Other, as described below

oralguy200 73M
23 posts
7/23/2019 7:55 am

Deep in the pussy but sometimes fun on her tits

Luking4129 45F  
166 posts
7/17/2019 11:57 pm

Inside always.

Stevvebm69 56M
8 posts
6/25/2019 7:40 pm

Cumming on her lips is awesome to as she licks it off...

tw04fun330 41M/35F
8 posts
6/24/2019 10:42 am

A nice hot tasty creampie!

PantyCurious865 44T
84 posts
6/22/2019 8:43 pm

Deep in her pussy or deep in mine.

TallTattooedDude 49M  
19 posts
6/20/2019 5:39 pm

Where ever She WANTS IT : )

hirajind 37M
46 posts
6/17/2019 3:01 am

thighs and boobs are also nice place for cumming

morbojugando 50M
41 posts
6/15/2019 2:44 pm

Cualquier sitio es perfecto para

fwb_n_nwa 53M  
33 posts
6/14/2019 4:16 pm

really not a fair question...lol..that is an "in the moment" decision...

Dover4funn 57M
15 posts
6/12/2019 3:06 pm

All of the answers that were "deep" plus mouth tongue and face.

1Hemiguy1 57M
136 posts
6/11/2019 9:30 pm

Many different places but down the throat is very hot.

stezy_ 35M
10 posts
6/11/2019 12:40 am

stop it ...in mouth, cum play n swallow it

Cajunspirit57 61M  
21 posts
6/5/2019 11:00 pm

Actually Anywhere she wants it

Seeker1063 59M  
1 post
6/5/2019 7:10 pm

Luv cumming deep in pussy while engaged in a deep wet kiss!

LetsChillax replies on 6/5/2019 8:37 pm:

butchie1001 64M
68 posts
6/3/2019 5:51 am

It's her choice what to cum on or in, but my question is which time are you talking about. You sexy body need multiple orgasms to satisfy you lust of love making.

PartickG87 31M
2 posts
6/3/2019 5:38 am

It all depends on the heat of the moment and where the women likes it.

justjuice1949 54M
7 posts
6/3/2019 12:31 am

I don't really know why... But it really turns me on to cum on a woman's face or even watch her get a facial... And if it's two women and they share it.. Deeply kissing with unbridled passion... If I hadn't cum for them to do that... Believe me... I'm cumming then...

6916 posts
6/2/2019 11:09 pm



pketch 45M
40 posts
6/2/2019 10:32 pm

Impossible to choose one!

FixxerDerek 37M
41 posts
6/2/2019 10:03 pm

Pull out and cum on her belly or tits while she fingers my ass. Very hot!

courtofpublic 35M
5 posts
6/2/2019 9:44 pm

Top priority: where she wants. Secondary to that, IN her mouth or ass.

Dicksucker356 51M
15 posts
6/2/2019 5:31 pm

Im down to cum anywhere and everywhere

Robb384 67M  
20 posts
6/2/2019 4:54 pm

Truthfully, it doesn't matter, but deep in somewhere! But, only after she's cum multiple times!!!


vinayloveboy 64M
23 posts
6/2/2019 11:53 am

Tip To Top every where one by one

Pal4Perks 58M  
35 posts
6/2/2019 7:11 am

Deep in the pussy, that's the way it's meant to be. Everywhere else is just for fun.

Ellaluis 61M
8 posts
6/2/2019 2:48 am

En las tetas y en las nalgas dependiendo.la pareja
Y dónde lo pida la mujer

thejashman 34M
67 posts
6/1/2019 9:51 pm

I'd cum deep in the pussy

SuckMy8Plus 54M
195 posts
6/1/2019 8:28 pm

Would You Like me to Fuck You?

sexygeo336 37M
6 posts
6/1/2019 7:07 pm

I like to cum in the ass and also like to have cum in my ass

Iswallownvrspit 57M  
1 post
6/1/2019 2:32 pm

i love it in my mouth and on my face

Lookinforu469201 62M
16 posts
6/1/2019 12:40 pm

That is a HARD question to answer. lol Can we do multiple choice or say almost all of the above. MMMMM I love to cum in someones mouth, pussy and ass. If she wants me to cum on her somewhere else I am willing to do that also. Hard to pick just one !!!!!!!!!!!

CDNGramps 67M  
131 posts
6/1/2019 10:16 am

Every once in a while I'll cum directly up my partner's nose so she can small and taste me longer. 😈

Chillguy985 31M
46 posts
6/1/2019 12:57 am

People can be so boring here favorite place to cum in the pussy really .. live a little bit!!! Spice it up

Havnfn1971 53M
7 posts
5/31/2019 8:57 pm

    Quoting bbw_honeybee:
    He can put it ANYWHERE he wants. I just love cum!
Next time I'm at Gunnison, I'll look you up!

rubymn 49F  
140 posts
5/31/2019 7:26 pm

Other = I love to cum all over his cock, balls and thighs in doggy.
Why aren't there options for women in this poll? LOL

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LetsChillax 52F

5/31/2019 6:20 pm


kickCGandDG521 38M/34F
39 posts
5/31/2019 1:58 pm

Interesting stuff, Not sure what to think.

BigBadSteve94 25M
75 posts
5/31/2019 12:28 pm

I’d cum anywhere but what’s so hot to me is cumming in the mouth and then pulling out and Cumming on lips and chin. Watching it ooze from the lips is hot too

Dirkk2019 32M
29 posts
5/31/2019 10:57 am

Personally I love to cum in all the holes and on a nice set of tits but my favorite is to finish in a nice tight booty

lovethestick 74M
481 posts
5/31/2019 6:57 am

Mer as a cock loving guy , love a cock throbbing in my mouth as he shoot that tasty protein

pineconer9 68M
228 posts
5/31/2019 6:55 am

All of the above,, it is what the two of us are wanting at the time

bbw_honeybee 45F
1 post
5/31/2019 5:42 am

He can put it ANYWHERE he wants. I just love cum!

Whatyouneedigot2 33M
1 post
5/31/2019 4:58 am

I would have to say tits or face... But where ever she wants it..

user51213 59M
5 posts
5/30/2019 8:08 pm

Deep in ass but shallow in the ass is wonderful too. I love having a woman spread her asshole afterward and push out my load

gypsy1121 55M
16 posts
5/30/2019 3:16 pm

You are so hot and so sexy baby! I would bareback you anytime!!

gypsy1121 55M
16 posts
5/30/2019 3:14 pm

Nothing like deep in her wet pussy! And if sloppy seconds thirds and fourths even better dropping another load into her stoked pussy! Also a nice deep ass cum dump is a great feeling! Mouth dumps are great especially deep in her throat where she has to shallow every drop! I guess I have cum just about every imaginable place...... but trying to think .. i don't think I have ever cum on anybodies feet!! (unless it dripped out and fell on her feet... (does that count??)

gypsy1121 55M
16 posts
5/30/2019 3:09 pm

Sawadi Khup mmmm you are gorgeous! i would love to meet you and give your various cum shots wherever you want! I would love to help clean your creampies too!

doubledownRC 34M
15 posts
5/30/2019 10:17 am

Heh, poor feet. No results for that.

I_sportandceleb 59M
117 posts
5/30/2019 8:29 am

omg just...if she is still able to breath....nice cock!

PantyCurious865 44T
84 posts
5/30/2019 4:52 am

Deep in the pussy!

kickCGandDG521 38M/34F
39 posts
5/29/2019 10:31 pm

very interesting poll.

bryan5610_x 62M
52 posts
5/29/2019 2:07 pm

where she want's it

Showyouinsac 45M
37 posts
5/29/2019 1:56 pm

    Quoting Slutwifex69x:
    I’ve had many loads shot on me and in me but never on my feet.. I think I’ll keep it that way..
I’ve never quite felt that urge.

Slutwifex69x 45F  
15 posts
5/29/2019 1:05 pm

I’ve had many loads shot on me and in me but never on my feet.. I think I’ll keep it that way..

Suelovs 59M/59F  
31 posts
5/29/2019 10:23 am

gotta love the face

Messy Face

puss1207 58F  
99 posts
5/29/2019 7:58 am

I love him to cum deep in my ass.....feels the pulsation...oh yes

bigloads12345 44M
43 posts
5/29/2019 7:08 am

where ever I finally loose control

Luv4me33 54M
34 posts
5/29/2019 6:34 am

I love to cum deep in her pussy but my second choice would be on cam 4 you

HedonicHeathen 52M
197 posts
5/29/2019 5:13 am

Golly ... I think I'd prefer to see it.
But second choice would be: during the same play time that they cum in.
Third: On time, or cue, sometimes on cam.

satin4me62 63M
9 posts
5/29/2019 4:26 am

I like to cum on her panties

Dickinsideha 46M
37 posts
5/29/2019 4:08 am

Nothing better then blowing a nut deep inside that ass for a nice anal cream pie!

MomoBear1 68M/34F  
322 posts
5/28/2019 10:53 pm

I Phon (F) love cum everywhere but prefer over my face in my mouth and on my tongue, I love to show and swallow for husband and his friends

delandjay2019 47M/22F
5 posts
5/28/2019 9:42 pm

We like it everywhere

fun4me2find 54M
8 posts
5/28/2019 4:53 pm

its a mood thing to me....but will do it any where the partner wants...not cum on a tongue yet though i'd luv to

aniceride 49M  
81 posts
5/28/2019 3:44 pm

nothing better than a really good ass job!

bushmastermc 52M
32 posts
5/28/2019 1:45 pm

Just something about nutting in a warm wet eager mouth mm

cpluvr2018 63M
6 posts
5/28/2019 12:37 pm

On her panties

mike92hd4928 56M
8 posts
5/28/2019 12:09 pm

I like to explode deep in side her as she squirts in glory

LetsChillax 52F

5/28/2019 11:51 am


Just4u3371 54M
227 posts
5/28/2019 11:48 am

Where ever she likes ..

licklixlic 50M
25 posts
5/28/2019 11:11 am

YOU DIDN'T INCLUDE AN "ALL THE aBOVE" It all dpends on my and my partners mood

CaliTexGirl 54F  
17 posts
5/28/2019 9:29 am

I can only orgasm via clitoral stimulation which means riding someone's face and mouth until I explode. Yes, fucking please!!

undercover_bi469 54M
262 posts
5/28/2019 9:03 am

in her mouth, then kiss her

50 posts
5/28/2019 8:50 am

its always better the deeper, either in pussy, ass or mouth....

Leegs2012 46M
41793 posts
5/28/2019 8:41 am

All the above!!

2 posts
5/28/2019 8:38 am

I think it has to be where she want's it the most.

markymarky696969 38M
48 posts
5/28/2019 7:38 am

In her hand

pokekitty01 48M  
307 posts
5/28/2019 7:13 am

They are all Favorites!

SlutsHereICum 56M  
12 posts
5/28/2019 7:07 am

This question seems a bit one sided. For me it's wherever she wants it. But what about her? Where would we like her to cum? Well for me, it's always been on my face while riding my tongue. Very tasty!!!

Cumfullyhot 36M
16 posts
5/28/2019 6:55 am

Deep in her ass

CrazyDriven14U 59M
137 posts
5/28/2019 6:41 am

In the mouth. Before the back problems, in the mouth was a favorite. There's nothing quite like going down on yourself when masturbating.

Testing... Is this thing on!

smoothguy522 67M  
35 posts
5/28/2019 5:27 am

Wherever you want

proteus_2a 53M
7077 posts
5/28/2019 2:59 am

Deep inside !
( wherever I can be feeling her spasms )

Cheers - P

davelkspussy 56M  
54 posts
5/28/2019 12:31 am

I am open to willing as to where wants it

1Hemiguy1 57M
136 posts
5/27/2019 10:12 pm

I have a few favorites deep down the throat, Deep in the pussy and deep in the ass.

Fuklikedogs 48M
1180 posts
5/27/2019 7:57 pm

With a Vaz deep in her pussy but unloading a deposit anywhere she likes is just fine

ProfHaroldHill67 49M  
176 posts
5/27/2019 7:18 pm

There is something so deeply biologically satisfying about cumming deep inside a woman's pussy, even when wearing a condom. (play safe kids!)

I hope and I pray for a Hester to win just one more "A"

massageug00d 57M
22 posts
5/27/2019 6:59 pm

I voted deep in the pussy, but inside any orifice is fine. Though I can see the symbolic value of cumming on her face, belly, tits, etc, to me inside is what feels the best.

DETSwitch 55M
112 posts
5/27/2019 6:29 pm

I voted "in mouth/on tongue" but like "deep in the pussy" equally.

CleavageFan4U 62M  
57657 posts
5/27/2019 6:17 pm

As a twist it is sometimes fun to cum in her mouth, then have her give half of it back to me in a kiss.

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zeke53028 60M
884 posts
5/27/2019 6:02 pm

Age old question. Same answer. Wherever.

mamacita38dd 40F  
43967 posts
5/27/2019 4:02 pm

When i ask this question, the most popular answer is wherever she wants

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flowerkings2012 56M
4043 posts
5/27/2019 3:40 pm

On the belly and tits, and in the mouth/on the tongue

Heavyg2019 54M
19 posts
5/27/2019 3:09 pm

I personally like them all, other than the feet...

XHamburgDave 75M  
8693 posts
5/27/2019 3:05 pm

I Voted "Other", and the answer is wherever my Lady wants it

RavenGB 58M
862 posts
5/27/2019 2:47 pm

Call me a traditionalist!

LetsChillax 52F

5/27/2019 2:25 pm

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