Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday...  

LetsChillax 51F  
3832 posts
4/16/2018 12:44 pm
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday...

Someone sent this, words were chopped but message understandable...

rayholl 63M/46F
7 posts
8/17/2018 12:37 am

Hubbys favorite thing to do

Leegs2012 45M
33952 posts
5/1/2018 6:01 pm

I wish I was him!!.. I love going down!!!

RobK2006 51M
4465 posts
4/17/2018 5:30 am

I wouldn't care about missing the movie.

NewName62 55M
11604 posts
4/16/2018 2:30 pm

Netflix and chill[ax].

Aaaaand...I just got hard.

08hd3 69M  
361 posts
4/16/2018 1:14 pm

My favorite place, My face between a Woman's thighs.... xoxo

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