Will you lick it?  

LetsChillax 52F
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1/8/2019 3:33 pm
Will you lick it?

Will you lick cum off your lover’s body parts?
Yesssss, anywhere
Ew, nowhere
Maybe, if convinced
Other, described below

curioustr8fwb 59M  
22 posts
4/8/2019 7:41 am

Of COURSE! Especially if it's a creampie! But I don't mind a thorough cleanup elsewhere either...after ALL, IT'S EROTIC & I MADE IT!!! What's to not like about your own cum???

BWcoupleou812 43M/32F
12 posts
4/7/2019 12:50 pm


jonilovebig 72M
178 posts
4/3/2019 4:25 pm

yes I would in a heart beat

looking4u69ca 59M  
1330 posts
3/25/2019 10:16 am

I would prefer to cum in her and not on her. 3 holes. Why waste it?
Way sexier than the cum shot.

LetsChillax 52F

3/15/2019 7:00 am

One of my favorite polls

laneshifter 50M
41 posts
3/8/2019 5:16 am

oh yes nothing is more erotic then licking up after instantly back hard for that

lovesmusic99 55M  
14 posts
3/1/2019 6:14 am

as long as it is my cum I will clean up my own mess

nametaken469 55M

2/22/2019 9:33 am


fun4me2find 55M
10 posts
2/10/2019 11:43 am

mine or someone else's?....both...and then share it with her

silberloewe1 46M
107 posts
2/7/2019 7:52 am

Especially pussy ......\8

LetsChillax 52F

2/4/2019 5:30 pm


Jaster598 32M
9 posts
2/2/2019 11:28 pm

fuck yes!! very so hot!!

Celestaxxx 49F
2 posts
2/1/2019 2:11 pm

The use of a condom is to avoid std. Unless you are exclusive I wouldn't lick it.

4fun02003 46M  
315 posts
1/30/2019 1:45 pm

MMM i will happily lick my lover clean and give her a big wet cummy kiss afterwards. Love tasting cum and pussy juice mixed togther

thejashman 34M
66 posts
1/30/2019 7:05 am

i would lick if happy ended

jemrdy 55M  
52 posts
1/30/2019 3:08 am

I would if the excitement was right and we wanted to keep going. Not all the time.

119 posts
1/27/2019 9:21 am

i am not sure maybe if the mood was right

OneCharmingGent 27M
30 posts
1/24/2019 5:17 pm

love eating cum out of my lover after sex

jasonarg3 35M
80 posts
1/23/2019 6:06 am

No problem..lick it clean up xx

izwat 99M

1/22/2019 1:17 am

ms. cxhill, would you?


soloswinger87 32M

1/21/2019 9:44 am

I would lick any juice or cum that comes out of a pussy from Orgasm not my own vomit

raylixit 58M
10 posts
1/20/2019 12:50 pm

Mine, or someone else's?

fisherman5999 56M  
60 posts
1/20/2019 11:26 am

Yes, get it quick while it's thick, loses something after it gets watery.

MadCityGuy59 59M
8 posts
1/20/2019 6:55 am

I have licked my cum off of her multiple times and she thinks it's really hot. She especially likes me licking it off of her face.

333harveybob 63M
9 posts
1/19/2019 8:35 pm

depends on whose it is

skuden2 57M
924 posts
1/19/2019 5:33 pm

Jups 😋

Strokertamer 55M
2 posts
1/19/2019 3:34 pm

i'll lick it clean baby!

Hearton1 48M  
67 posts
1/19/2019 1:21 pm

MsChill... your vote...?

06cuckold 56M
20 posts
1/19/2019 1:20 pm

Hell Yes!!!!

Italiancalidude 47M
308 posts
1/18/2019 9:01 pm

I like to finger feed my lover with my sweet hot cum.

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exploring2L82 69M  
19 posts
1/18/2019 8:02 pm

Have doe so before and hope to again

scooterdude88c 55M  
188 posts
1/18/2019 3:58 pm

Have not done so yet but since I regularly jo into my hand and lick it off I want to try a nice juicy cream pie

2beusedtoo2 60M
77 posts
1/17/2019 9:24 pm

I've been wanting a gang banged cum drenched women to crawl on top of me and smell and taste cum lots of it turns me on. So taboo 👍

TribeQuesting2 36M/31F  
1 post
1/17/2019 9:03 pm

I'll lick her cum off her or my body parts!

JMFuckon 58M  
38 posts
1/17/2019 5:43 pm

Why the hell not?

downforit200 51M
3 posts
1/17/2019 8:36 am

Well, Yes! View My Profile!

69mike6973 47M
26 posts
1/17/2019 6:28 am

would love to lick it off anywhere.

terex6957 62M
37 posts
1/16/2019 10:05 pm

oh yeah as long as they get off on it as well

thirsty4urcum3 56M
2 posts
1/16/2019 4:41 pm

    Quoting naughtyguy1950:
    Yes. I use to have this hot of a redhead girlfriend that would blow me and let me cum in her mouth. Then we would french kiss each other so I could taste some of my delicious cum from her mouth. Really turned me on.
wannabe my first

thirsty4urcum3 56M
2 posts
1/16/2019 4:39 pm

looks yummy

1126258 52M

1/16/2019 12:35 pm

I'd lick my own or even someone else's off. Someone else's is really much more tempting.

Lovetolick0808 54M
46 posts
1/16/2019 8:33 am

Yes , hers , mine or others

147traxxcbr 49M
7 posts
1/16/2019 8:31 am

mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

fahrenheit451x2 56M
58 posts
1/16/2019 3:08 am

Girlie cum only

fandangochick 42F  
36 posts
1/15/2019 5:38 pm

I personally don’t lick cum off of anyone but it’s hot when it’s done to me

naughtyguy1950 69M
24 posts
1/15/2019 1:14 pm

Yes. I use to have this hot of a redhead girlfriend that would blow me and let me cum in her mouth. Then we would french kiss each other so I could taste some of my delicious cum from her mouth. Really turned me on.

SuckMy8Plus 54M
208 posts
1/14/2019 8:20 pm

I Love Cum being Licked off my cock,

nekkedcouple 59M/53F  
70 posts
1/14/2019 7:14 pm

My wife loves cum licked off of her and out of her. I haven't done it yet. She has found guys that will, though!

waterman230 44M
5 posts
1/14/2019 2:39 pm

hell yess!! many women think that is hot as hell and im here for her. ive ate my own cum a few times after masturbation but it always tastes better off my partner

travelingnlonely 62M
89 posts
1/13/2019 7:13 pm

hers--- of course
mine --- fuck no

becknjeff 55M/54F  
4 posts
1/13/2019 6:28 pm

Not for me unless it was her cum then fuck yes

lks2lkpssy 51M
2 posts
1/13/2019 5:46 pm

yes her cum

cuminmyhairypuss 57M/54F  
7 posts
1/13/2019 11:51 am

hubby has a few times licked friends cum out of me

funasianma1e 44M
109 posts
1/13/2019 11:50 am

depends on whose cum! LOL

sportsnut3554 36M
13 posts
1/13/2019 8:39 am

I don’t mind licking sucking a pussy after cumming inside her, but not necessarily willing to lick it off anywhere

wiewiljasper 56M
122 posts
1/13/2019 4:52 am

Yesss always

plumbboi 26M  
155 posts
1/12/2019 1:22 pm

If it is my cum, yes. If it is from the woman, it depends on how I feel in the moment.

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PantyCurious865 44T
108 posts
1/12/2019 10:46 am

Yes, and i have many times.

HedonicHeathen 52M
199 posts
1/12/2019 9:37 am

    Quoting  :

Prude .. with your standards and all

LetsChillax replies on 1/14/2019 2:00 pm:

mcs4849 63M
33 posts
1/11/2019 5:03 pm

Yes I would lick it off if it was mine on her.

2Saltie2 62F  
1708 posts
1/11/2019 11:13 am

Yes I will.

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goingdownanin 58M
1 post
1/11/2019 6:24 am

I love cum from any one and any where on them love cum sharing to mmmmm sonny505050atyahdotcom

olderfor269 73M
2 posts
1/11/2019 12:13 am

sure would .cream pies are great

ur_Black_desire 50M
51 posts
1/10/2019 7:29 pm

When it's a one - on -one session of course!

Sflguy04 61M
206 posts
1/10/2019 5:00 pm

Hers or mine Yes!

ItsThtPervertGuy 39M
212 posts
1/10/2019 2:39 pm

There are Woman actually out here that will do that??? I Really am horny!!

Leegs2012 46M
44344 posts
1/10/2019 10:45 am

Of course!!!! Cream-Pies ate sweet too!

discreetyum 59M
76 posts
1/10/2019 10:41 am

If it were mine and we were still in the heat of passion, then possibly.

822231478 34M  
38 posts
1/10/2019 10:00 am

yes... hers.. mine... her husbands.. doesn't matter! especially when it makes her hot and bothered by it!

Rod344326 44M

1/10/2019 9:38 am

Not for me

LetsChillax 52F

1/10/2019 8:18 am


Jay10063 56M  
171 posts
1/10/2019 8:03 am

If it were mine!

AliOrbit 63F
583 posts
1/10/2019 7:31 am

Yes I would.

GeorgeW1964 56M
20 posts
1/10/2019 6:06 am

Of course I would.

funsnellvillecpl 62M/50F  
2081 posts
1/10/2019 5:00 am

mmm hell yes

CrazyDriven14U 59M
137 posts
1/10/2019 2:11 am

I may lick up the cum or, I might kiss her body through the puddles and cover my face with it.

Testing... Is this thing on!

benhereagain 62M
46 posts
1/10/2019 12:38 am

i say no way but with reservation who cum is it anyway mine or someone else

Bunnysyummy2 59F  
9343 posts
1/9/2019 11:12 pm

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56creampielover 62M
102 posts
1/9/2019 8:46 pm

yes I would anytime anywhere. I really love the creampies though

oraljim201 70M
4767 posts
1/9/2019 7:48 pm

without a doubt

spoilyoubb 54M
30 posts
1/9/2019 7:18 pm

if its hers

DavidLinMiami 25M  
4 posts
1/9/2019 12:50 pm

Lick her anywhere except anus...

man4tgirl2 66M
22 posts
1/9/2019 12:35 pm

of course anywhere anytime

letsgettogeth119 72M
97 posts
1/9/2019 12:35 pm

Would lick every drop..mmmmmm

PoppyCockUr 61M  
106 posts
1/9/2019 11:34 am

she can like the cum off my dick anytime

hotime585 68M  
87 posts
1/9/2019 11:17 am

Hell yes !!!

slowpokenone 74M  
69 posts
1/9/2019 10:24 am

Sure would

gtrider28 63M

1/9/2019 8:46 am

You Betcha Baby

lickeyzsplit 56M
842 posts
1/9/2019 5:42 am

Mmm Oh yes !

sphxdiver 69M  
20565 posts
1/9/2019 5:04 am

Why not ?

40lokng4older 48M
14 posts
1/9/2019 4:43 am

Every chance I get .

mt001002 61M
186 posts
1/9/2019 1:32 am

onlt very slowly

jajo696 64F
832 posts
1/9/2019 1:07 am


8283 posts
1/8/2019 6:14 pm



zeke53028 60M  
919 posts
1/8/2019 6:10 pm

Of course!!! Would you???

Nets4fun13 44M
1 post
1/8/2019 5:25 pm


CleavageFan4U 62M  
58685 posts
1/8/2019 4:53 pm

I insist on it. Also that she snow-ball me after giving a BJ. WE worked hard on this!!

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benard69 63M/63F  
4511 posts
1/8/2019 4:04 pm

Would you???

Strap_user 53M
106 posts
1/8/2019 4:01 pm

yes I would

LetsChillax 52F

1/8/2019 3:33 pm

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