A male moment  

Lisa1950 58T  
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9/17/2017 6:37 am
A male moment

I mentioned that Greg's wife Wendy wanted to get together with Lisa. She came to the house Friday evening. Greg and Doug were away, again!, at a contractors conference in Boston. After just one glass of wine Wendy grabbed me in a big hug and give me a deep, long, wet kiss. My male half responded immediately and I found my self kissing back and pressing my thighs against hers. We went up the bedroom and with a little fumbling we stripped down. Wendy was a little aggressive and commented that she wanted me to treat her like I had done to her husband a week ago. It was a bit different to me. Instead of a penis in my mouth I found myself pushing my tongue into her. She was wet, and it tasted so different than a man's precum. After awhile, I have no idea how long, she told me to be a man for a change and fuck her. It's been quite awhile since I had a gg girlfriend; I was fully erect, my petit boobs were pressing against her soft breasts, her tongue was sliding in and out of my mouth and my cock just slid into her as smooth as the wine went down my throat. She tightened her muscles around my cock and I came almost immediately. It felt sooooo good and I pumped 3 or 4 good pulses of cum. After that I just kind of collapsed onto her and felt nice and warm. I came to soon for her and she started fingering her cunt and was still driving her tongue into my mouth. After a bit she sat up and I realized that she had a good slug of cum on her fingers. She lightly held me down and stuck her fingers into my mouth. It was the familiar taste of a man's cum along with the lingering taste of her juices. She made the comment that that was what I really wanted and did it taste better than her husband's?
She was obviously disappointed with my cumming so soon and she got up, put on her bra and panties, finished dressing and said good bye. As quick as that the whole evening was over and she was gone.
I showered, put on a nice silk nightgown and slipped back into being Lisa who I much prefer to be. The thing is that I sat there watching TV and started thinking about Kenneth and what he was doing tonight. I am thinking of calling him.

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