A nice night  

Lisa1950 58T  
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9/18/2017 6:35 am
A nice night

Kenneth stayed over last night and we slept together. I hate to disappoint anyone reading this blog but there was no sex...as such. I was tired, confused by what had taken place yesterday and just needed male companionship. I wore my blue silk nightgown. We just cuddled against each other and I was asleep in minutes. During the night I would wake up and reach over and hold Kenneth's cock in my hand and he would snuggle up against me, thigh to thigh, my face against his chest. In the morning he had a classic morning "woodie" and I was so tempted to taste it but we hugged and kissed and then it was up and off to our real lives. He was dressed and gone with just a little peck the cheek. I got dressed and prepped for a day at sea, in fact the next four days of pounding around the bay.

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