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9/25/2017 9:28 am

Busy week. Rough seas due to Hurricane Jose. Dead tired when I get home, eat, try to watch TV and fall asleep. Thank heavens for this past weekend. Doug is back , Kenneth is off to visit his children in Calif. Slept with Doug on Friday night and I mean I literally slept with him. I was so tired; all I remember is putting my head against his chest, I held is cock for awhile and that was about all I remember.
Sunday was the best day this weekend. Doug and his buddies were all watching football in the cellar den, I was in the kitchen thinking about whether or not I should make something for the guys when one of them came upstairs and asked me, kind of timidly "if I was still available?" I have been asking myself lately if I wanted to continue playing prostitute. I guess it was the couple of glasses of wine I had had so I said yes. He asked if "the rate was still the same? Same answer...yes.
We went up to the guest bathroom and he paid me with two $50s. I reached down and felt his crotch and I could feel his cock under his jeans. He kissed me while I was fondling him, rather nice, a long, smooth kiss. I opened my lips and his tongue slide into me for a moment. I undid his belt, dropped his jeans and I could see, and feel, that he was already wet. I pulled down his underwear and a really nice, symmetrical penis popped out. Probably a full 7 to 8 inches, shiny with precum, and sticking straight out at my face. He was leaning up against the bathroom sink and I went doen on my knees, kissed his cockhead and started running my tongue over it.
I don't know if it was him, most likely the wine relaxing me, but when I took him into my mouth his whole cock just slid full length into my mouth and throat. It was this really smooth, entry. He was pretty bushy and I remember his hair tickling my nose. My male half had an immediate erection under my own jeans.
I don't know how long I was servicing him, he was a bit slow in coming but I could feel with my lips how hot he was. When he came his cockhead was about halfway to my throat and I could feel several big slugs of cum pumping into my mouth. I got one good swallow in but couldn't keep up and ended up with my mouth completely full of his cum. It was a hot dense mass with a typical musty taste. I pulled away from him and it took me two more swallows to empty my mouth. He was sweating, breathing heavily and when I stood up he pulled me against him, reached up under my blouse and unsnapped my bra. He was still hugging me and when I moved away, his hand slid around my chest, under my bra, and the next thing I knew he was holding my petit boobs in his really warm hands. A few minutes of this close contact and he pulled back, pulled up is jeans, let go of me and simply said that that was great. He headed back downstairs and I was alone in the bathroom. I headed over to the other bathroom that Doug and I use, redid my lipstick. I noticed that I had still had a pretty good and wet erection and there was a big wet spot on front of my jeans when his cock had pressed against me when he was fondling me.
I realize that I did this almost without thinking about it, did it without hesitation, and most of all, I enjoyed it. They say it gets easier each time....
Back down to the kitchen and back to my life as a weekend woman I guess.

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