Two blogs in one day!  

Lisa1950 58T  
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9/17/2017 5:32 pm
Two blogs in one day!

I decided to call Kenneth after I showered all of Wendy's "essence" off my body. I asked him if he would like to come over. He wanted to know if it was going to be a business visit or something else. I told him I needed some male company right now and it would be just a friendly visit and hoped that he would not think I was being too forward. He asked about Doug and I said he was away for the weekend. Kenneth said he would be about a half hour.
I am in a relationship with Doug of course but lately Doug has been kind of centered on my being a prostitute. It started as a more humorous thing that turned into my servicing four of his friends over that past month. Doug seems to want me to keep on doing it and I'm not sure I want to. Besides, I had that odd "soul-mate" feeling when I was with Kenneth and kind of want to see if it continues.
I'm only writing this down because I have that woman's need to tell someone about what is going on and I don't have any real female friends. A car just drove into the driveway and I see Kenneth getting out. More later.

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