Looking for real friends  

Loves2LickYou5 56M
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7/26/2017 8:55 am
Looking for real friends

Yes, I know this is a sex site. I write that to lots of people who say they are just looking for friends. I realize that this is probably not the best site to look for real platonic friends, either. I did not originally join this site with that intention. I was looking for sexual play. A few things happened in my life that changed things, at least for awhile. First, my wife, who was my soulmate passed awhile back. It hit me hard. I thought I could handle it, but I am not over grieving and healing, but I will get through it. Next, I recently got very sick. I think that the two of these together made the difference. Getting seriously sick reminded me that I was all alone. There wasn't anybody around to help me. I am new to the area in the country where I live and really don't have anyone I would call a friend. I know this site is international, but if anyone (male or female) lives in the Conway, Arkansas area of the United States and is interested in being friends, let me know. For females, it would start as platonic and may not ever develop into anything beyond that, but it could; I won't rule that out, but just don't go into it thinking it will. I'm looking for real friends. We aren't dating; you need to be independent, but we help each other and are there to support each other. I'm doubtful that a sex site will help in this goal, but figured I would try since I'm already a member. Things may change in time.

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